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AppleDash 12 stories
  • AppleDash 12 stories This is a compendium of all the AppleDash I've written. Live long and Dash Apples!
    Created by bahatumay
    - November, 2015
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Ledger Line is an accountant, and a unicorn at that. He can't grow a thing to save his life, which is bad because he's currently the owner of Cherry Jubilee's cherry orchard, and it's drowning in debt.

Enter Applejack. Applejack is an earth pony, not so good with numbers but definitely good at working in an orchard. She doesn't talk about herself much, but he's not about to question his only hope for saving the orchard. Things like her constant recurring nightmares and that hawk she always carries can stay, along with her cherry pies and business sense, if he's got any hope for saving the orchard.

If you've ever seen Ladyhawke, you know where this is going.

Chapters (13)

One morning, while plowing one of the fields, Applejack comes across a bracelet, and puts it on.

This turns out to be a grave mistake.

It doesn't take long for Daring Do to show up, and the next thing Applejack knows, she's being dragged off on an adventure to destroy it.

And of course, her girlfriend seems a bit too excited for this adventure...

Originally written for AppleDash Contest 4 (Second chances; Out of place object).

Chapters (9)

Rainbow Dash discovers that she's half earth pony. She decides to embrace this fully, much to Applejack's consternation.

Written for the fourth AppleDash contest (exploring the past, a minor character with a speaking role).

Chapters (6)

Rainbow has always said that she'd go anywhere with Applejack. This promise has led her to the Pies' rock farm as Applejack and the rest of the family go to support Macintosh during the Choosing Stone Ceremony.

But of course, there's more than just watching going on. On the rock farm, there's time to just... talk.

More of an experiment in dialogue-heavy chapters than anything else.
Written for AppleDash Contest 4 (family, a place outside of Ponyville).

Chapters (2)

It started out innocently enough. Rainbow Dash received a prank love letter, and decided to laugh about it with Applejack. Problem is, it wasn't a prank; and Applejack had been the one who sent it.

Now Applejack has disappeared, and Rainbow Dash is determined to find her and bring her back.

Because they're friends. Yeah. Friends.

Special thanks to TwilightUCrazy for the idea and invaluable suggestions for this story.

Chapters (9)

On the eve of her 50th anniversary, Applejack reviews her "scrap table"--some of the small, stupid, inconsequential, yet supremely important things that have helped her relationship with Rainbow Dash become what it is. It certainly hasn't been easy, and the effects of their relationship have gone far beyond Ponyville proper, but one thing is for sure:
She regrets none of it.

Originally supposed to be a part of AppleDash Collab number two, but it kindof crashed and burned died, with mine being the only entry (who says ADD is a complete curse?). I decided I'd post what I had in the AppleDash Prompt Tag, but then realized, it's over two thousand words. It might as well be its own submission.
And so now it is.
Now, the rules of this collab were, pick a pony and pick a random item, and write a flashback on how it affected their relationship / brought them together / helped them through a tough time / saved Equestria / that sort of thing; hence the chapter name.
They're all out of order and very random; but isn't that how all memories are?

Chapters (3)

"Mama? Where did I come from?"
The simple question from her daughter sends Applejack reeling. She knows the answer, of course; but she doesn't really want to share it. Luckily, she's got some... other answers as to how this little filly came into her and Rainbow Dash's life. Completely true? No; but definitely entertaining.

For DbzOrDie, because he was whining and I wanted to prove him wrong. :trollestia:
Special thanks to Rated Ponystar for providing the impetus for this story.

Chapters (11)

When friends have a little cider, sometimes internal thoughts become external. When Applejack and Rainbow Dash both accuse each other of being lazy, they decide to settle that argument by recruiting changelings to imponyate each other.

Originally written for AppleDash Competition 3.

Chapters (4)

Rainbow Blitz. The name has instilled fear and dread into the sailors of Seaquestria for years. Applejack meets her as she's returning from selling cider, and by that it should be understood that she fought and lost and was taken prisoner. Now surrounded by crazy pirates, Applejack has only one objective: Escape.

Even if she has to pretend to love her captor.

Originally written for the AppleDash Contest 2: Applejack the Chaser; but finishing stories is hard. Original concept by Windy Daze. but there is no way I was going to use the name 'Rainbow Beard'

Chapters (11)

After Applejack's aunt and uncle are killed by muggers, Applejack and Rainbow Dash return to Manehattan and revive the Mysterious Mare-do-well to help clean up the city.
Of course, gangsters won't be the only thing they'll end up fighting. Oh, no. That would be too simple.

Winner of the AppleDash Fic Contest in the Already in a Relationship category.

Yeah. Surprised me, too. Enjoy!

Coverart by Jackie.

Chapters (5)
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