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Rainbow Dash discovers that she's half earth pony. She decides to embrace this fully, much to Applejack's consternation.

Written for the fourth AppleDash contest (exploring the past, a minor character with a speaking role).

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another great story! kudos toyou and cograts, you write such fine stories,they are such a good read! thank you!

There in the doorway stood Rainbow Dash, wearing a hat identical to Applejack’s.

From the moment I read this line, I thought: "This is gunna be good" :ajsmug:

Rainbow Dash quickly realized this, too, so she rapidly switched tactics. She spread her wings and flew, looping back around. She


can i just point out how much I love your nonchalant already-in-a-relashionship fics? :rainbowkiss:

This was a thoroughly enjoyable read. You got all the characters across really nicely, and I like the feel of the world behind it. I was initially a bit surprised that Rainbow's way of "being an earth pony" was to emulate Applejack (even taking their relationship into account), but thinking about it, almost all the earth ponies we've seen have some combination of nurturing/growing, resilience, and strength, except perhaps those in Canterlot who are trying to fit in with the unicorns – and Pinkie, but she's not exactly typical. Basically, thinking about it, of course she'd model herself on a pony she loves and who embodies earth-pony-ness.

:ajsmug: I don't really understand the AppleDash ship thing but I thoroughly enjoyed this story. Very sweet :rainbowkiss:

Go Rainbow Dash! You dig that hole deep before you tie up your wings and jump in into it. :rainbowderp:

I hope she has something in that cart to hold the water. Because I'm pretty sure that cart isn't water tight...:rainbowhuh:

It took me a minute to realize the reason why AJ had to get Fluttershy to help with Dash. I suppose that if Dash got drunk and knocked out on a cloud there really wasn't much chance of AJ being able to grab her and take her home by herself, lol. :ajsmug:

Applejack snorted. “Of all the cutie marks, I think that politics cutie mark was my least favorite.”

Take my upvote. Just take it.

Very cute, just the right blend of fluff and serious.

“Yes!” Rainbow Dash said, pointing at her. “I’m gonna eat like an earth pony! Bring me seconds and thirds and then dessert! I’m in full earth pony mode now!”

Applejack set her hoof down so she could slam it into her forehead again.

Where's the "that's racist!" meme when you need it? :rainbowlaugh:

6850102 Mabey a bucket?


I loved it!

Applejack rolled her eyes. “The ‘earth pony way’ is to ask a pegasus to help out, Rainbow.”

I really liked your portrait of AJ, excelent characterization. Great fic! :scootangel:

Hoo boy. This is gonna be a painful lesson, isn't it? :twilightoops:

This is one of my favorite AppleDashes. Well done, my friend. Love it.

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