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A Universe where a terrible and great war all started with a borderline dispute between the Kingdoms of Griffonia and Equestria leads to the formation of the Equestrian Police Force, a group made to protect Equestria during the times of war. As such, crime begins to spread because of the absence of Princess Celestia and now all the police units are being used to enforce peace in Equestria. One of these units, are the CSI teams, some having the greatest ponies ever to come onto the force.

This group is for the CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) Universe that has these theme(s): Main Theme: After a great war begins and a revolution is secretly formed between Griffons and Ponies to assassinate the Princesses of Equestria. The CSI teams must try and stop this plot before its too late to save the Princesses....

Spin-off Themes: If you are making a spinoff, then the theme could be anything significant, like a plot to assassinate someone important, or a group of cases that leads to a group trying to do something bad or something significant (it can also be during the same time period as the main theme is, but at a different settings)

Current Writers:
Silverness: Creator of CSI: Equestria (in rewriting stage)

Here's how it works:
-Your CSI team can be from any city or town mentioned in Equestria that hasn't been used by an author (or make up your own if you'd like)
-It's kind of a adventure, with sad and tragedy and has some dark in it as well
-Anything that affects the timeline, plot or characters must be discussed first
(Ex. like an event or death of a character, etc.)
-For your fic, you can use any character that hasn't been used or convicted of a crime (and is jail) or you can make your own OCs for your CSI team if you'd like
-Character Pairings must be talked about if a person wants their character to be paired up with another
-ANY even can change the timeline, ANY

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