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Welcome one and all to Redwall Abbey, a place dedicated to the books written by Brian Jacques. Web browsers from all over the Internet, from the land of Youtube to the long feeds of Tumblr and Twitter - all are welcomed to share the stories of the red-stone abbey and its world, where the men are mice, rats, and a number of other creatures.

Here we talk and share tales of mice warriors and maidens who fought against rats hordes and other vermin, badgers who lord over a lone mountain stronghold and their army of rabbit soldiers, a strong resistance of woodland creatures from the forests of Mossflower who fought against a wildcat of a tyrant, and many others who went on their own adventures that were just as exciting and thrilling as any other.

Though the author may have passed, his stories have not been forgotten. The cries of "Redwall," "Eulalia," "Give 'em blood and vinegar," and many more will still be heard as long as there are those who are willing to share their stories and thoughts of a world that began with a little mouse's struggle against an evil rat and a search for an ancient sword.

Forum Rules:
1) Keep it clean. No porn, clop, no swearing, no flames, no threats, and no slander! That includes any NSFW images or videos!
2) Keep the discussions group related.
3) Treat others with respect.

If you want to know more about Redwall, go to the main Redwall site or Redwall wiki. Also, if anyone's interested in becoming a contributor or an admin to the group, please PM me and we'll talk.

And in typical Redwall fashion (the TV series anyway), I end with this:

If you happen to be passing Redwall, please be sure to visit us, for the doors are always open to ye travelers.

Thank you.

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