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...But respect is something I will earn if you have faith. (He/Him)


Hearth's Warming is a time of giving thanks.

Even when the entity we're giving thanks to might not be the sort other folks think deserves it.

But Luna's wise enough to love her enemies. Or, at least, acknowledge when debts are due.


This isn't technically part of Jinglemas, but it's dedicated to the ever lovely Flutterpriest nonetheless. As soon as he told me that he wasn't joining the jinglemas collab as a participant, I decided that he was going to get a fic anyway, because he deserves it.

He gave me a heck of a tough nut to crack, character-wise, but I hope I did okay with it.

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What was the prompt?

Wow, this was so powerful. So personal. So touching. Truly a fandom masterpiece as far as Hearth's warming stories.

You truly outdid yourself

Woah. That was pretty cool. I can't remember the last time I read a story about the Tantabus that wasn't one of Rambling Writer's, and it was certainly interesting to see the original Tantabus struggling to express itself 'properly'. Nice job!

ehh...6/10 above average story. It was a nice vignette but only part of a story and the description misled me.

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