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Uz Naimat

"There's beauty in the breakdown." - Sunset Shimmer


Between magical abilities, battling evil, high school studies and band practice, the Rainbooms rarely have time for simple fun. Pinkie proposes an idea: each girl hosts a sleepover every Friday night. Sounds good, right?

Then, they realized something. None of the girls have actually seen Sunset’s home before, and Sunset herself has never hosted a party before.

Sunset hopes this goes well.

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A very nice story with good fluff, LOVE IT

Very adorable moments all around, though I do feel like the conflict got solved a bit too quickly. I'm glad you mentioned Sunset's pet Ray, so many people forget his existence (including the show writers it seems).

Thank you for your comment. I'm still working on pacing and writing style, but I'll get the hang of it with more writing. Also, Ray's too adorable to not be mentioned.

Very good story.

Thank you, dear. :twilightsmile:

EvanF #7 · 1 week ago · · ·

Sure was a good one I enjoyed it

“You have good survival instincts,” Twilight said as she scratched Spike under his chin. “Although, I highly doubt a mall sushi place can afford such a huge TV set. What’s up with that?”

Any response Sunset might have had were halted as the doorbell rang.

Hhmmmmm..... :rainbowhuh:


Who ever said anything about mall sushi.

Actually, I just included Twilight's question because I wanted the conversation to be cut off by the doorbell. But, feel free to tell me what you think Sunset's response might've been.

Sunset's job was confirmed to be sushi waitress in the summertime short, "Good Vibes".

You seem to be focused all the sushi aspect instead of the mall aspect.

...oookay. I think I didn't understand your comment. Nevermind. Let's just drop the subject.

Nobody's allowed to eat meat, but the closet is full of leather jackets.

I'm just pointing out the things we've seen in canon. Sunset owns a lot of leather jackets, we've seen that. And we've also seen that Equestrian ponies don't eat meat, like real-life horses. I just need to clarify that Sunset's vegetarian, not vegan. There's a difference.
Any thoughts on the story? Or on my writing?

So if it's not a moral issue, why is she forcing it on everyone?

I'll admit, it's a slight OOC moment for Sunset, but come on! Give me a break. I'm just getting the hang of the writing buisness. But I guarantee, I'll write the characters better in my next stories. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

It was a very nice reading.

And just a random comment, as someone from another country I think it is pretty interesting how not having bacon for breakfast would make an American a little mad. Where I live I don't think bacon is even used as breakfast for almost anyone, and I have seen in many movies people eating it. Just a cool difference in cultures.

Thank you for your compliment. Stuff like these are going to motivate me to write more.

About the bacon breakfast. Funny you say that, I'm not American. Where I live, everyone has buttered toast and tea for breakfast. But I am obsessed with the States, and I apply their culture in my story.

My breakfast consists in four mugs of coffee... And then another one just to be sure I drank enough. Usually I don't so I drank more.

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