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I may not be good at neither art, nor writing, but--with your help--I intend to become the best I can possibly be. All I need is a bit of guidance.

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WASSUP! I see you've found my page! · 5:14am Jul 29th, 2015

Don't really know how, but you did. SO, I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself.

In case you couldn't already tell from the username in your comments or on my stories: My name is Darkwolfthelycan. The orgin of that username... well, that's a long story XD If you want to know, just PM me.

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1945201 ... eh, why not XD

I actually talked to her once... she agreed to help me learn GIMP... I should probabally get back to her on that XD

Comment posted by Fonypan deleted Jul 28th, 2015

1909904 AGGGH! I KNOW! :fluttercry: Well, perhaps we can help each-other out. How long have you been on this sight?

1909124 Watching you-tube pretending to write stories XD

1909012 *wiggles nose* YOU FORGOT TO GO "boop" XD

How are you?

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I AM going to leave FiMfiction... · 5:54am Dec 3rd, 2015

And no, It's not for some stupid angsty reason like the last time I did a Blog like this. It's simply because... I'm not writing. Well, I'm not writeing stories about MLP characters that is.

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