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Dear Princess Celestia,

Please let there be changelings this season. A group of people who are patently awaiting for these awesome guys to return in season 5 in what ever way possible.

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I personally love changelings. I feel that if Equestria would freely give them love then they could coexist peacefully. I mean seriously, just welcome them and they wouldn't have to attack! Sometimes I think ponies are just really dim-witted.:ajbemused:


Now don't get me wrong, a quick glance at my profile will tell you that I love the little buggers, but look at it this way.

Can we trust Hasbro to not fuck them up?

Now, given the track record of the last season (mostly gimmicks and attention-seeking one-episode plots in my opinion) do we really want the return of the changelings?
Who's to say they won't just be rehashed as the useless villians again?

370255 Have the comics been called canon. I don't think so.

>inb4 they never appear
>inb4 comics kill them

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