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where's the folders? Fics can't be added to this group without them

379402 So did I, when I joined, although it seems next to nothing happened since.
Maybe we could tease the owner into setting a folder for stories?

379400 I actually thought this group would be going somewhere. Oh well

379398 oh, wow. (39w)
Notifications are still out, but we could have had at least 1 folder for stories?
If you feel you don't get anything for staying, I guess it is a choice.
We need to manage how many groups we are in, or I would have been in next to every group there is on the site.

379393 I'm surprised anyone responded to my comment after this long. So should I just leave the group?

344639 since we don't have a folder to place the stories in, no. Sadly.

So let me get this strait... You can't add stories here?

Is this group dead? I joined it recently, but the latest post is over 4 weeks old...

I've got a changeling clop fic to post. But there are no tagged folders, so...can I submit it?

same. I want to upload my story, Pandemonium, but no folders. I mean, what's up with that? :facehoof:

I want to add my fic "A Changeling's Soul Reflection" but there are no folders.

So... Why did anyone join this group? There are no stories or comments or anything...

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