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A group for all fans of Philomena! Post all your threads and fics related to the lovely fire bird here!

Image by Keterok

Post discussions and fics about her relationship to the characters...

by Christinies

Where she came from...

by Karzahni

The wonders and terrors of rebirth...

Where phoenixes live...

Personality and behaviour...

Their enigmatic life cycle...

And just HOW TOTALLY AWESOME are they?!

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*sniff* This place.....I'm home. I'm finally home. :yay:

327202 Trust me, my threads do have a lot of images:ajsmug: I like to illustrate everything!:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by deletingthisaccount deleted Oct 3rd, 2013

I recommend fixing that typo and putting that list of images in a forum thread.

Those poor mobile users who want to view this page... :rainbowlaugh:

btw, it's spelled "phoenix" :ajsmug:

I approve of this group. There should be more Philomena in general, not least of which because she's great fun to write.

326543 Cool! Whatever sparks our creativity!:raritywink:

Might have to make a song for Philomena lolz:ajsmug:

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