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Like This Cruel and Random World? Want to know how you can get involved with the audio book? Then you're in the right place!

Hold on, what's this audio book you speak of?

One of my fans, NerfStranger heard I was looking for an audio reading for TCARW's first few chapters. Well, he wanted to do that and more. Thanks to him, we're getting a complete, unabridged audio book production of TCARW. He's got some amazing voice actors/actresses recruited, and I can't wait to hear the finished product. According to Nerf, it's going to be better quality than Bride of Discord. Soooo excited!

As this is such a massive undertaking, I'll need all the help I can get to help make this audio series a reality. Nerf's handling all the audio aspects and I'm sort of heading the art acquisition department. Ideally I'd like one picture per section of TCARW (sections are divided up by horizontal rules). That seems like a lot, but with a team working together, I know it's more than possible.

You don't have to be super talented to help out. Even if it's just emotional support, I'd love to have you.

Current Wish List . . .

A voice actress for Celestia, Twilight, Shining, Cheese, Flim, Rarity —

PM NerfStranger if you'd like more information or check out the Voiceactor thread

Artists —

Any and all artists! We have a lot of scenes. Anything you can give, even if it's just a single picture would be most appreciated

Publicity —

We'll need a lot of advertising to get this to work, and so if you'd like to help spread the word when the time comes, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Fans —

I want to hear suggestions, ideas, questions, anything you can throw at me for this project. Don't be shy, I need to know these things.


1. Be polite
2. No cursing please. You may be comfortable with it, but others may not. Let's be respectful.
3. Tag all threads! For example, [Question] or [Confusion] or something along those lines
4. Don't kill the messenger. If you've got a problem, complaint, or concern take it up with me instead of chewing other folks out.
5. Have fun with it!

Thanks, everyone, and God Bless,

— Bluegrass

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I have submitted my previous work via skype as my resume for casting as you see fit. <3

-Amy Roth

398318 ok ready when you are, except right now, now I need to go to bed.
I will be ready to test our Skype link tomorrow at 3 PM, if that is ok with you.

398325 So happy to have you! :twilightsmile:

:pinkiehappy: Woo! So happy to be part of this!

398311 im happy for your interest ^^ please write me on skype : nerfstrangerxd

398304 hay there,
A friend of mine said that you are the one to talk to when it comes to the voice acting.
I think I can do some of the male voices, but one little problem on the table.
I don't know how to send a REC for the auditions :twilightblush:
Mind telling me, one: how to send it to ya
Two: when your doing auditions (because my home won't have internet for almost a week)
And three: who do you want me to voice, then I'll ace it:pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by treegrowth deleted May 28th, 2015

hey there Guys ^^
I'm the crazy guy who will make this thing work hehe
as Bluegrass allready mentiont its gonna be a damn ton of work xD
just that you already know
in this audio book series Discord isn't gonna sound like the one in the show
In my opinion there is noone in this World who can Voice Discord as awesome as John De Lancie (but thats just me)
and thats why i wont try to copy him here in any way
i am probaly one of the biggest Discord fans ever and i will voice him as draconequus AND as Pony in this audio book
so his voice will be completely diffrent from the original ^^
exept Discord we want every character to have a very similar voice to the original
as you could see up there we or rather i am still looking for some voices because some of our voice actors decided very suddenly that they have better to do
so if you can voice one of the characters up there very good, have a good Microphone and you are just as crazy as we are then you are more than welcome to join us ;3

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