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Join Starlight's one and true order. Here, nopony will be judged, hated, or made fun of in any way. Negative attitudes are not an existing thing here. Please, join us. You will no longer have to fear negativity from other ponies, because we will protect you, not only as a community, but also as friends.

And if you don't respect out rules then you'll have to deal with us.
More so, the scene you'll be in will look like this.

So respect the rules. :twilightsmile: And play nice.

Here are the list of rules you must abide by if you wish to remain alive in our amazing, generous and friendly community.

1: We’re all friends here! So please, don’t discriminate anypony here. We are all equal here. And if you are caught discriminating somepony, then you will be terminated, banished, or exiled. then you will be asked to stop. And if you fail to stop, even when given the warning, then you will be given one final chance. If you fail this, then you will be sentenced to death banned from our community.

2: If you know somepony in our community who is being discriminated and bullied by another user on FimFiction then please speak up and we will help our discriminated friend. We will help them. Anypony you see you must help out and be kind towards. Or you will be killed on sight for breaking the rules

3: This group is full of just simply the best of friends. So if you wish to say something and start a discussion, then please. Do not feel afraid to do so. Unless you say anything against Starlight, then you will be shot on sight. But don’t say anything discriminating! We will not allow that.

4: If you would like to advertise something of yours, be it a story you have written, a group you know or made, your favorite band, your favorite book, meal, song, whatever it is, then please do not feel any fear with sharing it with us! We will accept it with open arms. Anypony found advertising anything discriminating will be shot given the three warnings listed in rule 1.

5: If you have a story to place here, then please make sure it follows the guidelines for our story submission which can be found here:

A) Please make sure that the story is not mainly focused on discriminating anypony or anything in our world. Such as a story made to discriminate homosexuality. That’s just no good.

B) Realize that that is the only rule for our story submission. :twilightsmile: Now, if your story passes that guideline, then you can submit it and enjoy your day.

Now please, enjoy your stay! :twilightsmile: You all make our community bigger and stronger! You are ALL an important part of our vast and ever growing empire community! :twilightsmile: (And if you have any questions then you may feel free to ask the creator, TheWalkingSkyMon.)

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Equality for everypony!

394978 YEAH! Thank you my good man. :pinkiehappy:
Your creation is fresh. Congratulations! This group earned a listing in New Groups.

Funny thing is the '=' almost looks like my '♎'! What a coincidence! XD

I mean, Equality also means Balance, right? And both these signs match perfectly!

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