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Hello. I'm a writer. I write things. I'm not sure why.


What happens when you put a vampony, werewolf and a ghost all under the same roof among an unsuspecting Ponyville? Twilight Sparkle is determined to show Equestria that what goes 'bump in the night' deserves equal rights to ponies, too bad they don't believe in those old pony-tales.

Can a vampony, ghost and werewolf residence really work, especially when there are hunters among them that have dedicated their lives to eradicating all things supernatural? With blood lust, blood pressure and general social interaction being a factor, can they really do it? Or was this plan destined to fail the moment is was concocted?

Loosely based off of the ideas from the UK Drama 'Being Human.' No prior knowledge of the show is needed to enjoy this fic!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 67 )

I like it! Please, continue!

ThiS Is a great story but.. What the hell did I just read?:derpyderp1::applejackunsure::rainbowhuh::twilightoops:

im curious to how scootaloo will Reach to Vamp-Rainbow. And if Rainbow will still want to look out for Scoots. As for AJ I'm wondering how her family would take it. Plus cant wait to see her transform for the first time

next chapter change perspective to twilight going down to the underworld and finding rd

only problem I have is that a werewolf is a human wolf the prefix of "were" means Adult male human. Every time I read werewolf when its meant to be a pony that shape shifts into a wolf or has a wolfs characteristics I cringe. though I have seen words like eqwolf or marewolf. other then that i'm quite interested to see where this goes.

3260650 Sorry about making you cringe, werewolf is the best term I can come up with at the moment, though I suppose I could make female werewolves, 'marewolves' if it suits better? :twilightsmile:

3262365 Then what will you call male werewolves? I prefer the term "lycan," as it is unisex and easy to remember.

3263068 Alright, I'll get to editing when I have the time. Thanks for your input. :pinkiesmile:

The Bad Apple Bar was open to all forms of supernatural life, though its most popular customers by far came in the forms of vamponies, ghouls and the occasional banshee.

Storm stood up also, her eyes glowing a powerful amber, “Fine, if nopony else will say it, I will! I don’t think a vampony soft enough-”

Heh, even as a horror story, with blood and eating corpses, Equestria is a light-hearted place. In what other world could you mouth off to a vampire twice Dracula's age and live to tell the tale?

There's also a US version of this show as well that premiered in 2011. I tell you this show is awesome!:pinkiehappy: I'm glad you thought of this man! Bravo!:moustache:

3257954 You obviously haven't seen this awesome show on Syfy have you?:facehoof:

I like this story! Continue please:twilightsmile:

What show? Oh you mean DAT ghost werewolf and vampire thing? I have but it seems weird ponyfied:derpyderp1:

3266126 Weird maybe, but to me, weird is sometimes interesting.

3266126 Always give weird a chance. :pinkiehappy:

You are going to continue right . . . :duck: you will right :applecry:

3266145 I like weird too! But.. This is too weird for me. Sorry, I think I might have started an argument.

:flutterrage: I demand you continue.
:fluttercry: please....
+1 vote

3267540 No you didn't. Your perfectly entitled to your opinion.

I would assume you read the story. If you didn't, then I must conjecture that you do not need to be commenting on it prematurely.

I just had to put that, looking at the pinkie icon :3

Great fic keep it up this has the potential to turn into something truly amazing.

Continue or die!! :flutterrage:

Very very well done!

I'm actually surprised at the quality of your writing in this genre... I do hope for an update soon.

Unfortunately, when a story is of a higher tier, we often suffer massive droughts of updates as a consequence.

The vampony dies a horrible death, the ghost runs off. Lycan howls at moon.

Hey, NobodyKnows. I know you have RL to worry about, but it has been over a week since you last updated. if you make people wait too long, people will forget about your story. :fluttercry:

3302588 I know, I'm just making sure it's good quality. I'm working on the chapter today and hopefully it should be done and published by Sunday evening. :raritywink:

Please continue! This could be, and is, a great story if had more chapters! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting. Please, continue.

I am interested, but what of the Elements of Harmony? Without Applejack and Rainbow Dash, who has Honesty and Loyalty?

Does Twilight even possess an Element, and what of the other three? Is Luna returned from the moon?

finally a new chapter :pinkiehappy:

3445002 The next chapter, I promise. :twilightsmile:

3445051 Something tells me that if Fluttershy is the ghost of this story; then she probably died by falling down the stairs or something since it happened in both UK and USA versions, or it could've been a flight accident. Don't know:applejackunsure:

3445315 I'm calling something more animal related like rabies or being mauled

I approve! Please, write more!

You can't call them werewolves go with something else like wolfblood or something. The were in werewolf comes from old English it means man. I don't think you can call then manwolves unless there human.and besides lycans still have to learn don't they?

So, are werewolves in this story fully pony except for full moon nights? Or are they always able to transform / have healing factor, but transform involuntarily under full moon? (and how does that work when they are underground?) AJ's diet seems to suggest that she can handle potential food poisoning even on normal nights.

im liking where this is going, sadly its on hiatus, please continue when you can... thank you, in the meantime, il just imagine what happens in my head... i could always write good stories, but its so boring to write sometimes, so i don’t... whatever. keep it up! likes from me!


Update. It is a great sotory.

3445051 plis Continue I want to read more of this:flutterrage::twilightangry2::yay:


Hero: I would also want some Moar.


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