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This story is a sequel to Trials of Blood and Kindness

Mistress Flutterbat has been living with her family in Cloudsdale, where her parents did their best to lead the local clan of thestrals in peace for centuries. However, after a terrible tragedy that changed her life forever, the young thestral was forced to flee Cloudsdale and seek a new home in Ponyville.

Now known as Fluttershy, and with Rainbow Dash by her side, she is trying to heal old wounds in her heart and find a meaning to her empty life.

Will a vampony with a good heart and kind nature survive in a world that sees her as a threat?

Will she be able to keep a low profile, away from the silver arrows of monster hunters?

And most importantly, will her friends help her during these hard times, or will they ultimately turn against her?

This story takes place years before Nightmare Moon’s return.

List of editors, thanks for your help, you did a great job:
ShipIsLove ShipIsLife
Word Worthy

Thanks for assisting with Zecora’s sentences, it really improved her talking style: Discord_Lexia

Thanks for pre-reading and assisting with the funeral scene:
Rated Ponystar

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Been waiting for this one, and what an appropriate release date :pinkiehappy:.

And Pinkie's already here to ruin things...that was fast.

Great chapter!

I was delaying uploading it for the day when S5E21 would air, though it took a bit before it was aproved, so there was a slight delay. Also, I uploaded Epilogue on the previous story with link to this one. I hope that those who favorited "Trial of Blood and Kindess" were notified.

Well, she have the best of intentions, it is just that Fluttershy may have problem handling her overhelming persnality.

I never thought of Pinkie that way...interesting.

Great starting chapters!

6588574 We weren't informed. But you put the link in the epilogue which is how I found this. Also, thank you for still doing the story! I was afraid it had been dropped!

I also found this thanks to the link of the epilogue... Good Work, and waiting for more... It make me think in a future and... Just as a question, Applejack or Rarity are not werewolfes, right?

P.S: Now that I think... In this universe is Dinky Hooves going to be the daughter of Ditzy or her little sister or something else?

I always found Pinkie's mod switch to have many secrets. She was very sad on the rock farm after all, and turned into a cheerful mare after seeing sonic rainboom. If she would fail to keep her friends happy, I doubt she would stay happy herself for long,


Applejack or Rarity are not werewolfes, right?

Nope, they aren't.

P.S: Now that I think... In this universe is Dinky Hooves going to be the daughter of Ditzy or her little sister or something else?

I didn't take it into consideration yet to be honest.

:eeyup: :ajsmug:

“Wow, wow, wow… Hold on a second,”

shouldn't that be "woah, woah, woah..."? wow, wow, wow... doesn't sound quite right to me.

6588975 I understand what you mean. I've just never seen it shown this way. I think its a really great way to explain Pinkie.

Fixed. Some noises made by character are dificult to present through words. I had to improvise.


I will try to upload it tomorrow or later today. I am still waiting for one of my editors to check it for missed mistakes.

Good stuff so far. Looking forward to what you come up with next.

*Finishes last story like 12 chapters in*
*Finds link to sequel*


Pinkie started early this time huh?

This is great! I love the batpony magic and your take on Ditzy's cutie mark. Also nice thinking on Pinkie's nature. Very good.

Quickly!!! Flood her house with homeless animals!!!

I uploaded chapter 2 part 1 recently. Feel free to check.


Don't encourage her, hehe. :pinkiehappy:

If you still smile, laugh and mean it, despite wanting to do nothing other than to lie on the ground and end yourself. Only then are you the strongest person in the world.

np, glad to help and i actually try not to make such comments as often as i could. if i may use TDR's stories in stone as an example. to make such a comment on just one chapter of one of those fics i'd need to leave notepad up and make a list of typos and grammar mistakes as i read it.

obviously, this would likely become about as annoying as it is helpful after a while. especially with as big as the chapters of SiS tend to be. :rainbowlaugh: a grammar nazi might be helpful on a site like this but after a while i imagine you'd just want to smack 'em to make them shut up for a while and stop pointing out every little flaw.

nice fic btw. i'm guessing that one episode with the fruit bats were partly the inspiration for this series? that and well...vampires obviously.

Something tells me that's when Rainbow Dash gets too crowded and starts to fix up her own place as soon as possible. XD

Very good, Flutterbat is getting friends

Just one small correction if you like.
“Bon Appetit!” Pinkie shouted as she emerged from instead the basket, a plate with piece of cake in her forehoof.

it should be:
“Bon Appetit!” Pinkie shouted as she emerged from inside the basket, a plate with piece of cake in her forehoof.

its shaping up to be a good story!

This sounds interesting, gotta read both of these sometime. ^^

6590962 "Zai-rooz-ull" I think.

But I concur indefinately (ooh gettin' fancy here!)
This chapter is VERY dramatic... and stuff...

Yes, it takes a lot of mental strength.

Correct, Fruitbat episode was inspiration for this.

I dunno, her fear of being lonely and loyalty to Fluttershy may be stronger than desire to escape tons of animals, even if they tried to cook her.

And friends she needed desperatly.

Fixed. No idea how we could miss that.

Have fun.

Odd but very interesting and it's a good story and I even can see Fluttershy having a bit of trouble being Pinkie's friend or is that the other way around? In any case I enjoyed it for what it was....:scootangel:

How cute... I liked it... Not even sure if it was because I was listening this as I was reading the story but I almost cry.

Not even the enigma that is Pinkamena Diane Pie can resist the adorableness that from Fluttershy. :twilightsmile:

And now a painful wait...:ajsleepy:

Aw...such a great way to end the chapter!

Ooooh!!! That was sooooo gooood!!! It made me almost tear up! I love it. :raritystarry:

now more please!!:pinkiehappy:


Their personalities clash so it is not easy, but Pinkie's doing her best to not scare Fluttershy, who in turn try to get used to the energetic mare. The breaking point was how much efforts Pinkie put into helping, Fluttershy owe Pinkie a big time.

I suppouse cute and adorable is part of fun stuff on Pinkie's list. If that does make sense that is.



Be patient. Story was uploaded 2 days ago. It will take time to finish it.

Glad you enjoyed it.

6594115 I'm willing to wait. The effort you put into this series is worth it! :pinkiesmile:

“Twelve seconds,” said one of the surrounding guests, his head raised proud as he shot a grin towards the other five.

Why do I imagine a Big bald earth pony in a red vest and bandolier, with a stalliongrad accent?

Tweets quickly filled the room.

Mandatory video plug:

It's official. You broke me. I give up. :fluttercry:

That was a Team Fortress 2 reference. He's comparing the pony in question to Heavy Weapons Guy.

It appears that image doesn't play nice with FimFiction. I had to open it in a new tab to view it. Don't know what the problem is.

6595815 wait what? curses! my vaguely witty quip has been ruined!:flutterrage:

"Wet beaver on your six!"

Hell of a way to start a chapter.

Poor Fluttershy, have a little faith and "find a little heaven":scootangel:

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