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When I die, I want Pop Goes the Weasel to play at my funeral. That way, as the assistant is winding the crank, the audience stares in horrified expectation at my casket!

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Mending Heart is persuaded to go to the very new amusement park that just opened. With the Crusaders tagging along, he will have the experience to last him a life time. But there is something sinister happening in the shadows and it has something to do with the park's two owners. What are they doing and can Mending Heart get to the bottom of the mysterious disappearances that have been occurring all over Equestria?

Rated for violence and language

Stars several well known ponies as amusement park employees.

Starts off with comedic elements and turns dark towards the end.

Not as innocent as the picture suggests. The picture was free and on a generic clip-art site... making it almost impossible to get sued... :pinkiecrazy:

Pre-read by this generous person once again. I am beginning to sense a pattern :pinkiecrazy:

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This is not your average Final Destination crossover. For one thing, this will take place in both Equestria and the human world. Mostly in the human world. It will focus more on character, plot, and emotional drama then graphic deaths. There will not be a death every chapter, but spread out. Sometimes, after three or so chapters. While violence is not completely absent, the deaths are considerably weaker and toned down. After all, if you were blackmailed into killing somebody innocent, would you focus on graphic detail or making sure they suffer the least?

Twilight is invited to Canterlot for an esteemed visit with Princess Celestia. Her friends are invited to partake in this most esteemed of privileges. But a horrifically realistic vision of her friends getting killed changes that happy feeling. Realizing that Dash had the same vision, the two ponies pass it off a horrifically realistic waking nightmare.

This outlook changes when a mysterious mare informs them that what they have just witnessed is all but the beginning of what is to come. The only way to prevent what they saw from coming true is traveling to a weird place called America. There, Twilight and her companion Dash must kill the survivors of a gruesome tragedy. With their friend's lives on the line, can they really kill innocent humans?

This is not a full crossover. No mention of anything from the movie except for small references. Does not need any real knowledge of the movie to enjoy, but you might be slightly more confused if you are ignorant of the main idea. This is also the least connected to anything that happens and could be considered an indirect conclusion to the horror that is Final Destination. Written and thought of before I knew of Equestria Girls. While the cast in the human world is similar, they aren't the girls from the movies.

Rated Teen for violence including minor gore, language, and intense emotional situations. Rest assured, this WILL end happily. But at what cost?

Picture credit goes to Kalimdor89

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Twilight Sparkle plans for her second slumber party and plans for everything, even the Crusader's eventual crashing of it. At first, everything seems to go swimmingly. When a mysterious black scroll arrives, she realizes it wasn't sent to her in the usual way. When she touches it, she and her friends get sent to a mysterious shadowy maze. This maze has stranded everypony in her life, from Celestia and Luna, to Discord himself. This maze will play on their emotions, fears, and sanity and will stop at nothing to prevent their escape. Can they make it to the center and escape the darkness?

Based on one of my childhood nightmares. Contains some violence but nothing really horrific or anything to warrant a gore tag. Features a story I have ponified. I am unsure if it is a creepy pasta or what, but I read it on Fanfiction many years ago and decided to ponify it. I don't remember who originally wrote it, but it isn't mine. I am not nearly as clever to come up with something like that. This is my first true dark story

Pre-read once again by Bad_Seed_72

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