• Published 31st Mar 2015
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Marefriend Advisor - RobRoyale

After redemption, traveling back to the human world, and defeating Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer will now face a new kind of challenge: Being an advisor for her marefriend Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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I'm Your What?

Chapter 1

The sun shined through the window signaling the next day brought forth by Celestia's power. It was a morning, like any other morning, quiet, calm, and warm. The rays of light reflected off the surface of the Crystal Castle making it a beacon of light to all of Ponyville.

A rooster crowed over at Sweet Apple Acres as a signal for all of Ponyville to begin the day. Ponies slowly made way throughout their homes preparing for the day. The Apple family were always the first up and out the door before anyone else. It being the summer time they were busier than ever with the orchard.

Derpy flew by delivering mail to each mailbox as she went and Rainbow Dash was up getting the clouds set for an afternoon storm. It wasn’t long before the town was bustling with life once again.

However for one unicorn she just wanted to stay curled up in her lover’s embrace. Sunset Shimmer shut the curtains with her magic, blocking out the offending sunlight, and curled up closer to Twilight. Her eyes were partially open and she took a moment to take in the beautiful sight before her.

Twilight’s mane was disheveled with the worst case of bed head, her wings were ruffled and in need of preening, and there was a sliver of drool from her mouth that drained into a small puddle on her pillow. Sunset smiled leaning forward and giving her marefriend a little peck on the muzzle.

The events of last night played around in her head, feelings, confessions, their first kiss then a rousing pillow fight that resulted in fits of laughter and snuggles. It was well needed after their battle with Chrysalis. Looking back to the past few days to Sunset it felt like ages since then.

Twilight’s muzzle twitched and she yawned softly but didn’t stir. This provided Sunset with an opportunity to move closer and wrap her hooves around the lavender alicorn. Now satisfied with the darkness of the room and her lover’s warmth Sunset gently drifted back into slumber.

That was until the door swung open with a bang revealing a tall young drake wearing an apron.

“Twilight! Sunset! It’s 8:30! Breakfast is going to get cold!” Spike shouted.

Sunset was about to magically slam the door closed on him when the other mare bolted up knocking Sunset of the bed with her wing.

“Oh my gosh! Oh no, no, no! 8:30!?”

Rubbing her forehead Sunset stood up. “Good morning to you too.” She craned her neck causing a few joints to pop and crack. Her body still ached from the battle and blood rushed to her head giving causing a massive headache.

“No it is not a good morning! Oh no no! Why is it so late? Why didn’t my alarm go off? Why are the blinds closed!” Twilight rushed from the disabled alarm and then to the blinds throwing them open flooding the dim room with light again.

“Um…” Sunset shielded her eyes from the light, “I turned it off and closed them so we could sleep in?”

“Sleep in!” Twilight whirled around on her. “This isn’t a Sunday! Even if it was that’s still not good! The time table is completely off!”

Sunset looked around nervously and then to Spike who gave her a look of: you’re on your own here, as he walked out.

Twilight darted from one end of the room to the other quickly grabbing a brush and straitening out her Celestia awful bed head. She levitated a number of scrolls around her during this. “Oh dear, we’re going to be late!”

“Late for what?” Sunset raised an eyebrow.

“Court! Quick! Shower!” Twilight grabbed Sunset by the hoof and dragged her to the bathroom at the far right end of the room. She pushed Sunset into the stand up shower and turned the water on with magic. The motion happened so quickly that Sunset didn’t have time to register it in her brain until she was abruptly brought back into reality by the feeling of ice-cold pellets hitting her coat.

“Aye!” She yelped jumping out of the stream.

Twilight scrambled in the shower and flicked on the other knob. In a few seconds the temperature went from cold to hot and Sunset happily stepped back in the water.

Her moment of bliss however was short lived as Twilight levitated four sponges over with her magic and vigorously scrubbed at her fur.

“Ack! Hey!”

“No time, grab a sponge and start cleaning. We both smell terrible from yesterday.” Twilight said with main sopping wet and her horn aglow.

“You didn’t shower yesterday?” Sunset raised an eyebrow. She took a mental note of how hot Twilight looked with a wet mane.

“I was too worried about you to think!” Twilight said.

“Oh,” Sunset levitated a few sponges over and dragged them across Twilight’s coat. She then got a devious idea. “You know Twilight, we are a couple now. Want to experiment a little in shower?”

Twilight blushed and her wings shot up. She let out a few unintelligible words and then took the shower nozzle-spraying Sunset in the face. “Bad Sunset!”

“Aw but Twilight?~” Sunset pouted moving her now wet mane out of her eyes.

“No means no.” She said and levitated the shower nozzle rinsing off Sunset’s body then her own. Once they were both free of soap she shut off the water and jumped out of the shower grabbing a towel and throwing Sunset one.

The towel landed in her face. “You’re no fun.” She dried off her mane and grabbed a brush running it through her fur. “What’s so important about court today?

“It’s Saturday.” Twilight stated. “Typically the busiest day of the week and today’s schedule is going to be especially hectic.”

Sunset frowned. The word ‘hectic’ didn’t coincide well for what she actually wanted to do today, which were a plans along the lines of long hours snuggling with her new marefriend.

She sighed internally and levitated a brush over and started bushing out Twilight’s mane. “So what does that entail?

“I’ll give you a list, put this on.” She telekinetically grabbed a box from inside the bedroom and then hoofed it to Sunset.

Sunset caught it and upon opening it inside was a pure blue business suit. “Why?”

“You’re my advisor. You need to look official.”

There was a moment of silence between them as Twilight continued to read over the scrolls and Sunset looked between the suit and her marefriend. “Advisor?”

The brushes on Twilight’s fur stopped moving and she turned around to face her. The closet door by the dresser opened and she levitated out her royal gown. “Yes advisor! Don’t you remember what I said you would do while staying here?”

“Um…” Sunset looked up in thought. From the previous night she only remembered the exciting moments. Dancing with Twilight, holding her close, the sweet taste of lavender on her lips, making her blush like a shy filly after the kiss.

“You forgot!?”

“In my defense I was distracted.” She smiled awkwardly.

“By what?”

“Your flank.” Sunset gave her a cheeky grin. Twilight’s cheeks flared and her wings shot up again. The halfway on gown flew over her head and covered her face.

She scrambled to fix it with her magic and stammered as she glared at Sunset. “This is… your not… .now is…. ugh!” Twilight sighed. “This isn’t the time for that! Now put on the suit and come on!”

Sunset frowned and took the suit out slipping it over her head. “Geez you could say please.” She slipped her hooves through the sleeves and adjusted the collar. “I’m still waiting for my morning kiss.” She pouted.

Twilight levitated her crown over to her head and stepped into her hoof wear. “Also put these on.” Her horn glowed for a second and a pair of glasses materialized on Sunset’s face.

“Huh? But I don’t need glasses.”

Twilight quickly walked up to her and gave her a peck on the cheek. “You look adorable with them that’s why.”

The two made their way to the dinning room though Twilight was practically running down the hall stumbling in her dress. Sunset kept a brisk pace but wiggled in the suit a little bit. Being a human wearing clothes was a necessity, as a pony it felt awkward sometimes.

When they entered the dinning room Sunset pulled out Twilight’s chair. “Please my lady.”

“Thank you Sunset.” She smiled sitting down in it.

Sunset took a large bow then sat next to her. This made Twilight giggle, Sunset happily sighed internally knowing she wasn’t in too much trouble… yet.

Spike brought the pair their meals: waffles, Sunset’s favorite. “So what’s on the agenda for court?” Sunset asked.

Twilight thanked Spike and took a bite out of the stack. She materialized a clipboard and floated it over to Sunset.

Sunset took the clipboard and read aloud the list. “Settle dispute between Applejack and the Flim Flam Brothers, Speak to Mayer Mare about the new zoning project for the guard barracks and new homes, evaluate Cutie Mark Crusaders on community service punishment.” She stopped and raised an eyebrow.

“Cheerilie will explain that one.”

“Receive new royal escort, listen to ponies problems and….” Sunset looked over the last few words and felt something in her chest crack. “Greet potential suitors?!”

Twilight gulped down her waffles and gave a sheepish grin. “Celestia has been trying to ward them off as best she can but unfortunately some are very persistent.”

“How long have they been showing up!?”

Twilight looked up tapping a hoof to her chin. “Since about a month ago.”

“And you didn’t tell me this why?!”

“Um...” Twilight gulped and looked away. “I didn’t think you would want to be bothered with it.

Sunset gave her deadpanned stare. “Great, and I thought Flash Sentry was my only problem.” She stabbed her stack of waffles and took a bite then swallowed hard. Her expression darkened and she gritted her teeth. She had Twilight all to herself now. Finally, somepony that she could call hers. The thought of some rich stuck up snob trying to come in a court Twilight made her stomach twist in a knot. She knew Twilight better than to assume she would fall for that, but that didn't stop the dark thoughts and images from plaguing her mind.

“Hey,” Twilight took her hoof. “I don’t have any interest in them…”

“Still I have to stand there and watch them flirt with you.” She clenched her free hoof and let go a low growl under her breath. “Can’t you just refuse to see them?”

Twilight shook her head. “Princess Celestia says that I should be a fair ruler and listen to what they have to say before respectfully declining them.”

Sunset’s frown turned into a devious grin. “Oooor I could-“

“No.” She said plainly and drank some of her coffee.

“You don't even know what I was going to say?” Sunset protested.

“You can’t beat them up.”

Sunset leaned away putting a hoof to her chest in mock shock. “Twilight! I can’t believe you would think I would do such a thing.”

Twilight however wasn’t buying it and just continued staring at her.

“I was actually thinking we could make out in front of them.” Sunset licked her lips and moved closer to Twilight.

Twilight face flushed red. “W-w-what?”

Sunset gave her a wink and leaned in against her. She wrapped a hoof around Twilight's side and held her close, lips centimeters apart. “C’mon think about the looks on their faces when I trot right up to you and engage in a furious make out session?”

“I-uh, you… we can’t…. I-no!” Twilight said sternly however the effect was negated by her flustered appearance. Sunset laughed and Twilight pulled away took a large swig of her coffee. “Since when did you get so…. What’s the word?”


“Yes that.” Twilight downed the rest of her coffee. Spike came out of the kitchen and refilled the cup.

“For the record," the adolescent dragon spoke. “I can hear you both in the kitchen.”

“So you agree we should make out in front of the potential suitors?” Sunset asked. There was silence and she looked to Twilight whose face was contorted with a mix of shock and frustration albeit still adorable to her.

“Sunset!” Twilight grabbed her ear with magic and tugged causing Sunset to whine in protest. Spike shook his head and hastily retreated back to the kitchen probably now scarred for life

“There will be none of that. I personally would like to keep… ‘us’ quiet while around these noble types.”

“Oh fine,” Sunset pouted.

Twilight sighed and let go of her ear. “Seriously though what’s gotten into you?”

She shrugged and finished the rest of her waffles. “I guess it’s just exciting, being in a relationship with you… it’s my first real one when you think about it. You accept me as I am and actually care about me as a pers-pony." She caught herself. "Don’t you feel excited?”

Twilight blushed and gave a small smile. “More nervous than excited actually. Like I said yesterday this is a whole new experience for me and I’m just unsure how to proceed. I don't know how fast or slow things should go or what we should even be doing right now… so please forgive me in advance for my hesitance…” She coughed, “On certain activities.”

Sunset stared at Twilight. Seeing this mare made her feel emotions of excitement, joy, and a desire to pin her down and snuggle. She admitted to lacking the former means of restraint. This was a new experience for her and even though she wanted to discover new things with Twilight she could see the hesitance and equal amount of fear in her eyes.

She leaned over and gently nuzzled Twilight’s neck. “I’m sorry Twi, I’ll try to work on personal restraint today.”

“Thank you.” Twilight looked down at her and nuzzled her forehead. “It’ll be a busy today but tonight I’m all yours.”

Sunset giggled and pulled away cupping Twilight’s chin with her hoof. “Good, but first you still owe me a morning kiss.” She pursed her lips leaning in and Twilight, though hesitant at first, followed.

“You’re highness Applejack and the Flim Flam Brothers are waiting in the throne room for you.” A guard opened the door to the dinning room and just as quickly as he entered he saluted and left. The two mares stared at the door, Twilight with a look of embarrassment and Sunset with a look of annoyance. Twilight then pulled away and chugged the rest of her coffee.


Sunset’s face met the table briefly and she sighed heavily. It’s going to be a long day.

On a normal day court typically lasted an hour. During the workweek everypony had some place to be and some job to take care of so time to talk to the Princess was limited. The young ponies would be in at school and the adults would be at their respective jobs. During these times court usually consisted of problems around Ponyville that would require Twilight’s attention. Some ponies sought her out for advice and others brought friendship problems to her. If there was a major problem in the town Twilight would convene her friends together in the throne room to help in anyway they could. But fortunately those issues were far and few in between.

Unfortunately today was Saturday the day everything happened in Ponyville and the day Twilight considered taking an extended vacation to Tartarus. She heard it was lovely around that this time of year with storms and barren lands as far as the eye could see. Cerberus would love the company if she brought him a large stick to play with and Twilight could visit Tirek and Chrysalis. It sounded heavenly compared to Saturday court. Now Sunset understood her marefriends frantic behavior in the morning. Her earlier thought was correct, it was going to be a long day.

Twilight sat in her throne resting a hoof against her cheek. Sunset stood next to her trying to resist the urge to lean against the throne. Before them Applejack was steaming and looked ready to kill as the Flim Flam brothers made their claims.

“See here now that there is no law saying we can’t sell apples here in Ponyvile, isn’t that right brother of mine?” Flim said to Flam.

“Why yes it is!” The other similar looking stallion responded. "Ponyville is a trading town and we have brought our trade."

“I ain’t sayin you can’t sell here.” Applejack huffed. “But sellin' Sweet Apple Acre’s apples is blind greedy theiven' you shit eatin' cow fu-”

“Applejack!” Twilight interrupted her.

The brothers looked at Applejack shocked and crestfallen. “Applejack do you think we would go so far as to steal from other ponies to make a profit?” Flim put a hoof to his chest.

“Yes.” Applejack glared.

“Not true! Never true! Impossible!” Flam said with dramatic overture. “These apples were grown with our own hooves. Check your orchard and there’s not an apple out of place.”

“You’re just scared that ponies want our apples more than yours.” Flim smirked.

Sunset sighed rubbing her face with a hoof. “Is this really that important? They're just apples.”

The room went silent and all eyes turned to her. Twilight face was filled with sheer horror. When Sunset looked to Applejack she noticed the farm pony’s eyes were like fire and she looked ready to pounce at any moment. Sunset gulped and shrunk back.

“I mean.” She coughed, “What makes you suspect that Flim and Flam stole from your farm.”

“They taste like Sweet Apple Acres apples.” Applejack tipped her hat. “Ain’t no mistaken my families hard work and sweat in each apple.”

Sunset shivered and made a mental note not to eat another apple ever again after that statement. Twilight raised a hoof. “There is one flaw in your argument Applejack, though I don’t trust Flim and Flam, have any of your apples been missing?”

“Well no…” Applejack frowned. “But this is serious Twi! The fruit bats have been going after the main part of the farm again.”

“So you blame us for your fruit bat problem?” Flim shot an accusatory hoof. Though Sunset had only heard about the two encounters with the Flim Flam brothers she wasn’t buying their act.

“We’ll no but-“

“I see here that Applejack is just trying to drive competition away and using her bond with the princess to further her own families selfish goals.” Flam stated.

“How dare you!” Applejack’s nostrils flared and she walked around the table. The brothers backed up slowly as Applejack corned them against one of the thrones. Sunset’s eyes widened as Applejack reeled her hoof back and she made quick dash to intercept.


Sunset’s head snapped to the side as she unfortunately, not only came between the ponies, but also between Applejacks hoof and Flam’s face. She stumbled to the side and rubbed her cheek.


“Oh my stars Sunset I’m so sorry! I-I didn’t mean to.” Applejack rushed to her side but Sunset put a hoof up.

“It’s fine Applejack.” She rubbed her cheek.

Twilight practically leapt out of her thrown and dashed over to her with a speed that even Rainbow Dash would be impressed with. “A-are you alright?” She inspected Sunset’s cheek with a worried look.

“I’m fine.” She shook her head and adjusted herself. “But Twilight, didn’t you tell me that the Apple family sectioned off a part of their farm for the fruit bats.”

Both Applejack and Twilight’s eyes widened and they looked at her then each other.

“Hey now if that’s the case then why would they be coming into the rest of the orchard?” Applejack rubbed her chin.

Twilight looked to the Flim Flam brothers. “If they lost their food source and by lost I mean if someone was taking it they would.”

The two stallions exchanged nervous glances and backed up slowly. Applejack scraped the ground and slowly advanced on them cracking her neck.

“We’ll look at the time brother of mine I think we should be off!” Flim said hastily.

“Indeed no time like the present lets leave this business behind us dear Applejack.” Flam gulped.

“Ya’ll get five seconds.” She scrapped at the ground again.

The two brothers bolted out of the castle with Applejack chasing after them. Sunset stared after the trio and winced as her cheek throbbed with pain. Twilight brought her back over to the throne and sat down.

“We’ll that happened.” Twilight sighed.

“That’s normal here?”

She nodded. “Are you sure your okay? It’s swelling a little.”

Sunset readjusted her glasses on her muzzle and dusted off her suit. “I’ll be fine Twi. How much longer do we have to do this?”

She answered her own question by materializing a clipboard. Next on the list was Mare Mayor and zoning projects. Sunset felt the beginnings of a headache form or that might have been the blunt force trauma from the punch. She wasn’t too sure.

Twilight noticed the grimace on her face and leaned over pulling Sunset in close for a little kiss on the forehead. “Don’t worry one down.”

“And the mayor, Cutie Mark Crusaders, other ponies, and royal suitors to go.” Sunset finished sighing.

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