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Marefriend Advisor - RobRoyale

After redemption, traveling back to the human world, and defeating Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer will now face a new kind of challenge: Being an advisor for her marefriend Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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New Student

Chapter 7

The train ride back to Ponyville was anything but pleasant. A better way to describe it would be tense. At least that’s how Sunset Shimmer felt as she glared at the blue unicorn sitting across from her. Her experience with the Trixie at Canterlot High had been less than enjoyable. During her take over of the school she had been quiet and comparable to a little pest than anything else. If she ever challenged her Sunset would easily squash her like an insect under her ironclad boot.

However after her reformation Trixie took advantage of her pacifistic and apologetic attitude. She took great pleasure in pushing Sunset’s buttons and seeing how far she could push her. When Sunset would lash back Trixie would remind her of the fall formal immediately cutting the reformed girl down to size. During the battle of the bands Trixie was relentless in her verbal assaults at Sunset. As if the sirens hadn’t gotten in her head enough Trixie had made her feel less than worthless especially after she tackled Rainbow off the stage during Awesome As I Want To Be.

Now granted the ponies and humans had differences based around the respective universes they lived in however Sunset had heard plenty about this Trixie from Twilight. Such as how her lying convinced two foals to bring an Usra Minor into Ponyville and practically wrecking the town or the alicorn amulet take over. Sunset felt her stomach twist in rage when she heard how Twilight was humiliated and forced to live in the Everfree forest. The situation may have only lasted a few days and Twilight was able to best Trixie in the end but that still didn’t make up for what she did.

Sunset tried to calm herself knowing that she had made mistakes in the past and probably far worse ones with driving everyone at Canterlot High apart and almost incinerating Twilight. But she had made up for it, even though Trixie had apologized after the alicorn amulet incident she did nothing else to show for it. In the end she simply ran away. Now here she was, sitting in the same train as them, on her way to Ponyville with them, and sitting far to close to Twilight.

“Trixie!” Twilight’s jaw gapped. “What in Equestria are you doing here?!”

Trixie looked up at Twilight who was still on top of her practically straddling her waist. “You tell me Sparkle. You’re the one who pinned me to the ground.” She said was a devious smirk.

Twilight’s eyes widened and she hastily got off the unicorn. “Seriously Trixie, no games, what are you doing here on the street?”

Trixie stood up brushing herself off. Unlike there last encounters she wasn’t wearing her trademark magician’s hat and cloak. Actually what she wore wasn’t a cloak at all at least by Rartiy’s standards. It was a raggedy brown blanket that was fastened around her neck with string. It barely covered her flanks and tail as well as her sides.

“Oh just taking in the beautiful sights of Manehatten.” She remarked.

“Uhuh,” Twilight frowned raising an eyebrow.

She could see right through the lie. Trixie may have been smiling but she was visibly shivering. Her mane was in tatters and heavy bags rested under her eyes. Her coat was tattered and ruffled with cuts and bruises marking it. Her hooves looked cracked and were covered in dry splotches of blood.

Twilight raised her head and casted a small weather bubble around them. The barrage of rain stopped and bounced off the ethereal barrier.

“Trixie you look awful.” Twilight said with a touch of concern in her voice.

Trixie’s eyes widened. “What! Trixie looks fabulous! You’re simply jealous of my beauty!” She had resumed talking in the third person, a sign that her pride had not vanished… yet.

As Sunset watched this play out her jaw tightened. She didn’t trust Trixie one bit and kept her magic at the ready to strike if needed.

Twilight took a step forward and put her hoof out pressing it against Trixie’s chest. “Trixie… you’re rib cage is showing.”

Trixie retreated back putting a hoof up over her chest to cover the visible ribs. “Trixie is just on a diet! It’s doing wonders for her!”

“When was the last time you’ve eaten?”

“That’s non of your business Sparkle!” Trixie bit back.

“Is that why you were trying to steal my crown?” Twilight pressed with the questions. “Money for food?”

“N-no of course not!” Trixie stammered.

“Trixie… what happened?” Twilight asked stepping forward.

Trixie backed up again and bumped into Sunset. She looked between the two mares and saw she had nowhere to go. Finally she let out a sigh and dropped down onto her haunches.

“My reputation happened.” She mumbled.

The two other mares didn’t respond so Trixie took that as a signal to keep going.

“At first word got out from Ponyville about me and without my carriage it was difficult to travel and set up a full show. Even when I was able to get a make shift show together no one came to see it. They had heard about me and had enough.” She scrapped the wet ground with her hoof tracing it in a small puddle of water.

“Then after the whole business with the alicorn amulet guards in every major city would harass me. I had to keep running from them which then led to this...” She sniffed a little. “Me the great and powerful Trixie… reduced to petty theivery.”

Twilight looked down at Trixie the same way she looked at Sunset during the Fall Formal. There was empathy, but more importantly there was sadness. She knelt down and draped a wing over Trixie.

“Trixie I’m so-“

“And it’s your bucking fault!” Trixie jerked away and hissed.

“What?!” Twilight was taken aback. “How was any of this my fault?”

Sunset clenched her hooves tightly against the ground. Trixie was on thin ice with her already.

“If you hadn’t gotten in Trixie’s way everything would have been fine!” She was visibly crying now.

“Do you honestly believe that Trixie?” Twilight bit back. “You lied to everypony and only harmed you’re reputation more by continuing to lie and cheat to get what you wanted!”

“Oh excuse me I thought you’re supposed to be the Princess of Friendship! Helping any pony out! You let me go and didn’t give a second glance or care when I last left Ponyville. Even after I apologized you didn’t even look back to wave goodbye…” Trixie stomped her hoof at the ground. She let her guard drop and talked in the first person again. “You didn’t even ask if I wanted to stay… maybe the night… have something to eat… start over…”

If looks could kill Sunset would be hauling Trixie’s body to the Manehattan morgue. How dare she say that to Twilight? How dare she judge Twilight’s character? How dare she blame all her misfortunes on Twilight? Sunset took a step forward charging her horn. Twilight shot her a stern look causing her to back down.

“You’re right.”

“What?” Both Sunset and Trixie looked up with surprised and confused expressions.

“You’re right Trixie, I did let you go without give a second thought to what was going to happen to you.” Twilight bowed her head to the unicorn. “Allow me to make up for that mistake.”

“Twilight… you’re kidding right?” Sunset raised an eyebrow. “This is Trixie were talking about.”

“Hey!” Trixie said in protest.

“Yes,” Twilight looked to Sunset and smiled. “and though she has made some mistakes… well a lot of mistakes.”

“I’m right here!”

“I didn’t do anything to really help her. With you I left you in the hands of our friends but yet I didn’t do anything for Trixie. I would be a hypocrite for not helping now.”

Sunset frowned. “Yes but I think you would be doing this world a favor by leaving her here.”

“You can see me right? I’m sitting here!”

Twilight shot Sunset a glare. It wasn’t the typical annoyed glare that Twilight would give ponies. This was her serious glare, the one that told Sunset she was on the wrong side of the argument.

“It’s settled.” Twilight said her expression changing to a cheerful one. “Trixie allow me to formally invite you to come stay with me in Ponyville for the time being.”

“What?” Trixie asked startled.

Buck me sideways what!? Sunset mentally yelled.

“B-but what would I do there?” Trixie asked wracked with nervous anxiety. “Ponyville is secluded, how would I live my life?”

Twilight rubbed her chin with a hoof in thought. “Hmm, we’ll we can figure that out. For now Celestia has been nagging at me to share my knowledge of magic, I could offer you a position as my personal protégé?”

This isn’t happening… please tell me I just misheard that. Sunset’s jaw hit the ground. Trixie looked up at Twilight with wide eyes.

“Well?” Twilight asked.

Trixie shook her head snapping out of her brief shock. “I-I… I would have to think about it! I’ve never had a personal teacher before… and I don’t have that much magical talent.”

“Nonsense. You have plenty of magical ability and potential!” Twilight chided while draping a wing over her. “At least come back to Ponyville with us, I can’t in good conscience leave you out here.”

“Um…I” Trixie stared at Twilight, and then broke down crying. She lunged in burring her face against Twilight’s neck. Twilight wrapped a hoof around her and gently stroked her mane. She shushed her gently and stroked her disheveled mane. After a few minutes of calming her down Trixie pulled away. “Y-yes… please… thank you Twilight Sparkle!- oh-oh! I mean Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

Sunset swore she saw Trixie blushing. She figured it was possibly the effect of her crying but she didn’t trust the look in Trixie’s eye. The way she was looking at Twilight made her stomach twist. It almost reminded her of how she looked at Twilight… almost.

Twilight giggled. “Just Twilight is fine.”

Trixie was curled up against Twilight huddling close for warmth. Twilight didn’t seem to mind it as she casted a light heat spell on her. Since their departure she had discarded her cloak and devoured a couple of the sandwiches in Twilight’s bag. She had been relaying to Twilight many of the events that had happened since she last saw her.

Twilight politely listened and showed expressions of shock at some of Trixie’s stories. Apparently the poor mare had to do a great many things in order to survive. Theft, working dead end jobs, smuggling, even one occasion using her illusion magic to help some punks rob a store, and stripping. However that last one they found strange considering most of the time they don’t wear clothes. With each story that Trixie relayed Twilight pulled her close doing her best to sooth the poor mare.

Sunset hated that. She was jealous. She would not deny it, it was one of her character flaws and she had no shame in it. Jealousy was never a bad thing to her as long as it was controlled. Twilight was normally caring and affectionate with her friends and Sunset didn’t mind that. But when any pony got to close to her a boiling rage inside Sunset would stir. It wasn’t that she thought of Twilight as her property, no far from it. Ever since the incident with Flash Sentry she has just been very protective and rightfully so. Though they are a couple Twilight is still one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Equestria.

It wasn’t clear what Trixie’s intentions were yet but Sunset made a mental note to keep a close eye on her. However she wouldn’t be the only one. As the train pulled into the Ponyville station the weather was still pretty dreary as the pegasi were putting the finishing touches one of the scheduled downpours. Rainbow Dash and Spike were there to greet them and to make sure they got back to the palace before the downpour.

Twilight was the first out of the car gently guiding Trixie. Trixie winced from walking since her hooves were still cracked and blistered. Sunset was the last out keeping her gaze directly on Trixie.

Rainbow and Spike stared at Trixie with a mixture of confusion, shock, and anger.

“What the hey is she doing here!” Rainbow Dash blurted out. She pointed an accusatory hoof at the blue unicorn and emitted a low growl in throat.

Twilight put a defensive hoof up. “Calm down Rainbow I can explain.”

“Explain what?!” Rainbow flew a few feet above the ground and darted forward bringing her muzzle dangerously close to Trixie’s. “Why you brought this power crazy phony here!?”

Sunset was surprised when Trixie didn’t come up with a juvenile retort. Instead Trixie shrunk back moving behind Twilight.

“Pl-please I-I’m sorry.”

“Sorry?” Rainbow Dash frowned and circled Twilight to face her again. “Sorry for making us into your servants and tossing us around like rag dolls!”

Twilight tucked her wing around Trixie and faced the angry pegasus. “Rainbow Dash I know the last two times she was here things it less than pleasant-“

“If by less than pleasant you mean she turned Ponyville into an Ursa Minor play pin and her own kingdom!” Rainbow growled. “C’mon back me up here Spike!”

The young drake crossed his arms. “We’ll Trixie has been a bitch each time she’s come here.”

“Spike!” Twilight whirled around glaring at him. Sunset snickered a little.

“But Twilight wouldn’t bring her here without a reason.” Spike finished. “…. What’s your reason Twilight?”

Twilight sighed. “She was on the street cold and alone. I couldn’t just leave her there. I didn’t befriend her the last time and because of that she was left on her own incapable of supporting herself. I may have not been the Princess of Friendship at the time but right now it’s my duty to help ponies in need.”

“I still don’t trust her.” Rainbow growled.

“And that’s perfectly fine Rainbow.” Twilight stated. “You didn’t trust me when I first came to Ponyville and Nightmare Moon attacked and look at us now.”

Rainbow floated in the air for a moment pondering the implications. Her eyes widened and she shook her head. “Hay no Twilight! There is no way I’m becoming friends with that girl!”

Twilight sighed and trotted off the platform with Trixie under her wing and Spike plus Sunset in tow. Rainbow Dash landed beside Sunset and leaned in close.

“Please tell me this isn’t for real?”

“Oh it is.” Sunset grimaced. “Twilight is going to let her stay with us for a while.”

“Kill me.” Rainbow whispered. “Hey wait… has Twilight told you about Trixie?”

Sunset nodded. “She has but I also had to deal with a version of Trixie in the other world. After hearing about this one I can say that both are narcissistic bitchy wenches.”

“So you’ll keep an eye on her?”

“Definitely. There’s something about her I don’t trust.”

“Good.” Rainbow gave her a jab to the shoulder. “None of the girls will trust her. Not even Pinkie.”

Now that was saying something, Sunset thought to herself. Pinkie Pie is one of the friendliest ponies and to say that she doesn’t trust somepony raises a multitude of red flags.

The trip back to the castle was short and uninterrupted. It would have been bad if everypony knew Trixie was back in Ponyville. Twilight was still wondering how she would go about reintroducing her to the town. It would take time but everypony would eventually grow to accept her, almost everypony.

Rainbow Dash left at the castle door only looking back to glare at Trixie as she flew up into the sky. Moments later as they made their way into the downpour began.

“Firstly, you need a bath.” Twilight giggled and covered her muzzle. “I didn’t want to be rude and say anything on the train.”

Trixie blushed out of embarrassment and nodded. “Trixie- I mean… I agree.”

“C’mon.” Twilight motioned her forward and they walked out of the foyer.

Spike watched as his platonic mother walked out of the room with one of her previous worst enemies. “This is weird right?” He said without breaking his gaze.

“Not the word I would use but yes.” Sunset responded.

Sunset set the quill down in front of her and massaged the base of her horn. A levitation spell combined with the grand world of politics didn’t do wonders for her horn. It was only now she wished she had learned how to write with her hoof growing up in Equestria. The skill would certainly be handy at the moment for the mass of papers she had to sort through. The pile stood three ponies high and she had only take care of one fourth of it.

She grumbled and pulled another piece from the pile. She glanced over it briefly, another zoning project. According to Twilight ever since the castle went up more ponies had been taking up residence in the town. More homes needed to be built and for some reason that had to go through the Princess rather than the Mayor.

Sunset stared out the window to the castles study and she saw Twilight and Trixie just outside. After bathing and feeding the unicorn Twilight was already hard at work training her. The rain outside provided a good means of exercise for the young unicorn. From the looks of it Twilight was having Trixie catch the rain droplets with her magic and combine them into a large ball of water around her.

The purpose of the training was to increase perception and concentration. To her credit Trixie was doing very well having just began official training with Twilight. A crack of thunder ripped across the sky causing Trixie to jump and loose concentration. The bubble of water fell atop her and soaked her mane. She shivered and stomped her hoof against the ground in frustration.

Twilight however walked up to her patting her back and wiping the mane out of her eyes. The two left her sight as they trotted back inside. Sunset resumed her work as she reignited her horn taking up the quill and papers again. Minutes later the door opened and Twilight trotted in.

She beamed Sunset with a pleasant smile despite her mane being drenched. “So how’s you’re afternoon been?”

Sunset rubbed her forehead and set the quill down. “Peachy,” She then looked to her marefriend. “You’re all wet.”

“Really? I hadn’t noticed.” Twilight said her tone dripping with sarcasm. They both laughed in unison at the little joke.

“So where’s Trixie?” Sunset cut in as she finished laughing.

“Cleaning up.” Twilight answered wringing her mane out with magic. “I have to say I didn’t expect her to start training so early. She seemed really eager despite her fatigue.”

“Hm.” Sunset said leaning back in her chair. “Does Celestia know about you taking on a student?”

Twilight nodded. “Actually yes, I had Spike send a letter when we got back and Celestia said this would be a great learning experience for me!” She clopped her hooves on the ground excited. “I’m just as excited as Trixie is.”


“That’s great Twi.” Sunset half smiled.

Twilight retreated from the room for a few moments then came back with two mugs of coco. She squeezed in next to Sunset on the desk chair and gave her a peck on the cheek. They smiled and went to looking over the various projects and files that needed signing. Sunset felt a little more at ease with Twilight beside her. These past few weeks had been pretty hectic with ups and downs and many unforgettable moments. She admitted to herself that she was starting to really fall in love with Twilight. But she wouldn’t say anything yet.

No, no it was to soon to say anything like that. She adored Twilight and cherished the time they had together. Plus they were technically living together, though that was do to her occupation as Twilight’s advisor. But still, she didn’t want to say anything yet, especially since Twilight said she was new to this sort of thing. She didn’t want to rush it. She was content sitting by Twilight’s side doing work to better the ponies around them.

Sunset let out a soft sigh and nuzzled Twilight. Being here with her in peace was perfect. Nothing could break this moment.

“Trixie is bored!” The door burst open revealing the blue unicorn.

I stand corrected.

Twilight looked up from the paper and frowned. “Trixie I understand the thirst for knowledge and learning as much as the next pony but you just got off of the street. You need to relax.”

Sunset giggled at the irony of Twilight being the one to say that. She heard stories from Spike finding her passed out in a multitude of places with her head in a book and a blanket made of coffee cups.

“Trixie is fine! Now that she has the means she can conquer anything!” The blue mare declared.

Sunset got out of the chair. “She apparently is talking in the third person again.”

“Why of course! What is a mare without something to call her own! Something to claim as something she only does! Trixie refers to Trixie because Trixie is Trixie!” She stood on her hind legs and put a hoof to her chest proudly.

Then her legs collapsed and she fell forward. Twilight made a quick dash with her magic and caught her before she hit the ground.

Trixie stared at the ground before her and gulped. “Erm… thank you T-twilight.”

Twilight sighed and walked over helping her up with magic. “You’re going to bed.”

“B-but Trixie doesn’t-“ The mare stuttered under Twilight’s gaze as her ears folded back.

“No buts, you’re my student and you need rest. That is final.” Twilight spoke sternly yet gently, like a mother scolding a stubborn child. Her voice had power behind it but only to mark her point. Sunset felt heat creep up her neck to her cheeks seeing Twilight’s more aggressive side.

Trixie pouted and hung her head. “Trixie I-I mean… I will go rest mentor.”

Twilight smiled and wrapped a hoof around her pulling her into a gentle embrace. “Good, you’ve had a long day. Enjoy the dreamscape tonight.” She patted the mare’s head and Trixie then retreated out of the study and towards her room.

Sunset whistled. “Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen that strict teacher side of you before.”

“Oh um,” Twilight blushed and gave a sheepish smile. “It’s something I’ve been practicing.”

“It’s hot.”

There were a few moments of silence followed by the sound of a hoof meeting a pony’s forehead. Twilight sighed and shook her head. She looked up from her facehoof at Sunset with a frown however she had a colorful tint on her cheeks. She walked over to her and rested her forehead against Sunset’s.

“What in Equestria am I going to do with you?”

“Well~” Sunset started in a singsong tone giving her eyebrows a little bounce.

“No.” Twilight said flatly.


Author's Note:

Welp.... enjoy. Sorry for late chapters ^^" Working is draining the creative juices out of me when I get home. It also doesn't help that in my screenwriting class at college we wrote stories in script format so now my mind is trying to get back into story mode.

More to come soon! Also... I'm going to Brony Con this year :D Whoot!