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Marefriend Advisor - RobRoyale

After redemption, traveling back to the human world, and defeating Chrysalis, Sunset Shimmer will now face a new kind of challenge: Being an advisor for her marefriend Princess Twilight Sparkle.

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Saturday Court

Chapter 2

Sunset rubbed her cheek softly. Saying that earth ponies are physically stronger than the other races was an understatement when it came to Applejack. She winced as her blue cheek throbbed.

The business with Mayer Mare had gone without pause and without strain. The barracks would be set up on the outskirts of town near the Everfree forest. There was a small debate on whether Ponyville should have boundary walls but Twilight was able to persuade the mayor otherwise. Something about keeping the town’s rustic look would keep the mayor’s ratings high.

Now came the second most dreaded business of court. The most horrific terror known to all of Ponyville, a force that cannot be stopped and will go to any lengths to achieve their goal: The Cutie Mark Crusaders. Sunset Shimmer had dealt with the CMC at Canterlot High but based on the stories she heard from the ponies in Equestria, these fillies were the talk of nightmares.

At Canterlot High the most damage the CMC could manage is destroying the science lab and this was quickly remedied by Principal Celestia keeping them out of any and all lab courses. However in Ponyville these fillies were pretty much unsupervised, had a larger goal and were as curious as a cat. Cutie marks were serious business for young fillies but they took it to the next extreme.

Before Sunset and Twilight was Cheerilee, a grimace on her face and bags under her eyes. Behind her were three adorable fillies, the Cutie Mark Crusaders, and the bringers of hellfire on the town. Each filly had an innocent adorable look with large sparkling eyes and a slight pout. They knew they were in trouble but it seemed they were trying to cute face their way out of it.

Sunset looked down at the report in her hooves. “So let me get this straight… our water supply has been poisoned…”

Cheerilee nodded. “Care to explain how this happened girls?”

“It was an accident!” Apple Bloom spoke up. “Twilight taught me how to make an apple growth potion so we thought we could make a water enhancement potion.”

Twilight raised an eyebrow. “Water enhancement?”

“Yeah! Like make it better for growing apples!”

“So how did this get into the main water supply?” She asked.

The three girls shared nervous looks then Sweetie Bell raised a hoof. “We may have dumped the failed ones down the sink.”

Sunset looked to Twilight. She could tell she was ready to hit her head against the side of the throne but was doing an amazing job at keeping her composure.

“We? That was just you Sweetie Bell.” Scootaloo pointed a hoof at her.

“You helped me!”

“Did not!”

“Did too!”

“Did not!”

“Girls!” Cheerilee shouted. The two went quiet immediately and turned their gazes back to the ground.

Twilight rubbed her forehead. “Sunset?”

“Yes Princess?”

“I need you to organize a group of unicorn ponies who can help us purify the water system.”

Sunset levitated a clipboard and jotted down the request. She wasn’t sure what unicorns in Ponyville would be adept with unicorn magic but based on Twilight’s expression she figured that both of them would be helping as well.

“Next, Apple Bloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo, you three will be serving community service.”

The three fillies sighed heavily but Cheerilee raised a hoof. “Pardon me Princess Twilight but are you sure that’s a good idea?”

Twilight looked up. “Why do you ask?”

“The last time they were assigned to do all of Big Macintosh’s chores after,” She coughed and blushed. “The events of Hearts and Hooves day they destroyed half the farm and blew the roof off the Apple Family barn.”

Twilight tapped her chin with a hoof and hummed in thought. “I see your point, very well, they will be serving community service here.”

“What?!” Sunset and Cheerilee gawked at Twilight. Sunset looked at her marefriend as if she had gone completely insane.

“Here I can keep a watchful eye on them. Plus I doubt they can blow up crystal walls.”

I have a feeling they could. Sunset grimaced and wrote down the order on the clipboard.

“Does this sound reasonable girls?” Twilight looked to the three fillies and smiled.

Her question was answered by the three jumped up shouting at a volume that made Sunset cover her ears. “Cutie Mark Crusader Castle Caretakers!”

Oh buck. Sunset internally cursed. Why do you hate us Twilight?

Cheerilee nodded a thank you to Twilight and guided the bouncing cheerful crusaders out of the palace. Once they were out of earshot Sunset took and quick breath and turned to Twilight.

“Twilight… I know you’re a princess but as your marefriend do you understand what wrath you have brought upon us?”

Twilight giggled. “I would rather them stay here when I can keep an eye on them, plus nurture their special talents. Which I was hoping you could help with.”

Sunset gave Twilight a quizzical look. She didn’t like the sound of where this was going. “What do you mean I could help with?”

“Well I just thought that you could… teach them things that would work with their special talents?” Twilight asked sheepishly with a half smile.

“Is there a reason you can’t do that?”

Twilight sighed. “I’ve tried but those fillies are clueless, they try every other way to get their cutie marks but don’t bother with what they’re actually good at. Plus if we succeed there won’t be as many disasters in town.”

Sunset sighed. “I have a bad feeling about this.”

As the royal guard escort came in thankfully for Sunset Shimmer it was not led by Flash Sentry. As per Twilight’s request he was transferred back to the Crystal Empire guard and they would be receiving a new one.

The new squad leader was difficult to read between modest and serious. He was very straightforward about his mandate to protect them but understood when Twilight requested that he not hover over her every moment of existence. The escort’s presence would be restricted to trips outside of Ponyville and standing in on court sessions. This both mares were thankful for.

Once the guards left at Twilight’s command to acquaint themselves with the area a massive swarm of ponies were waiting outside. Ponies from all over the town had come wanting to talk to Twilight. When Sunset saw the mass of ponies she sighed heavily and took up her clipboard with magic.

“Celestia help me…”

Twilight leaned over resting a hoof on her shoulder. “Don’t worry this part goes by relatively quickly.”

There were shouts from the sea of ponies as the back of the mass parted. “Make way you uncivilized ruffians!” A stallions voice called as more ponies were pushed out of the way.

The crowd fully parted revealing five ponies. The one who had been shouting was a tight collared unicorn. His coat was light blue and he had a white mane. From the angle Sunset was at she couldn’t see his cutie mark but that was also do to the amount of clothing he was wearing. His suit matched his mane and was laced with gold trim.

Around him were four guards though not typical guard ponies. They were bigger and dressed in all black like typical security ponies seen at big social events. They surveyed the area and Twilight’s guards kept their eyes trained on them with stark glares.

“Allow me to introduce myself. I am Sterling Time; my father is the head of Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorn’s, and I preside over the magical research division of Manhattan and Phillidelphia. I have graced this lowly town with my presence to come and ask for your hoof in marriage Princess Twilight.” He gave a wave of his hoof keeping his chin tilted up in the upper class style.

Sunset took mental notes of the four guards, two pegasi, one earth pony and one unicorn. She could probably take down the pegasi easily and evade the earth pony. Depending on their reaction time she would have at least three seconds to successfully land a hoof to Sterling Time’s jaw. She gritted her teeth and took a quick glance at Twilight. Like always she was calm and gave a simple polite smile while nodding her head.

“A pleasure, your father is Light Arcane then?”

“The very same your highness.” He said with a cocky grin.

“I think I met him when I was a little filly in the school. Though that was ages ago. How is he?” Twilight asked.

Sunset knew the name as well. Light Arcane wasn’t the most adept at magic but had mastery in the knowledge of magical arts. She didn’t know he had a son but she could see he was the same as lot of other Canterlot born noble ponies: stuck up and entitled.

“He is well, I believe he will be extremely pleased depending on how this meeting goes. Though I think its safe to say it doesn’t take omnipotence to see that.” His voice was filled with confidence.

Keep talking and you’ll see my version of how it ends. Sunset mentally growled. She clenched her lips together feigning pain from the bruise to hide her anger.

“Now then where to start. Twilight, may I call you Twilight? Of course I can were both on the same level.” He strode further into the room. Each step he took he made sure to display a certain angle of his features. “That being said you not are like the common rabble, the mares that would jump at the chance for a stallion with power and wealth. Probably like the mare standing next to you.” He motioned to Sunset.

Sunset bit her tongue using all of will not to lash out at Sterling. He was away from his guards now and Sunset was in perfect range to give him a good number of bruises. Taking another glance she saw Twilight hadn’t made any grand gesture to the insult, not even the slightest flinch. She was still calm and collected.

Sterling brushed his mane back. “You have everything you would want, you’re a princess, and you have a castle and a kingdom.” He coughed and titled his head up in disgust. “If you could call this commoner village one. But I digress; you have everything a mare could want. What I offer you is the opportunity to be with one of Equestria’s most eligible bachelors. Why a mare like yourself should only have some pony of equal or in this case more value as their significant other.”

Twilight politely smiled and leaned back on the throne resting a hoof against her chin. “I don’t think I deserve more than any other pony.”

Sterling Time stopped for a moment caught of guard. He then readjusted himself and coughed. “But that is where you are wrong princess. You have it all, now all you need is someone to solidify your status and glory.”

“My status, or your status?” Twilight asked.

“We’ll it would be equal of course! Isn’t that what marriage of great power is? Shared benefits for all?”

“Hmm,” Twilight hummed in thought. “I’m intrigued. Tell me about these benefits.”

Sunset raised an eyebrow in her direction but kept her mouth closed.

Sterling gave a confident smile and began his stride again. “Why its quite simple my dear. If married then your status as a princess increases. You would not only be the Princess of Friendship but also you would have extensions to the household of arcane knowledge and magical studies. I myself would gain a very beautiful mare in the process.”

He gave a tap to his horn and it lit with a golden aura. “Though I may look like a gentle harmless soul I am a mastery of offensive magic and manipulation. You would gain one of the most powerful stallions in Equestria.”

“I see.” Twilight rested her hooves on her chin. “What about love?”

“What about it?” Sterling raised an eyebrow.

“Would I receive love as a benefit?”

Sterling laugh. “We’ll of course that comes with marriage right?”

Though Sunset wanted to beat the hayseed out of Sterling at the moment she was impressed by Twilight’s composure. Her questions were spot on to the point, which made her wonder how many times Twilight has had to deal with potential suitors before.

“Hm, well, Sterling Time, thank you for the offer but I must decline.” Twilight smiled brightly.

Sunset inwardly grinned and wanted to wrap her hooves around Twilight and just kiss her.

Sterling did a double take then scratched at his ear. “Pardon me but what did you says?”

“I said I decline your offer.”

“B-but you can’t be serious Twilight!”

“I am, and please do not call me Twilight, only my friends may call me that, you are talking with a Princess of Equestria therefore I command the same respect you would give to the royal sisters!” Twilight’s voice echoed throughout the room. Her smile had faded and she now glared at Sterling.

He gulped and shrunk back. “No… do you know who I am! I am one of the Canterlot elite!”

“And this is Ponyville, now show yourself out before I have my guards escort you.” Twilight commanded.

“Wa-wait! How allow me to prove to you how powerful my magic is! Give me your strongest champion and I will best them for your heart!” He gave her an almost pleading look. Sunset found it sad how far the nobility would fall to get what they wanted.

Twilight sat back in her chair again. “A battle?” She looked up for a moment in thought then smiled. “Fine. If you defeat my strongest champion then I will accept your offer.”

Sunset leaned over bringing her clipboard up to hide their faces. “You have a champion? What happened to defeating everything with rainbows?”

Twilight giggled. “That’s only in certain situations, and yes I have a champion.” She nudged Sunset. “Now don’t try to hurt him to much.”

“Wait…” Sunset blinked a couple times then a devious smile broke out on her face. Having realized what Twilight meant she took the glasses off her snout and hoofed them to Twilight.

Twilight looked back to Sterling and nodded. “I present my champion Sunset Shimmer.”

“Your advisor?” Sterling broke out into a fit of laughter. “You can’t be serious. I’m afraid I could never harm a defenseless mare.”

“That is your choice then. You have one minute to beat my champion. You may begin when ready.” Twilight raised a hoof and lowered it.

“One minute? Hah, foals play I won’t even need ten sec-ack!”

His sentence was cut off as Sunset seized him with her magic and threw him across the room into the wall. His body slid down onto the ground and he scrambled to his hooves.

“How dare you! I wasn’t finished with my sentence!”

“Clocks ticking.” Sunset smirked. “C’mon novice.” She waved a hoof taunting him.

He took the bait and ran forward with his horn lit. He fired a golden beam of magic. However Sunset threw up a small barrier deflecting the shot. She sighed and yawned.

“Is that it?”

“Try this on you lowly ketchup colored ruffian!” His horn glowed brightly and he surrounded in a golden aura. He threw his head to the side directing a path for her to be flung but she didn’t move from her spot. Her hooves were planted solid on the ground.

“W-what?” He stammered.

“A unicorn’s ability to lift and manipulate objects is limited to the mass of the object. In this case it’s limited to your magical power versus mine.” Sunset smirked and stepped forward slowly.

“B-but-but! No! I’m one of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria!” He shouted and strained his horn trying to halt her progress.

“I went hoof to hoof with the queen of the changelings.” She lunged forward landing a solid hoof in his jaw sending him into a tumble. “Get on my level.”

Sterling hit the wall in a mess of limbs and he gripped his jaw and whimpered. “My face! How dare you harm my beautiful face!”

Sunset shook her head. “That felt good. But it was hardly worth the effort.” She trotted back over to Twilight. “I remember when I was that power hungry but I’ve found something better than money and power.”

She closed in on Twilight taking a hoof step onto the throne. Twilight’s eyes widened slightly and she shook her head looking between Sterling and Sunset.

“What could be more important than that?!” Sterling got to his hooves shouting.

“Love,” Sunset smiled and leaned in. Twilight was blushing furiously and she put a hoof out holding Sunset back. However Sunset grabbed her chin with magic and pulled Twilight’s lips against hers.

All of time and existence faded away with the kiss. Even though this was her third kiss with Twilight it still felt as good as the first one. Twilight’s cheeks burned red and she tried to push Sunset away but to no avail. Sunset wouldn’t budge and she enjoyed being locked in a passionate kiss with Twilight.

The only thing that made it better was Sterling’s flabbergasted expression. Sunset broke the kiss and look at Twilight who stared back with a look mixed between happy, embarrassed and anger.

“W-what?! T-that’s disgusting! You two are fillyfoolers! A Princess of Equestria is a fillyfooler!” He pointed an accusatory hoof and back up towards the door where his guards were waiting.

“Want to make something of it?” Sunset turned around with a smirk of defiance on her face. “Tell your fellow nobles that Twilight Sparkle is off limits!”

“They will hear about it! They all will!” He shouted and ran out of the throne room with his guards in tow.

Once the doors closed Sunset turned back and smiled victoriously at Twilight. However Twilight’s jaw hung open and she softly squeaked out her next sentence.

“Sunset… do you realize that we’re never going to hear the end of this now?!” She raised her voice on the last word.

Sunset smiled and pecked Twilight on the cheek. “You worry to much Twi, I don’t think most ponies would care.”

Twilight sighed and rubbed her forehead. “The ponyrazzi will care.”

Her ears dropped seeing the slightly annoyed expression on Twilight’s face. “H-hey, are you mad at me?”

“No I’m not.” She looked up. “At least I won’t have to deal with suitors anymore.” She levitated Sunset’s glasses back up to her nose.

Sunset’s smiled. “See there’s a brightside. Also I have to admit I liked that assertive side of you.”

“Oh that?” Twilight waved a hoof and smiled sheepishly. “Something Princess Luna taught me.”

“Impressive, you’ve been holding out on me.” She drew closer to Twilight. “I wouldn’t mind seeing that side more often.” She cooed gently biting Twilight’s neck.

“Eep! No!” Twilight squeaked and pulled Sunset away with her magic. “We still have ponies outside who we need to see.”

Sunset huffed and took up her clipboard. “Fine, fine, so later then?”

Twilight’s cheeks burned red and she strained her wings to stay down as they tried to move up. She narrowed her eyes at Sunset. “No!”

“Aw.” She pouted as the guards let in the ponies from outside.

Author's Note:

Well... this took forever! Blame college... or my tendency to be lazy, don't judge me! :derpyderp2:
So enjoy the lolz, the nobility flaming, the CMC, and the shipping.
Next chapter might have explosions.