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There are two things you need to know about me. One, I love Trixie. Two, I have a dry sense of humor. And Three, I can't count.


Deletion · 6:52am Apr 15th, 2013

Well, It's not supported at this time. However, I am deleting this account.

Why, it's simple.

Cause I wanna.
That, and these stories I wrote suck, terribly bad.

I will still write, but not on this account.


Doubt you will find my new account.

That was not a challenge, just a fact.

That means cancelling these stories. I will start one again later on, but only because I think it holds promise.

Sorry. Kinda. These things sucked anyways.

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Aha I'll try! And it was three comments cause my phone hates me. :twilightblush:

229292 So, it took you three tries to get that simple message down?:pinkiehappy: How can I trust you with a picture?:rainbowlaugh:

Nah, I'm joking. As you can tell by the Emoticons.
I just realized there is no happy Fluttershy emoticon, unless you count :yay:

Well, you pressured me into writing again. How dare you, I was living blissfully unaware of my 3 unfinished stories.:twilightangry2:
And Celestia I'm tired. I shouldn't even be up this late, I need my sleep.
Well, I have a picture planned out for A Brilliant Mind, and someone said he would draw me a cover art pic. for Running, but that was a long time ago.
Do you think it would be cool with you to do that sir or madam?

Hello! I heard you need a cover artist? Well I'll be happy to help! But my pictures will have to come through a friend seen as my laptop is broken and they he is gonna scan them for me :) :pinkiehappy:

Comment posted by onyxclang deleted Dec 12th, 2012
Comment posted by onyxclang deleted Dec 12th, 2012
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