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When you live forever, what do you do with your time?
Do you love and lose, win and fall, hope and curse?
Do you seek to outrun the truth or face it valiantly?
Twilight Sparkle is dead, never to return, never to smile or pout or have that twinkle, that sparkle in her eyes again. Twilight Sparkle is dead and together, two creatures born with eternal life, two creatures brought together by sorrow and circumstance must try to overcome the simple fact that she is dead, that she has passed on and left them all alone.

But perhaps, through death and the passing of a loved one, something else can bloom from the ashes.

I absolutely detest writing out descriptions for my stories because I suck at capturing what the story is truly about in them.
Anyway, this is my first romance story, involving Spike and Celestia, so it's a peculiar couple indeed.This is also my first truly sad story so I hope I captured some feels.

Chapters (3)
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Spilestia huh? I'm intrigued. I will allow this. READERS! PROCEED!


OK, While this is extremely well-written fic, there are still a few problems that prevent from being amazing.

For Starters, Always indent your paragraphs when you start a new one


You will live forever.

Those four little, unassuming and yet deadly words had haunted her life for as long as she could possibly remember, always at the edge of her mind, constantly watching her every move.

I'll add more things as I see them:twilightsmile:

I didn't ever think I'd read a story with this pairing.
I didn't ever think I'd like a story with this pairing.

This made me cry. Hard.


Dude, this is just beautiful. The emotions that are caused by this. I'm shedding man tears thanks to you!:fluttercry:

Okay lets do this.. LEEROOOOY.. ah nevermind.. I will edit this comment after I finish reading, I hope it will be today...

First chapter done.. Well, here and there you almost made me cry I have to say.. I somehow really felt the pain Spike (and Celestia, though almost not mentioned in chapter) had to feel...

Okay I read trough it all, it took me 2 nights (I don´t really have much time in day, so I have to read during night - 4AM btw) and yesterday, when I finish reading chapter 1 i went to bed very, very sad, but tonight, hell no! Really great idea, Spike and Tia, I didn´t very like it firstly, but then when you develop the story, it just felt right And furthermore, stories which are sad but with happy ending are totaly best, I just love to feel the sadness from the story and then in the end to know that everything was ok, that everything will be eventually good. Sadness is great emotion, I don´t know why but I really like it, but it must be followed with a smile. If it is pure sadness, then it just.. sux :D

Thanks for fic, really impressive writing, starting to following you from today onwards! Keep up the good work

this made me cry
this made me smile
this made me hate you
this make me love you
thank you for that sir

This is a pretty amazing story. The writting, the feelings, the set up, almost everything is really cool. There's only one major problem, the details are waaaay to much for the narrative's own good. Youre telling us a story man, not singing a song or declaiming a poem. you do not need to use 3 to 5 diferent kind of synonyms every freaking time you want to describe a feeling, an action, a pony or thing.
Anyway I love it so far and this is a paring I really like, even though the supporting material is almos non-existent... Soñar no cuesta nada:twilightsmile:

“Please don't go. I...I don't want to be alone tonight.”

I fucking lost it at that line...
It was beautiful, up until the shipping part. Personally i think it would have been better without the shipping but who knows maybe it's just my prejudice.

I was listening to the Halo 4 OST Wake up John and reading this, I had it on repeat. Fun fact, I didn't cry for my little dashie, or penstroke's famous Past Sins. The music and your writing however, made me cry like a little bitch. I had to walk away so I didn't off my self. You sir are an amazing writer.


What is the shipping part? I don´t know what this term stands for :applecry:

The part where they become a couple.


you know, the part where they go lovey dovey and stuff :rainbowkiss: like that

Yep.. thanks both of you guys

and canon/non canon?


what do you mean by canon or non-canon? :rainbowhuh:


I dont know, in some coments below some stories is sometimes something about non canon story... And I am wondering what is that?

I think we all now that the only Canon relation is SpikexRarity. Let's be honest guys, no childs cartoon in existance is going to support lesbian couples. :rainbowlaugh:


Oh yeah let the flame war about who is and who is not lesbian begin.. :rainbowlaugh: Twilight/Celestia ftw :rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:


oh my god, reminds me of all those companies who support gays, and then the retards who boycott those companies :rainbowlaugh:


non-canon yeah i dont think spike and celestia is anywhere near canon, but who cares, twiluna is best pony, (the only one above your favorite for me :derpytongue2:)

What does that have to do with anything?


Well yeah, twiluna is also great option... But LunaxDerpy looks promising :rainbowlaugh:

That's obvious. But where did that even came from? What does that have to do with the show or this fanfic?

I think I have something in my eyes...

Bro, this history is amazing!.
Thanks for the tears :twilightsmile:

This story made me cry, and cry, and cry. It also had love, Which made me cry more, Excellent work.

Good work :raritystarry:

I like this crack shipping. I've only read stories with this ship twice, including this one and it makes me happy :twilightsmile:

It's awesome!!!! :trollestia::moustache:
I wish there were much more Spike+Celestia fanfics :ajsleepy:

Funny thing is when I started reading the words on the tombstone's I started crying. I can't help to feel sorry for Spike, Scootaloo, Sweetie Bell, and Apple Bloom.

What ever happened to the CMC?

I am not ashamed, I cryed, I know Spike's pain all to well, losing friends, well before their time

Well... my uncle says it's unmanly for a guy to cry, I said to him.. Fuck you, you read this and try not to, he read it, then tried to punch me in the gut, yelling that it was sappy girl meteral.. But I saw them.. I saw the tears... I BLOODY WIN :flutterrage: :rainbowlaugh: :yay:

Oh god a sad Spikelestia. *Whimpers* This was really good. The ending was so beautiful and true, and how sometimes when emotions run high things can blossom. Now the real question is, will it grow from than it's roots from grief? Anyway, know that I really enjoyed this, and I hope that somehow, a epilogue of their happiness is written somewhere.

Best wishes you brilliant writer you.

This was a very touching story. I really like it. The emotions are very raw. I too hope this is a pairing that lasts longer than their grief.

W-why? Nonononono, they c-can't be d-d-dead! No! This is too much, it can't be! Please tell m-me that it's a lie! :applecry::fluttercry:

so. many. feels. SO MANY OF THEM!!!!! take them!!! TAKE THEM ALL!!! i hate things that make me cry! but i love them because they are also SO GODAMN GOOD!!!! i really hope for that epilogue!!!

How does this only have 56 likes?
Such an amazing heart-wrenching story :raritydespair::fluttershbad::raritycry:

I've only seen 2 Spikelestia stories, both are beyond amazing.

I'm not gonna cry, big tough guys like me don't cry...alright just this once but don't tell anyone:raritycry:
A terrific read, for your first time writing in those two genres you do excellent if I may say so myself.

Wasn't sure what to think when Prometheus Dark sent me the link to this, but now I totally understand why he stated "prepare your feels" Glad he told me about this story.

This is one of my favorite stories on FIMFiction. You did an amazing job. I have to admit, this one made me feel so much. Your writing style seems to work very well at helping the hard and heavy emotions across. Beautiful.

Guy, hero, vilã, commoner, a character is yourself hurt.

.............................................................................................- without words - ....................................................................................................

Truly beautiful. Brung a tear to my eye but made me smile as well. I imagine this is what Twilight truly wanted for Spike.


2 Spike X Celestia ?

What is it ?

Maybe its because Celestia is like a mom to Spike. Maybe that's because of that is the reason...

You hear that shattering sound? That's my heart breaking :fluttershyouch:

This was beyond beautiful. I just so happened to be listening to stairway to heaven while reading the part where Spike was in the graveyard. The tears have been shed.:raritycry::applecry: I would really love to see a follow up on this like for example 200 years later or something like that.

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