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After many a thrilling adventure the Doctor drops the girls off in Ponyville to relax and recharge. But then Rarity's latest client, a diamond dog mining magnate by the name of Zeitgeist Stardust, shows up to announce that he'll have to cancel his order for a new ensemble for the Grand Galloping Gala... but as compensation, he's offering Rarity and her friends a trip to the fabulous Dragon Valley Resort!

There's no such thing as a free lunch, though, as there's trouble brewing in the mines beneath Dragon Mountain. A race of creatures known as "Grundels" are sowing disaster and trying to sabotage Stardust's operation, for fear that the digging will awaken an ancient evil. Are the Grundels' fears justified, and can the Doctor and his new companions put a stop to this?

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It's nice to see your stories here. Are you making a sequel now?

Glad to see this one made the migration as well! It's been too long since I've read it.

god i love this story! im so glad its on fimfiction now... although i remember it being much longer... ah, most likely because its been a while since i read it.

any who really great story no problems at all


could it have slipped your mind that alderan was a planet in star wars that you (sort of) mentioned in this book did it slip your mind or was this on purpose?


“I prefer ‘crazy like a fox’ myself!”

HOLY SWEET CELESTIA I LOVED THAT MOVIE YOU ARE SO SWAG!!!!!:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::rainbowdetermined2::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel::scootangel:

I love Rediscovering Fics I'd not been able to find.

“Ah loves me some DJ-P0N-3!” Applejack said, hoof tapping to the beat.

I think that applejack would be a bit more... Oh whats the word... Abrasive towards dubstep

Yikes. This Tirac guy could give DISCORD lessons.

Oh, shoot.
Tirac AND Discord.

Just add Daleks and we'll have the ultimate worse-case scenario.

1648771 But shes a COWGIRL!!! I just think it'd be more in character if she was all like
"UGH not all this crap Rainbow Dash listens to!!!:ajbemused:"


Well, that marks the third time I've read this story... And it's still as gripping, fun, funny, action-packed and tense as ever. For real, dude, this right here is ako my top three in the fandom, overtaking yor other Doctor Whooves story.

Sadly, I can't stand waiting in long updates, so I'm gonna have to wait for Nightmare Engine to finish, but I hold no doubt that it'll be worth the wait.

Keep up the great work, duder!:twilightsmile:

Thanks for the awesome comment! As stated in my interview with the fine fellows of the Brony Bookclub, MoDM is my personal favorite in that I had the most fun writing it (even if I concede that TL&T is the superior work). I'm glad you hold my pony works in such high regard, I really value the opinions of readers and especially enjoy it when they let me know what they think.
Keep up the good work, Jake!

“Her profile states that she’s unbelievably proficient with magic. If she’s here to cause trouble…”       “She’s also a pony.” Zeit said reassuringly. “Gentle. Passive. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Universal invitation for Twilight in MOTHER BEAR Mode to tear right through your security forces.. after her son.. THIS RIGHT HERE! IS WHY I LOVE THIS STORY! :twilightsmile:

You just don't see enough Babylon 5 references:yay:
:ajsmug:Very well done!:rainbowkiss:

Tirac? Well this is going to be strange reading, now that he's made an actual appearance in the show.

Eau De Méchant Loup

I see what you did there.

Am I supposed to recognize the avatar Tirac got sucked into by Discord?

The aura surrounding the unicorn arced lightning and crackled fiercely. “Standing between me and Spike is…unwise.”

Her eyes began to glow from behind as a hideously powerful magical aura began to undulate from her body, a small smile on her face. “That…was…a mistake.”

Mama Twi is my favorite rendition of Best Pony. And it's because of moments like this. You don't buck with Book Horse or her family, she WILL kill you.
It's been forever since I read this. I forgot about Zigs heroics. That magnificent bastard...

“Well…if that’s how you all feel I won’t stop you. You all have a home and you miss it, it’s perfectly understandable really. I-”

I JUST realized how painful that muat have been for him to admit... he still doesn't know about Gallifreys true fate at this time...

It could be someone else, And who you're thinking of is Tirek. But they could be the same, y'know, myth retranslations as it was passed down from generation to generation.

Very good chapter, I like how The Doctor mind-punked Zeitgest.

“If we can find those performer’s rooms, we may not have to scale Mt. Doom!” Zecora said with a chuckle.

I like the LOTR ref.

Dude, it's been 6 years... And ya, I'm still right.

The Grundel was about to shrug before a sound unlike anything he’d ever heard split the air; it was a great hissing crack, something like a thunder clap and a fire-hose. An impossibly bright blue line touched the Worker Grundel to his left, and his arms and legs stiffened like pistons as his skeleton briefly became visible. The Worker Grundel collapsed in a heap as smoke and steam roiled off his charred body.

Magical versions of Dalek weaponry.

“…Liberate…tu…ta…me…ex…infernis…” "Save yourselves from Hell"
Translation; never kidnap someone's sibling, especially when said person knows enough magic to vaporize anything in her way.

The Doctor snorted and turned towards the 703 just as a sharp hissing crack rang through the air. The Doctor went ramrod stiff and collapsed in a heap, Zeitgeist holstered his pistol and stepped over the twitching stallion. “Excuse the curtness of my retort Doctor, but I have the impression that you’re far more important than I’ll ever be.”

Paraphrased from the Brigadier and the 7th Doctor.

So... a Diamond Dog named Zeitgeist Stardust.... Is he also A Lad Insane? And might he know someone named after certain October holidays? I'm sorry, I'll stop with the cheesy references now and wait for my sentence and execution, good day.

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