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Thanks for the watch! :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks for the fave and the add!

I feel the same way. I rarely comment, and when I do I end up saying something awkward.:twilightsheepish:

I'm doing well, thanks for asking. How are you?

I've been around, I just don't comment very often. I feel weird writing a comment if I don't have anything special to say, so usually I just thumb up the story and some of the comments I agree with. I've kept up with what you post though; Zenith is making me tense thinking what will happen next - especially now Spike has left Canterlot and can start his adventure properly.

I'll try to comment more often.

Thank you for keeping the Cakes company in their big, lonely house, Grollo. I know I appreciate you giving a Fave to my story Empty Nest, and so do they.:pinkiesmile:

Good to hear from you again. It's been awhile. Everything okay?

  • Viewing 6 - 10 of 10
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