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This. Was. BRILLIANT! :pinkiehappy:

You know, I was kind of expecting the Doctor to appear and say "Hey there Derpy, I haven't seen you in years!" And then take them on a massive adventure again.

*Sigh* I never get what I want.

Great premise, looks like it's going to be so, awesome! :rainbowkiss:


As both a card-carrying obsessive Whovian and Brony, I adored this.

(Btw, Spike = Rory to me. Left behind, voice of reason, always faithful, surprisingly kickass now and again, waits patiently, deadpan snarker... No? Only me then :twistnerd:)

Lovely... although I must point out, the BBC Doc had to regenerate from Third to Fourth due to radiation poisoning. :ajsmug: Otherwise, rather cool here.

Looks like Derpy and Twi are getting their boyfriend back. Happy fun times all around!

Totally! And Applebloom as Amy! So brilliant!

This was a great lil crossover. I LOVE the eleventh Doctor and his regeneration was so awesome! Excellent work!

So is this Doctor Whooves David Tennet or Matt Smith?

340799 It's the transition from Tennant to Smith.

Um, excuse me? Yes, Andrew. Um, quick question.
No, actually, more like a statement.
Now, I say that, but really, it's kind of a demand.
Something along the lines of "MOAR NOW!!!"
Seriously, you should do this. Dedicate a whole story to the Universe in this brief glimpse. You have a very unique comedic writing style, but this is great evidence that you can do dramatic works too, which makes me curious to know how you would handle other Dr. Who staples. You should definitely make a series around this. It would be, as the 9th Doctor would say, "Fan-TAS-tic!"

Any chance of a translation of the Latin the ponies used?

Vale decem...ad aerternam = Farewell ten...onto eternity
De meliora = the fates be with you
Beati = Oh, blessed he
pacifici = who brought us peace
alis grave = Lay down your burdens
Ed perpetuam memoriam = we will remember you forever
Gratis tibi ago = wwe give you thanks
Nunquam singularis = you are not alone
Nunquam... = never
Dum spiro fido = trust to the last
If you want to hear the full song here's where to find full song and translation
...i could have just done that instead :/ ah well

Oh even better listen to the actual song while reading = infinite sads

Excuse me whilst I cry like a young filly.
Dammit, this made me cry when I first saw it. Now I'm crying again.

I feel like crying all over again. It was hard enough watching my doctor die and then I read the pony version.

I must admit to loving it. Will continue to read your work and wish you the best of luck.

so sad, but so beautiful....

Words alone cannot describe the amount of awesome... :rainbowderp:

This reads extremely well with "Luna Deos" on loop.

I read this with the song playing in the background. The written words coincided perfectly with the pacing of the song. It was just... so... beautiful....

I think it broke my feels.

In a bedroom in Ponyville, a little filly sat quietly beside her bed, eyes tightly shut.

"Dear Santa," she began, wishing with all her might to be heard by the gift-bringing spirit of Hearth's Warming.

"Thank you for the dolls, and the pencils, and the fish. It's just past Winter Wrap Up now, so I hope I don't wake you, but... honest, it is an emergency. There's... a crack in my wall. Aunt Sandy says it's just an ordinary crack, but I know it's not, because... at night there's voices. So please, please could you send somepony to fix it. Or a policepony. Or-"


The filly, her mane and tail a bright, flaming orange that contrasted sharply with her creamy, off-white coat, sprang to her hooves, startled by the sudden noise. Walking quietly, she made her way to the window and peered out, hooves perched on the sill as she scanned the yard for what had made the noise.

It didn't take much scanning. Lying on its side, right in the middle of where Aunt Sandy's tool shed used to be, was a great blue box.

The filly quickly bounced back to her bed. "Back in a moment," she said perfunctorily to Santa, before snatching up her robe and a flashlight and nearly tumbling down the stairs in her haste.

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