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Every action we make, every little thing we do, has consequences. The most innocent of actions can carry weight far beyond that which we could imagine. Like a game of chess, every action you make alters the world around you, in ways that cannot be changed until the game is finished. The simplest of things can carry deeper meaning, if only we stop to look a little further.

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What an amazing story. I truly enjoyed it. Its going in my favorites and I will be adding you to my watch list. This short story was magnificent.

That was a sad story that really relates to my life but a wonderful ending you should make more stories

But more importantly, Excellent.

Given how out of it he was? I can buy her beating him that way. Excellent story nevertheless!

242224 Thank you for your heartwarming comment. while i can't guaruntee i'll be writing another story in this vein, i do have a few others up my sleeves. thank you very much :twilightsmile:

242224 Thanks man! It's comments like these that make this all worthwhile!

Oh, well thanks. But you still did most of the work.

This is freaking amazing, I definitely want to hear more stories from you.

" is strictly platonical, personal preference as I can't quite see th Doctor as a sexual being.

Anyway, nice fic!


this is a great story.

I read the story a few times now and never commented. Shame on me :pinkiesmile:
This is a really cool story. I like how you wrote Derpy and the Doctor. A very good job indeed :moustache:

this is one of my favorite stories. I first saw it on youtube, but then it disappeared.

Aww! Really well written! Love how there was some bonding between Derpy and the Doctor over their shared dark pasts, and I admit I laughed at the end. Wonderfully written!

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