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Twilight gets a visit from her future self (again). She's expecting some kind of emergency, and it is. Just not the kind she was anticipating...

Inspired by 1trickpone's comic (which is also the cover image). Written in about an hour.

EDIT: Featured?! Wow! Thank you so much everyone!

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Welp that was a thing... great read, certainly made me laugh

Well.....that was....uh, there's a word for what I just read, but can't quite put my finger on it.

Though when Future Twilight showed up drunk I figured she'd fallen into alcoholism to cope with all her friends and family dying while she lives on. But this is fine to, though it really says something that Pinkie of all people is the one talking sense to Twilight.

So........uh..............this exists. Okay then. :rainbowlaugh:

I am honestly surprised the universe didn't implode from the existence of two Pinkie Pies in the same timeline.

Alicorn Pinkie is terrifying in general. I still maintain that even in the face of crazed demigods, chaotic demigods, parasitic enslavement, life-essence stealing centaurs, and a destiny-stealing cult, the single most terrifying thing the show has ever produced... is Pinkie Pie with Discord's magic.

That was some good stuff.:rainbowlaugh:

Well, that wouldn't have been very funny...

This is great. I am curious about the Mistmane incident.

“Oh well. Happier ending all around.”




Wot in the fresh strawberry hell... ?

10 out of 10... I think?

I need more of this in my life.

Pinkie Pie. There are times when you realize you've been underestimating her wisdom all along. And then there are the other times, that remind you WHY you've been underestimating her wisdom all along.

Poor Doctor. Good thing the future is in motion.

“I suppose you can flaunt temporal mechanics like everything else you flaunt,” he huffed. The alicorn stuck out her tongue.

Hey, if you got it...

This is up there with shortskirtsandexplosions levels of random crazy. And I love it!

Now you have me thinking of what he would do with this. I am now very, very afraid.

The first half of this seemed very familiar for some reason.

“Yupperooni! I’m the Princess of Partying! Also Foalbirth, can you believe it?”

I was going to ask how she managed to become princess of both of those things...but then I thought about it a little further.

So, answered my own question. We can continue now. :rainbowlaugh:

Weirdly, this actually has something of a decent message to it: be willing to go with the flow in life. :twilightsmile:

You know, everybody automatically assumes that, that all of Twilight's friends die and Twilight becomes super depressed over it. It's so gloom and doom...we need more fics that don't all end so gloom and doomy. Those are generally more fun to read, y'know? :rainbowlaugh:

Like I said, inspired by a comic. I based the opening on the comic and went from there.

Wow, I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would!

A thumbs up for you, and your writing that put a smile on my face and brought out a good bit of laughter.

Curiously enough, in my own headcanon, I imagine that after they reacha certain age, the mane six stop aging altogether and continue on by Twilight's side as her friends. IDK about them being alicorns but I agree that we already have plenty of the whole 'her friends all die and she gets super depressed', I'd like to think that the magic in the elements keeps them alive, or their fates as the elements keeps them around so that harmony always has its ace in the hole in case darkness pops up to do evil things.

or that twilight's radiant magical influence helps sustain her friends and keep them alive with her, using their friendship as a conduit. MAGIC.

A strange, creaking sound with strange electronic noises filled the air. A tall blue box with the words “POLICE BOX” printed on the top appeared. The doors on it opened, and an annoyed looking chestnut stallion with wild hair, a suit and tie, and an hourglass cutie mark emerged. The present Twilight gaped in astonishment, as her future self huffed. The stallion sighed and shook his head at the taller alicorn.

Good thing it didn't crush Twilight Sparkle; Chrysalis is a bit too stoned to 'replace' her.

Nah, Discord's magic just disrupted part of her masquerade and accidentally revealed one portion of her immense, eldritch psyche to the mundanes.

Another possibility is that her friends still pass on and are mourned for it, but Twilight remains happy because they still lived long and happy lives, she'll always have the memories, etc. And I'm sure she'll make more friends as the years go by too. She is still the princes of friendship after all. So it's not like she'll be friendless at that point. :ajsmug:

I actually wouldn't mind somebody doing a fic like that. Even if just to spite all the other doom and gloom ones. :rainbowlaugh:

I mean Twlight's entire life was pretty much tied to her friends, she was litterally the Princess of Friendship. The Mane 6 basically became as close to her as family and aren't individuals she could just replace. THus if they died Twilight would be broken by it, especially since she'd realize the same thing would happen to every friend she ever makes.

How is that not depressing?

The problem with that is that if the Elements did do something like that it would've made more sense for that magic to kick in and keep them looking as they always have. Yet as we see in the finale all the Mane 6 except Twilight are now visibly middle-aged indicating that they will continue to grow old and eventually die.

There actually another fanfic based on this comic.
Do read it if you haven't done it yet!

Btw, Andrew Joshua Talon, did you know about this one?

Same thing everybody else in the world does--move on, keep making new friends, and cherish the memories. I don't see why Twilight apparently can't do this too.

That's a good point too.
Even if her main friends passed on, friendship would be something she could never give up on experiencing. I think she'd eventually overcome the grief and realize that she now has the opportunity to start over and experience friendship anew with brand new friends, new memories to be made, etc.

I appreciate some realistic grounding in my fan tasy stories, but real life has more than enough doom and gloom, I don't care for it except in controlled doses when reading fantasy. If doom and gloom is present, I prefer to see it used as a stepping stone for the protagonist to overcome and propel themselves above its influence, not something to drag them, and by extension the reader, down.

if I wanted to be depressed, I'd just look at the news.

There also is another really good fic about Future Twilight, which is https://www.fimfiction.net/story/293468/a-fork-in-time

Yes, the news is plenty depressing. It should stop that. Seriously. :rainbowlaugh:

“Oh, silly Twilight!” Future Pinkie Pie giggled. “The future is always in motion!”

It appears that, unlike most ponies, Pinkie understands what time is. A ball of timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff.

but without "gloom and doom" as you put it, there's no drama! There's no tension! THERE'S JUST FLUFF! AND I CAN'T LIVE IN A WORLD WITH THAT ONLY HAS FLUFFY STORIES!
*Drinks pure sulfuric acid*

I have only one word for this story, and that word is MORE!

For some reason, I thought you meant the official comics. :facehoof:

This SHOULD be in the official comic. But, again, it would push the rating over PG-13 bar.

Maybe because that's easy to say when you aren't outliving everyone and everything you've ever known. You seriously think that after everything Twilight is through with her friends she'd just get over it? It's not that simple.

Plus Twilight has always shown herself to be a bit mentally unhinged but has always bounced back because she had her friends with her. Take them away forever and that would destroy her.

That makes me think of a writing teacher I had in college, who openly admitted that his solution to making any story better was to "make it darker." :rainbowlaugh:

Obviously, we still need some gloom and doom, but we need the fluff too, and right now I'm seeing too much of one and not enough of the other! Seriously, people, let's keep things balanced here. :raritywink:


You seriously think that after everything Twilight is through with her friends she'd just get over it?

Yes. I would.

I mean, Celestia did that, and dealt with the stress of having to banish her own sister for a thousand years, and yet she still turned out fine.

...well...mostly fine. :trollestia: I at least certainly can't call her depressed, so she clearly managed to move on. And if she could do it, why not Twilight too?

Also, you're apparently overlooking the fact that Twilight can make new friends still. Yes, her original friends will always be special and no one can truly replace that, but I fully expect her to keep making friends on into the future too who can step in and provide that friendly support when her original friends no longer can, help her get through the lows. Stop being so stuck in the past--the future can be good too.

Anyway, I'm not saying we can't still have stories that explore the doom and gloom...I'd just like to see a bit more effort at the non-doom and gloom too, so to, again, balance it out.

“Rarity, where are we going?” He asked.

“My bedroom. I’m not ending up some crazy, lonely catnag!”

“I really was gullible back then, wasn’t I?” Princess Rarity mused.

...I kinda wanna see how that conversation went.

one does wonder if Rainbow Dash gets more egotistical with age and experience or less once a few centuries and couple hundred ego pops

Younger me meeting current me would be this cover art.

Need this as a side story yes!


Seriously, people, let's keep things balanced here. :raritywink:

Balance is overrated. Everyone should embrace the Dark Side.

My headcanon has something like this, in the form of my ponysona becoming "Prince of Life and Death". He keeps the Mane Six alive, rather than Twilight. Probably because Fluttershy's his marefriend, but still.
...Hmm, I wonder what Fluttershy would be princess of in this "princess Mane Six" timeline...
...I like the fluff... Fluff is good, fluff is what makes life worth living...


...I like the fluff... Fluff is good, fluff is what makes life worth living...

No, good stories are what makes life worth living, and all good stories need a hero's journey! Otherwise, they're just a bunch of words put together in a thematically and narratively pleasing manner!

Wrong, sir. Good stories need impeccable spelling, at least good grammar, a good plot in both concept and practice... Oh, and best pony. Story ain’t perfect if there’s no Fluttershy...

So I originally thought it would be just a direct rewriting of the comic bit you have expanded on it quite well. And the Rarity gag was also hilarious XD Thanks for the read :)

Meanwhile Future!Dash and Future!AJ are probably giving their past selves full briefings on the other's tactics diring the Civil Prank War...which is WHY it got so out of hand...

Well, that was certainly a collection of words that I just read. Nice.

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