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Another "Trixie decides to make amends with Twilight and moves in to become her student" story... Or is it? ...Nope, not really.

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Very funny, but it seemed a bit too fast paced. I enjoyed it a lot, though.
P.S. “Even if you are a twisted, bondage-loving masochistic bisexual nymphomaniac,” Fluttershy said, “we still love you.” :rainbowlaugh:

Awesome! I'm so glad you finally decided to post this on here. I read it on Fan-Fiction.com. I loved it then, and I love it here. :twilightblush::heart::trixieshiftright:

I read this a loooooong time ago when it was on EqD! Wow, I can't believe it was that long ago. Great story.

Fluttershy quote best thing evar. A light comedy is always appreciated

Read this on EQD way back when, loved it to death; now pleased to say I still do.

Like many others I read this way back. Onto favorites it goes!

Oh, poor Twilight! :twilightoops: Trixie, you are such a devil. :trixieshiftleft:

This is a silly, adorable, hilarious, missed opportunity. The way Trixie behaves and treats Twilight in it is exactly the way I would love to see her treat Spike. Instead, it's another Twixie fanfic, which, even at the time this was written, is a ship that was all over the damn place. If only this story had featured Spike as the target of Trixie's kinks and affections, I would be inclined to build a shrine for it.

I remember reading this long ago before I got an account here. It's a fast, quick ridiculous story that is a great read. Greenthumbed.

I loved this!! Being a diehard Trixilight fan! Great job. The thing that I love the most is, aside from the BDSM part, I could see this being a real episode :twilightsmile:

Crafty Trixie.


twilight x trixie NO NO NO NO

good for a laugh though.:rainbowlaugh:

Soo... judging from her friends' reaction... Trixie actually used her name in that book, right? :facehoof:

it deserved its comedy tag

Well look on the bright side.....

I was expecting it to be a subtle revenge plot of sorts by Trixie to smear Twilight's good name, but being simultaneously bold and forward and yet just shy enough to not outright confess her feelings works for me.

That book, though.

“Even if you are a twisted, bondage-loving masochistic bisexual nymphomaniac,” Fluttershy said, “we still love you.”

Coming from Fluttershy, this line is brilliant. I'm fairly certain she's a shipper, too! :yay:

I can kind of get behind the reason for Trixie's behavior, here, since it is not only logical, but hilarious. After spending years touting herself as the best, being proven that someone rises above her gets Trixie a bit...heated, in multiple senses. Twilight has been kind enough to take Triie in and teach her, but the awkwardness of the pair increases until we finally get a confession, and a pretty great joke ending. Kind of makes me want to keep a lookout for Trixie's pen name.

It's really silly, and the author makes a point to confirm it's a joke on the Twixie shippers, and that is just fine. If all joke fics were this good, I'd probably switch to reading just those!

Funny and cute. Two thumbs up.

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