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Every new companion has a first impression of the TARDIS, regardless of the Doctor. Twilight Sparkle is no different.

Now with its own YouTube reading!

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Oh Princess Celestia you.

You missed a quotation mark here:

Yes. I burnt it out on one of my first trips with my granddaughter, been meaning to fix it-"

I eagerly await Twilight's adventure with our friendly Doctor.

I am Motto Mario, and I approve this ponyfic.

There are 2 'fan-canon' versions of Doctor Whooves.
Either he meets Ditzy Doo when he first arrives (his TARDIS appears on the edge of Everfree Forest)
or he meets Twilight Sparkle (by crashing the TARDIS into the Library)

The ones where he meets Twilight first usually end up involving the whole Mane 6.
The ones with Ditzy Doo are just him and Ditzy, sometimes with Dinky.

Ah, Doctor... You got him good, here. I'm starting to... hate the Tenth, but still, great introduction for him. :twilightsheepish:

"Meanwhile in the Tardis" With Ponies!

Pretty funny, If not exactly original... You did a good job tailoring it to Twilight, though.

Anyone else waiting for her to ask about the bikini?

*Raises hoof*

I'd have made mention of him glossing over the Time War like that, but... no, I can't complain. That's really in character for the Doctor - always moving forward, because it's too painful to look back.

Oh, but now I'm imagining what'll happen when Twilight manages to wrench the whole story out of him.

I love the remark from Celestia. I can just see the lok on Twi's face when she heard it, too. :trollestia::twilightoops:

This is an entirely diffrent universe/dimension/time
Than beating the heath. ... Right?:rainbowhuh:

Well quite fun anyhow fare di well!:coolphoto:

"Well, um, you see... When the TARDIS lands, it scans everything within a thousand miles of it and through 12th dimensional sensor analysis it comes up with the perfect disguise for wherever or whenever it's landed," the Time Pony explained confidently.
12th dimensional sensor :facehoof:
The TARDIS is 11 dimensions as stated in the Doctor's Wife.

Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I liked this fic so much I have put together an audio reading/radio play version of it on YouTube.


Very nice job! And if you want to do the same for any of my other fics, by all means, do so!

I still love the idea of Twilight being the Doctor's companion. I like Derpy just fine, but Twilight just cracks me up when she's with the Doctor in any story I've found.

Loved the little short. :raritywink:

Also Twilight asking if the Doctor is a slug in disguise? Classic. :rainbowlaugh:

Well, this was a very fun and funny read. Not much else to say really, just a really funny short story.
BTW, can anybody tell me if the whole "scanning disguise" thing is true or not? I'm not that big a Doctor Who fan. Though I strangely like anything Doctor Whooves related, hmmmmm.


It just does that on purpose, I think.

3023813 The Camouflage unit on the Doctors TARDIS (I think the in universe Name is Chameleon Projector/Circuit) Is,In fact,Damaged.Basically,It was able to take the shape of the police box way way way back when,But then it just got stuck.....And the doc hasn't been able to/Doesn't bother to fix it.Fairly certain the Master (Sorta a bad guy time lord to overly simplify it) Had a fully functional one that was a newer model than the doctors (His is a museum piece)

2384477 The extra dimension is magic?

Celestia is her teacher so that is one thing she would have to...teach her about at some point.

aside from putting the doctor having existed in mlp from the start for this doctor, a very good fic.

sorry, i just have a thing where i prefer if it's the doctor from the human world finding himself for some reason in mlp.

still, an enjoyable fic, the bit with the memory made me laugh

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