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Plot Bunny Theater: "Mid-Life Crisis" · 4:17am March 19th

Celestia: "I miss the good old days. Remember when we fought Cthulhu, Luna?"

Luna: "Oh yes. Now that was a battle!"

Celestia: "Just you, me, him, thousands of miles of open ocean... Except for that island."

Luna: "What island?"

Celestia: "Exactly. Oh that was a real fight! He broke my legs and my neck and nearly broke my mind!"

Luna: "I still remember how I had to multi cast those psychic reinforcement spells every microsecond or he'd have gotten us!"

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Short Hand: Favors Between Friends · 12:01am Nov 3rd, 2022

Fluttershy sighed. Discord stared in concern at his friend.

"Hm? Fluttershy? You all right?"

Fluttershy turned a kind smile on the draconequss.

"Oh, I'm fine... Just... A little unhappy."

"Oh? Why is that?" Discord asked, leaning in as the wallpaper turned into eyes.

Behind Fluttershy, that is. It wouldn't do to make her uncomfortable.

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Aftermath: Every Little Thing She Does · 12:47am Nov 1st, 2022

Starlight: "Hmmm... Maybe I could use my magic to mind control ponies... And make them happy!"

Starlight is swatted over the head with a newspaper.

Starlight: "OW! What the-Shepherd?!"

Shepherd: "First off: Mind control is a no-no. That doesn't make things better, and you should know better."

Starlight: "I... So, wait. Twilight Sparkle isn't just using magic to make ponies like her?"

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Short Hand: Blessings · 5:30pm Oct 30th, 2022

Shepherd is woken up by a pounding on his front door. He slowly gets up and staggers to the door. He scratched his chin, yawned, and opened the door.

Shepherd: "Yes?"

Diamond Tiara: "You! Human! Bless me!"

Shepherd: "I... Sorry?"

Diamond Tiara: "You're a human protector! You've brought great fortune to those stupid Apples! So you should bless me too!"

Shepherd: "That's... Not how it works, kid."

Diamond Tiara: "My daddy is very rich!"

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Aftermath: Bonus Scenes 2 · 8:45pm Oct 28th, 2022

This is the full on Evil Shepherd timeline. Didn't really work with Aftermath as written, but I might do something with it later.

This Shepherd became the new host of the Nightmare Entity after Celestia and Luna were both locked into the sun and moon by Sombra. Shepherd defeated Sombra, but took over as a tyrant named Nightmare Wrath.

If envy and sorrow were the genesis of Nightmare Moon? Shepherd's anger and rage were the genesis of Nightmare Wrath.

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Aftermath: Bonus Scenes · 2:06am Oct 28th, 2022

The fic Aftermath had a lot more scenes, but I decided to cut it down to just the essentials. However, here's one that I hope you will enjoy: The perspective of an alternate universe Shepherd. In the Nightmare Moon Wins timeline:

- - -

My Queen made me into her Black Knight. Her Magix turned me from a mere human into a living weapon. I could see in the dark, punch through steel, heal from any injury...

Yet every time I returned to this dark palace, I felt more and more tired.

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Short Hand: Balls · 3:07pm Oct 25th, 2022

Shepherd enters the castle, where a bouncy castle, a ball pit, and some elaborate slip and slides are arranged in the room. Along with a few other weird human amusement park rides-All very small.

Shepherd: "Hey Twilight! What's on the agenda for today?"

Twilight: "Hey Shepherd! I've got all these amusement devices from the human archives! Can you help me catalog them?"

Shepherd: "Sure! Uh, where's the clipboard?"

Twilight: "ARGH! I knew I forgot something! They're in the kitchen!"

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Short Hand: Dash's Dating Plan · 3:16am Oct 25th, 2022

Pinkie: "Are you sure you're gonna be okay on your date with Shepherd?"

Dash: "Pfft, come on! I'm totally gonna be the best! It'll be the best date he's ever had, or ever will have! I've got it all planned out!"

Dash pulls up one of her action figures, and one of Shepherd's action figures.

Pinkie: "Ooh! That's the latest model with Kung Fu Chop action! ... Whatever that is!"

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Short Hand: Post "Swarm of the Century" · 1:02am Oct 24th, 2022

It had taken a while to repair all the damage to Ponyville... So it wasn't until a week after when Shepherd showed up at Pinkie Pie's apartment window. He threw a rock at her window. No response. He grumbled, then threw another. And another... And another-

Pinkie: "Hi Shepherd!"

Shepherd: "GAHHH!" He held his chest hard, falling over, as Pinkie Pie just appeared right behind him "Haa! Haa! Haa! P-Pinkie!"

Pinkie: "That's me! Why ya throwing rocks at my window, Shepherd?"

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The Stars Revolt: Massage · 1:46am Oct 22nd, 2022

Celestia teleports into Shepherd's house.

Shepherd: "Ack! Uh, Princess?"

Celestia: "Hello Shepherd. I was wondering if you could help me out?"

Shepherd: "Uh... Sure? How would you like me to help?"

Celestia: "I need a massage."

Shepherd: "Right now?"

Celestia: "Yes, right now. Otherwise I'm going to kill every pony on the planet."

Shepherd: "... Well, I think I can make some time in my schedule to help you out. Ahem. For the sake of the planet."

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