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I enjoyed this a lot, i hope thet this wont die

Thank you! :heart: I won't let this die, don't worry lol

Really can't wait for the next instalment Nito ........I'm intrigued!

Love it miles is a character

The plot thickens! More please!

Very interesting story idea. While it would be nice to have more frequent chapter updates, perfection is not a thing to be rushed. Keep up the amazing work, GravelordNito

Thank you! I do try and update decently often, but life happens, I guess. Plus, with this story in particular I've had a lot of trouble with characterisation and making these characters mesh naturally. I've kind of taken on a mammoth of a challenge here since the human I have decided to drop into Equestria couldn't be more dissimilar than its inhabitants xD

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Brilliant chapter look forward to next one

Fluttershy has such a calming effect on Discord.... will it last though?
Cant wait to see what happens next.
Again, totally enjoyable

.. Uhhhh.. I have no clue what just happened....

So is this Miles guy some kind of serial killer? Bevause I'm getting serious serial killer vibes with him.

I'm still don't quite got a handle on Miles character from the beginning, but I am intruiged.
Serously, he gives off a serial killer vibe ala Ted Bundy vibe.

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my story! You'll have to wait and see as to Miles' past and origins, but I encourage such speculation. :twilightsmile:

Great chapter look forward to your next one ,really like miles he has an eliment of darkness which I love xx

Could you make it to we're humans have their own unique magic, that can only be tapped into through a focus(aka a wand or staff).

You'll just have to wait and see where Miles' curiosity in magic leads him. ;) Thank you for your interest in my story!

however he would need to be more careful about keeping his urges in check

What these urges are specifically?

Urges to kill, hurt ect...

Basically he is a lust murderer
/ extreme sadist

In other words possibility for blood lust and killing intent

I remember that there are abilities called like that that make, for example, animals and even sentient beings, feel your killing intent, intent to kill, danger level and level of violence, making them lose their senses, rationality, freeze in fear or flee

Maybe with magic, he can do that?
Like prey running away from a predator

Hi! Thank you for your interest in my story. As for your question, he is indeed a lust murderer to an extent as 3-tap said. However, he is also an ideologue of sorts, but I won't give any more than that away. Miles' character is supposed to remain somewhat mysterious at this point. :twilightsmile:

Interesting situation. Will Miles be able to keep a lid on his urges? Will Discord keep a lid on his? The mind boggles!
Bring on the next chapter Gravelord nito

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Comment posted by RealityPublishing deleted January 27th

GravelordNito, oh mighty one, thank you for this blessing. But really though, great job man. I know I should keep my expectations low for a new story, but with you posting stuff like this? impossible. Good job once again, keep it up.

Oh wow, that sure is high praise. Thank you so much. Next chapter is in the works. :twilightsmile:

Mmmm cant wait for the next get together at Fluttershys cottage....how will Miles behave I wonder..
Really enjoyed this chapter!

Hmm? I thought I already read the new chap- wait a second

Lol, I've been buckling down to work on this some more recently since my University work settled down a bit. Hope you enjoy; always nice to see people enjoy my story enough to keep coming back for new updates. :twilightsmile:

Well that went well....? Not!
I'm intrigued as to the twinkling sound...

The twinkling sound was Twilight watching through the wall. :twilightsmile:

Love this chapter what is the twinkling noise hmmm......

Oh I see twilight !!!!

You know, I usually don't read human in Equestria fics, but I'm super glad I read this one! I really enjoy Miles' character. He's just the biggest jerk; manipulative, cunning, and heartless. It's like watching Death Note: the main character is a huge jerk, but I kinda want to see his terribleness continue, if only to make his downfall sweeter. But yes, I really like Miles. It's impressive that you've managed to make him feel like a threat despite his lack of magic.

I am excited to see how Miles handles Discord. While Miles is smart and manipulative, he does have quite a temperature. So, while earning Discord's trust may be the smart thing to do, I feel like he's not going to be able to resist trying to get some level of revenge. I'm sure figuring out how to do that will be interesting; how does he got revenge without getting himself murdered? I like Discord and all, but man, I'm excited to see the chest master get played

Also, more power to that mare: I hope she gets her hot monkey dick

Oh wow, this comment was a pleasant surprise. I'm very glad to hear you're enjoying this story. You'll be pleased to hear that the latest chapter is in the works, and things are soon to get a whole lot darker. :twilightsmile:

Love miles he is such a good character my favourite!:)

Hm. The general softness of Equestria is really going to come in handy for Miles. When people are willing to forgive so easily, you can sure get away with a lot.

Also, Miles has found himself the perfect job: making problems and selling the solution!

Love and tolerance, amirite? :ajsmug:

Miles doing what he does best, terrorising these gentle inhabitants of Equestria!

Currently I am trying to fall out of the MLP fandom, but gosh golly am I staying until this is finished. Maybe even after that, but who knows.

Gets better and better looking forward to what next with miles and discord!! Keep them coming great job

Thank you for the kind words, as always <3

We should all be thankful that Miles doesn't seem to have plans for world domination, cause golly he's playing Twilight like a fiddle.

Twilight has always come off to me as being somewhat emotionally naive and pent up, so she's exactly the kind of person a psychopath such as Miles would choose to manipulate. She's easy pickings. :twilightoops:

Yeah, being the princess of friendship would make anyone a tad trusting

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