Ponies with Robotic BodyPart 28 members · 13 stories

Sometimes ponies are born with a missing part
or loss one

and now they are a robotic-body part

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Which story was it again ?

Oh. Apparently there is a group for my story. That's nice. I think

oh my god that's so morbid I love it

I might join if I ever write a sequel to this story.

“Sweetie Belle, it’s time we face the facts,” Scootaloo broke the silence. “Nopony will find us in this abandoned well and we won’t be able to save ourselves as we are. I can’t lift all my weight with my wings and you don’t know any spell that could get us out.”

“How’s rubbing it in going to help us?” Sweetie Belle sighed.

Scootaloo played with Sweetie Belle legs, “I never though pony’s legs are so heavy.”

“How’s calling me fat going to help us?”

“And everypony has four of them…”

Sweetie Belle scoffed, “I guess that makes you fat as well.”

Scootaloo noded. “Remember that time at Twilight’s time when she taught you that horn-laser cutting spell? You managed to cut down a whole tree.”

“I can’t cut through rocks if that’s what you’re thinking.”

“Not through rocks… Through bone!”

Sweetie Belle’s ears shot up, “Whaa?”

“I’ve already lost some weight while we’ve been stuck down here. I’m still too heavy to fly, but I can lose more. A lot more.”

“I don’t like where this is going, Scoots. Please stop talking.”

Scootaloo pressed her head against Sweetie Belle’s, looking at her straight in her eyes, “Remember when I said I’d give anything to fly?”

“You said that a million times…”

“Exactly.” Scootallo lowered Sweetie Belle’s head, and brought closer her own hind leg to match it with the horn. “Make my wish come true, Sweetie Belle. Allow me to fly.”

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