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Colton the equidriod

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I'll be sure to check it out, and thank you for the link. and about the not reading here as often, everyone has there own pass times and that's fine.

This is the recent chapter, but all the previous chapters are there to check first. Feel free to share your thoughts through each blog.

It's called The Irregular Incidents of Kyle & Lucy, about the friendship between an undead kitten and a good-hearted demon girl.

I honestly don't read as much as I used to around here. :twilightblush:

sure! if you want I can give you the code to read mine as well if you like.

Cool :3

If you want, I can link you to it. They're pretty short reads, 6 chapters in at the moment.

cool! I'm currently working on a fallout equestria fanfic involving an equidriod made to solve problems related to war.
I hope I get the chance to read your book.

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