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[Art display, speedpainting] Spectral Eclipse by Relux_the_Relux (I'm back in action!!!) · 7:08pm Mar 7th, 2021

Ling to finished art piece: https://www.deviantart.com/amalgamzaku

Hello everyone, I'm back, and I have LOADS or art and videos backlog work to show off in the coming weeks, I hope you will be looking forward to it.

This is the cover art I did for the story Spectral Eclipse by Relux_the_Relux which is a fun story of a 'What if' kind of scenario if Nightmare Moon, yes, her not Luna, won the civil art and now all of Equestria have been living in eternal night for the past thousand years.

Story synopsis: Almost six years have passed since Celestia's defeat at the hooves of Nightmare Moon. In these six years, Queen Nightmare Moon established Equestria's dominance over its neighbors under her iron hoof.

Just one week before the 6th Nox Eterna Festival, there are still underground insurgent groups opposing her. Among them, there is a terrorist known as "Ghost" who has grown increasingly active in the month leading to the festival.

Dusk Shine, pupil of Her Majesty Nightmare Moon, is assigned to aid the Lunar Inquisition in finding the "Ghost" where they last struck: Ponyville.

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Comments ( 13 )

Thanks for the support dude:twilightsmile:

Always here to bring happiness! 😁❤

Just don't expect me to read anything, I don't read here as much as I used to, XD

Hi! Are you going to do the halloween art collab again or have you already

Sorry dudette, I was too busy with commission and not feeling too well these days, for doing another group Halloween party this year but you will see last years speedpainting. In the meanwhile you can always ask for a individual commission if you are in real need for some art of your OC.

That is OK, and I am you are better now, and thank you for the info!

there should be a Christmas party this year I will talk about a week or so

Have you talked about the Christmas party yet?

I will talk about it this week end, I will just need to know who many would like to pitch in first.

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