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[Art display,Timelaps Speedpainting Video]Nightmare Night Halloween Party 2020 · 3:05pm Oct 30th, 2021

After a years berried under over 750 Gigabits of recordings video I finally managed to edit last year's Halloween part video. Sorry for all the delay I had a very hectic year at the time and just didn't had the drive to do this until this month when I finally managed to finish editing my massive backlog of video, and I am kicking my publishing off with this one, I have over 80 videos that will be ready to be posted in the course of the weeks month that will probably be coming on a biweekly schedule. I hope you all enjoy and please like comment and subscribe to my youtube channel. Enjoy the viewing.

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Kind of a bummer you didn't have one this year lol

Yeah, I was swamp with commissions and wasn't in the best of places I regretted that I couldn't really do it this year. Still thanks for the watch

Your level of art is professional-professional!

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