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I'm a cool gay guy who loves all the fandoms. I especially love Pokemon, My Little Pony, League of Legends, tons of Anime, and Supernatural. I love to read stories of many kinds.

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Oc names I have used

With this list you can also use these names if you want:
Before Corruption: Chapter One: Alicorns are powerful right?
Queen Poison Heart
King Volcarious
King Rubinus
Before Corruption: Chapter Two: Ruling the Monarch Kingdom
Blaze Burn
Airola Murkimus
Rosen Bear
Night Dancer
Lotus Snow
Paisley Hazel
Lightning Walnut
Moonlight Almond
Misty Muffin
The Universe Trip: Chapter One: Oh my god! We're in Equestria
Umber the Cat
Espy the Cat
Jeri Bear
Flare Burn
Diamond Fruit
Mother Deborah
The Universe Trip: Chapter Two: You got some debts to pay
Richardson a.k.a. Dick Rich
Emilia Roseheart
Shadow the Wolf
Eliza Hazel
Moonshine Almond
Anyway you guys can use these as long as you ask me.


Read Chapter Two of the Universe Trip · 1:16am Dec 23rd, 2015

So I'm finally finished with Chapter two of the Universe Trip so go ahead and read it now. Yes I know I toook sooooo long, but I talked about why in my past two blogs. Anyway I hope ya'll like the new part and accept it as a decent part, I may of toook forever, but it might show in the quality of the new chapter. For now goodbye and I hope to see you guys next time and to all my fellow Bronies and Pegasisters, Brohoof.

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Thanks for the watch!

Thank you for the watch. Have a follow in return! :twilightsmile:

Thank you theflaminggay for choosing to watch me I hope you can find the time to go see my DeviantArt Gallery I would love to ear you thoughts on them on my Fimfictiom page

2009412 I don't see why your story failed the mods

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I will read, I promise

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