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This is a group dedicated to scrounging up any and all stories that essentially defile a character. There is a saying when someone finds that what they held up is disgraced: "Is nothing sacred?!" Well, this group is here to stand and proudly declare: "Yes! Now join us in the corner and weep!" or something along those lines.

Anyways, post any stories you have that are deeply screwed up and anything that really just lays into a character or shows a character laying into others, as long as someone or something is either defiled, mutilated, twisted, or just mentally, emotionally, or physically plain brutalized(repeat offenses are golden). Trollfics walk a line here, but I'll be sure to address anything like that in due time with due process.

Back to business, though, there are a few rules for this group I would like to point out:
1) I will not tolerate abuse towards others in the forum. I like to be lenient on most things, but this is not one of them.
2) Try not to flood the forums, and try to keep threads relevant to titles. This is a minor one, and more of a nicety for sake of convenience, so I'll be fairly lenient.
3) Forums should be primarily for either:
-Discussing stories
-Promoting stories within the group(in moderation!)
-Discussing generally unsettling topics
4) Cross lines in stories, NOT in forums. This is mentioned here because this is a group for stories that cross moral lines, ones that focus on just tearing into a character, and I hope to one day have no exceptions to the rule. On the flip side, as stated in rule 1, do not cross such lines in the forums.
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Now that that's out of the way, let the blasphemy reign!

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Closest thing to a Luna-Tic you are going to get as of yet.

So this group wants fanfics that involve mutilating, torturing, twists, and defiling ponies?

I can do that. :pinkiecrazy:

Considering that I'm a bit of a lunatic, why not?

334891 Pretty much, just put it under every character that is either torn into or tears into somepony else. :pinkiehappy:

I've got this collab that I'm working for as an admin. It has its own group for those interested. Here it is right here. Not sure what folders to place it in cause it has a large amount of main characters so I did what I could. :pinkiehappy: Either way hope y'all give it a try (concept maker, writer, and editor are listed in the authors notes of each story to clarify who you can direct your comment to)

334885 I think I'll add that to the page desc. Follow rule 13. :pinkiehappy:

You should feel accomplished.

334882 I'm helping to spread the Internet Gospel! :pinkiecrazy: I feel accomplished :moustache:


Rules Of The Internet

#13. Nothing is Sacred.

Welcome! You've found the cleanest little demented part of FiMFiction there is! Here, you will one day hopefully be able to find all of the most sick, twisted, and generally messed up stories on FiMFiction, all neatly and orderly filed away to help you find exactly what you're looking for.

I wish I could separate everything into multiple tidy little folders, and meticulously arrange everything to offer exactly what you want, down to the most minute detail, but that will take a lot of work.

Hopefully one day I can manage it, but for now, join us! Join us and help us grow!

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