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I enjoy writing dark natured stuff and wish to die buried beneath 1,000,000 pony plushies. I feed off of the dislikes. Also a proud part of the Headless_Rainbow family.

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    New post on my sfw account.

    If you’ve not seen it, go take a look. Been working on it for Christmas and got a decent amount done in time as a gift to my boyfriend. Hopefully even if it’s not rape and gore, you may enjoy it https://www.fimfiction.net/story/418571/ice-like-stardust

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  • 237 weeks
    Taking some time off.

    I have recently been getting back into the groove of writing stories and junk but since the other day, there has been a problem. A death in real life has kind of shook things up and it's causing a lot of problems, including writers block. The person in question who sadly passed, I did not know them too well, so this wont be a long lasting period, but I knew them well enough to make a slight imprint on my work and mind. I will come back to writing shortly but I do hope some of you out there

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Its me!

I'm Britty, but I also go by Brittany and Nathan if you rather. I'm 19 as of writing this and taking college courses. I've always loved writing and decided to bring my skills to FIMFIC in late 2016. I have been watching the MLP show since early 2012 and have brought many works of entertainment out under multiple names. Now, on this account, I wish to turn out some of my writing to the fandom. It may be gory, and sexual, and horrible, and utterly disgusting in themes and premise, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I'm am happily a part of the Headless-Rainbow-Fanclub, and if you enjoy my content, I would suggest her as well as these other creators. Headless , LewdChapter and my sfw account as well BrittyFIM


If you would like me to write a story, please don't be shy and PM me if you will. Almost any fetish and any kink will be accepted. All commissions are free unless request is difficult to achieve. Example... wanting it to be 2000+ words, risky for site rules, short time limits, similar requests. Payment for these requests will be discussed privately.

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I have a new idea if I could send it.

Comment posted by superfun deleted Sep 29th, 2019

I'll PM you some details.

sure, I am currently working on one but I will take another one into consideration if I have the time. What were you thinking of?

Would you be willing to take a fic request?

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