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His name is Mister Green Hill. He’s an Earthpony stallion recently released from prison.

But Nopony knows where.

He has admitted to breaking the law in the past.

But Nopony knows what.

He wears thick Iron horseshoes all the time.

But Nopony knows why.

He lives with his sister and seems to have a job that takes him out of town for a few days at a time.

But Nopony knows what.

That’s really all anypony knows.

He is rather...anonymous?

Special thanks to Aprion and Irrespective for helping get this off the ground.

Cover Art by the incredible Mix Up

Featured 1/25, 4/4, 5/17, 6/29 10/08, 10/22, 11/4/19 Thanks everyone!

Chapters (11)
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Comments ( 302 )

Interesting. Very interesting. This will be fun I believe.

I'm curious as to his background; what he's done, and to whom, how he got those shackles, how there's magic that hides his true nature, his real relationship with Agent Sweetie Drops Bon Bon...the like. You've got yourself a follower, or at least as far as this story is concerned.

Interesting so far, hope you keep it up.

The description had my curiosity. Upon reading the first chapter though. Your story most certainly has my attention. So my vote definitely goes do you continuing this story.

I hope not to disappoint.:ajsmug:

Thank you my friend!

Needs a little proof-reading, but the concept has promise. I like the lack of exposition-creep - you're drip-feeding facts about your story world when they come up and are relevant, without them stopping everything in the story for a paragraph or two, and that's neat. I hope you continue this - HoE fics that grab my attention are hard to come by.

Interesting that he's magic-sensitive in his human body.

Thank you. I am truly honored.

I figured spacing things out would be a better method.

Also it allows me to still keep things malleable so I can make changes. Keeps things fluid.

The next chapter will be shorter but hopefully more fun.

I hope in an open minded way?

im wondering if bonbon is an agent of S.M.I.L.E and forced to 'look after' green hill. besides that, its interesting so far.

I hope I can reveal all and more.


“If you say so Brony.” He says reassuringly, but I can still sense his smirk.

Why is Thunderlane calling him a brony? Also, you need a proofreader for your story.

8606706 Admittedly, I was getting punchy with it, read it so many times I was not only oblivious to mistakes but just plain sick of looking at it.

Next chapter should be a bit shorter. Hopefully a bit more polished.

Hope to keep you along for it.

I enjoyed the first chapter. I hope you make more, I am very interested to know more about Green Hill and why Bon Bon is his "caretaker"

I always like your stories. You've not gotten both my interest and curiosity. Definitely want to see more of this, both what Green Hill's story was up to this point, and where it's going.

I can't wait to see where all this is headed.


You've not gotten both my interest and curiosity

*now? (I hope.)

I hope to keep things interesting

8608282 ... this is what happens when I type distracted by other stuff and mentally rewrite my sentences without proof reading :facehoof:
Honestly. Me and typing this week...

You've not gotten both my interest and curiosity.
The Frankensentence of 'You've not only gotten my interest, but also my curiosity' and 'You have now gotten both my interest and curiosity'

I'll blame it on the halloween avatar. *goes to change it*

No problem. I was just making sure

Hmmm... I distinctly remember it being ‘Emerald Hill’. But still.

:rainbowderp:....you just blew my mind.


It’s a smile sign of appeasement, and I will take it.

This is... decent, I guess. Kind of up in the air at this point. Not really clear on why there's a human running around the Everfree. Is his convict thing just a cover, or is he some kind of exile from some human place, for a real crime? Why doesn't Applejack know about this?

You’ve put up a lot of mystery as well as a great expectation. Me like.

What’s got my head ticking is the dynamics you’ve set up with the characters. Like, immediately.

For Thunderlane, it’s him showing Green a bit about acceptance and freedom. Our favorite mohawk pone sure knew his advice, as well as an interesting perspective about crime. In contrast, Bon Bon exemplifies Green’s feelings of imprisonment and lack of normalcy—yet Green’s acceptance of that is very, very telling. Like, what did he do? Was he guilty? Innocent? What is the weight of his crime? And how willing is he to make things work out?

But Applejack and Green sparked a few thoughts: The transparent vs the anonymous. As a lurker of 4chan, I’m familiar with both. Rather than just justice or liberation, it’s then about the essence of his identity. Of his humanity, and more.

It was a great 4k words. Keep it up!

I'm really digging it; I would love for you to continue.

Then for you, I shall!

8611363 What's impressive is that the first Sonic game didn't have spindash, and this speed run is done with little slowdown

I said I would, so now I shall give you my feedback.

I feel quite invested into this character. When I read a story, I want to learn the what and why. I want to learn what this character has done and why he can change form.

I wouldn't mind helping with proof reading, considering how I am drawn into this world you have created. Im not holding it bitterly against your throat because of grammar; I wrote a story that had terrible grammar and people liked the plot. If I do help you, I can point out the issues and try to avoid them as much as possible.

Take your time with the next chapter. Only YOU can tell yourself if you want to continue or not. Though, I suggest you listen to others at how they do want you to resume the plot.

more mystery!

The tale hath just begun. Let me spin you a yarn.

I feel like this is going to be one of those stories where I hate the princesses and the nobility. Here's to hoping our hero can get some help from either the griffins or the changelings.

Hopefully the royals are just cautious and not cruel, they seem fair so far. He's allowed to roam as long as he checks with his handler.


We have been granted the boon of a new Green Hill chapter!

I shall now go weep for joy. :moustache:

That’s right. In my benevolence I have decided not to be lazy.


Those ponies especially that doctor had better watch themselves. After all, there's only so much crap one can take before they decide to just say "f*** it all" and burn everything to the ground.

man these ponies are repulsive and looking for any reason to put him down aside from the doctor who as horrific as is in his morals at least dont want him killed. We dont know how celestia is with green but from what i can see at least is cordial wanting to see some good in him.

This story is heavy on atmosphere but light on anything making sense. If this guy is out at all, Celestia must be set on rehabilitating him - so why lodge him with a parole officer who clearly hates his guts, which will only make things harder? If he's too dangerous to be on parole otherwise, he's too dangerous to be out, period. Why are the guards allowed to be openly abusive towards him? If he's so incredibly dangerous, antagonising him is deeply counter-productive, and any personnel allowed near him would HAVE to be made aware of that. Someone as dangerous as your story so far suggests requires careful handling by fully briefed professionals, and the guards in the last chapters were nothing of the sort. And why is the good doctor being allowed near him again? The chapter suggests Celestia's already had to step in to end his prior abuse of Green Hill - so you need to explain why Celestia is willing to let the doctor near him again, given that she MUST know what went on last time. The kind of medical misconduct you described in this chapter is skin-crawling, so for the Crown to be willing to let him have anything to do with this again is just incomprehensible at the moment.

Honestly, right now it just feels like you're piling up awful shit for the sake of it, rather than thinking through whether it makes sense given the setting you're working in. I hope to be proven wrong, because I do like your writing here. I just hope whatever explanation you eventually give doesn't rely on everyone who isn't a cackling monster being incompetent.

Yet another interesting chapter. :scootangel:

:yay: New chapter and it shows what a pony Frankenstein looks like.
Who said it was Celestia that he thinks about?

This is kind of a depressing story.

Main character needs something to overcome. It will pick up.

That was scary, and I wasn't even there.

Very nice.

"Pokethedragoninthesnootitis" a dangerous affliction to have.


I'll vouch for sipioc on that. He's told me where he wants to go with this and it'll be worth it.

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