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My name is Stalwart Gray, I'm a junior at Canterlot High. Since I was six years old, I have experienced things a bit different. Conversations are, at best, in pieces, music has less personal appeal, and some people look at me like I'm some kind of robot. Still, I've learned to cope with my inability to hear fairly well, if I do say so myself.
But, strange things happen at my school, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who notices. Stranger still, was when met a girl. She was cute and all, with long blue hair, bright pretty eyes, and a voice that can literally hypnotize someone to do her bidding... Yeah, that's what said.

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That. Was. Amazing! :pinkiehappy:

6425724 Not very specific, but appreciated just the same, thanks for the support.

Also not bad for someone who hasn't seen Rainbow Rocks ehh?

6425733 What! Haven't seen Rainbow Rocks! :pinkiegasp:

Lol! My daughters are making fun of me because I am counting down the days to Friendship Games with more enthusiasm than they are. :twilightsmile: Well, except maybe my five year old. No one can match her. :pinkiehappy:

6425829 I feel yah brudda. I have gone full Brony in my classroom, using an Applejack plushie as a reward for kids who stand good in line. Plus reading some choice fics to my students in the afternoon.

My three year old is potty training and my wife got her pony underpants, which she is proud of wearing, adding the incentive for me to stay on task with her, so she doesn't "go" on Fluttershy. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't think my wife quite knows what to do with me though, she just sorta shakes her head.

Very nice! :twilightsmile:

(Since you said you hadn't seen Rainbow Rocks yet I spoiler'd some stuff below, but part of me thinks you at least know about the bit I'm going to mention.)

The parallels between Stalwart's loss of hearing and Sonata's loss of her singing voice creates some really interesting potential dynamics. Also it's just good storytelling to have the one person she couldn't control be the first person to appreciate her 'for realzies', :raritywink:

Careful with this ship lad or you'd be going to Adagio's locker!

6426923 Be yee implyin' that Adagio lay claim to The maiden Sonata?

6427548 Yee can never be to sure!

6427593 The lad's name be Stalwart fer a reason, let her come.

6427594 Careful! There is a reason for which sirens are a sight you might only have the chance to see once in a lifetime!


Aww! What a sweet story!

It kinda annoys me that this story is the latest in a number that end up predicting a plot idea for one of my own future works, but then again, the idea that someone who suffers from hearing impairment would be immune to the Sirens' spell isn't a stretch.

Love it. A good way to understand the view of a hearing-impaired person.

Hey, man. Great job. I'm really glad that you made something of this idea that you shared with me. This story needs a bit of grammatical work, but overall, storyline and everything, well done. :twilightsmile:

6428331 yeah, to them what they say makes perfect sense, everyone else is so unclear and impatient.

I was worried it would come off as insensitive

6428302 yeah, it sorta allowed me to write as an outsider in a movie I hadn't seen, apart from clips and pieces I saw in passing.

6428297 I suppose I might have to

6428561 thanks your was an inspiration, you can say that!

6428607 Nothing wrong with that.

No Problem. I have been around with those who have been blind, deaf, or some other physical or mental disability. Most of time was in college.

Uh... where'd the, um, the pig come from?
The Dazzlings were only at the school for a few days, not weeks.

Other than those nitpicks, I love it. Great one-shot.

6429154 hehe, yeah, that's where the whole 'didn't watch Rainbow Rocks in its entirety' comes back to pinch.

Alright fixed! That was painless

Thanks for the fav too!

It's good story but you could work a bit on your grammar, or give someone this fic to read and point the mistakes, because it's rare for author to correct and notice all things by himself.
Also I think that this story could continue ;)

6430112 thanks. I'll give it another once over than see if another pair of eyes on it

6431796 (tear) I know I've done right

If you give "A Hushed Sonata" a sequel, I would love to check over it. I may not be the best at grammar but I can double check for sentence structure, misspelled words, and possibly help with the a few plotholes here and there.
Thumbs up for a good fan-fic. with Sonata and creating an original theme for her to be in that I've seen in a while.

6431889 you did more than just right. this NEEDS a sequel

6432217 thanks, but truthfully I don't really know what direction to take it. Any thoughts?

6432298 I think you should build off of where you left off. like have sonata dump aria and adagio and choose to stick with stal instead. and expand their relationship

6432298 Well, there are other disabilities to focus on. Like being blind or handicapped, for example. You can focus on how Aria or Adagio come up to someone who's different from everyone else at school. It could happen after the end of this story.

6433974 I do think Aria meeting her match in some one who doesn't get mad or even acknowledges her when she is mean, would be a good idea

6434052 That might be good. There have been more fanfics of this kind that involve Sonata herself. But I never found a good one that focused on Aria.

This was sweet. Really liked it.

6434534 Thanks. I'm glad. I've read similar stories that turn to clop and wanted to have just a sweet story about her getting a second chance to be with someone who would really care about her.

That was sweet! :twilightsmile: I noticed a couple spelling errors, but nothing too major.

6443987 Thanks! And the fav too

Was an amazing read...just wonderful :pinkiehappy:

6491921 I really don't know where to go with it. Maybe a side story of Aria meeting her boyfriend, or an Adagio story? Problem is I like Sonata best.

Thanks all the same though!

6492224 I understand. I just think this has potential to be a larger story.

Such a sweet story, and so heartwarming to see Sonata (my sweet waifu!) getting a happy ending!

6554755 thanks the soul reason I wrote it was because I felt that this would of been the best ending sort of a redeeming quality thing!

Awesome job on this!

6578983 Thank you so much. I almost wasn't going to write this, but based on the great feedback I got, I am glad I did.

That was on a whole new level of sweet, man. Kudos for writing something so nice!

6587975 Thank you very much, and for the fav!

This made me all warm inside, nice job dude.

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