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My name's PJ. I'm from New York. I write pony fics. I go to parties with bronies. I'm not good at self-introduction.


After the events of Rainbow Rocks, Sonata Dusk and her two companions are cooling their heels at a new school. At lunch one day, a young man is bold enough to ask her out. An ordinary teenage girl and an ordinary teenage boy. As their relationship grows, he learns some of her secrets, and has to come to grips with them.

Cover art by kingdark0001

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 248 )

This was awesome and me and sonata are pffs secretely

Nice married with children reference. I approve more story and references please!!

I can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

FINALLY! A story where Sonata's not a total retard! :yay: I'll track this for now.

I enjoyed this. Although I like fics where Sonata is all cheery and happy after her defeat, here she's apparently just as mad as the other 2. Can't wait for more! :pinkiehappy:

5147013 Yes. I think that Chip was subtly misremembering his history classes when he thought about regions between France and Spain, and wanted to think of Basque. Same ending, you see.

This was a pretty good start to the story. I'm always up for a good EqG romance fic.:moustache:



Interesting...I shall follow thusly :moustache:

give us more chapters! :heart:

I dunno 'bout you but I can deal with humourless or crazy girlfriend just fine but if she doesn't like music?
Na Na Na-na-na~na Hey Hey Hey~ Goodbye

Interesting. I have to admit I found the narrator kind of a jerk — it felt like he had some entitlement issues, especially in his approach to dating — but I'm curious to see where you're going with the homeless shelter. That's something the movies really gloss over … and it's not like there's any shortage of ex-Equestrians.

5147649 5148364
Star spiders!


I have to admit I found the narrator kind of a jerk — it felt like he had some entitlement issues, especially in his approach to dating

I can see that, though I'd say rather he has jerk instincts that he tries to overcome. In any case, don't assume everything is going to be sunshine and roses for the two of them.

*nod* There's two levels to that. One one hand, it's effective characterization, because he's a teenager and people in that age bracket aren't exactly paragons of romantic maturity. On the other hand (and this is where YMMV), it's not making me root for your protagonist, which is not a great thing for a story.

Anyway, as I said, there are other things to like, and it's still early yet. :twilightsmile:

I still love that Wamuu here is the most popular Dazzling, even though Kars is a bigger bad guy and Esidesi is completely forgettable.

I'll read this later.

i am not able to watch the movie at the moment, i don´t find it either. (I am from German) Can someone explain to me if it means something that she don´t want to hear the music? Does it activate her power or something?

Well i don´t care if there are maybe some spoiler, i don´t know when i would see the movie, so i started to read the first fanfic about them.
And somehow i like her the most, it seems i was right, she is really not that clever right?, but that somehow why i like her the most of the group.
She is probably the most funny girl of the group.

5156719 guten Abend, mein Freund! Here is a link. I hope that you can see it in your country.

5156840 well thank you:pinkiehappy:
Now i can ease my mind and see if they really still transform without a good reason.
I mean i don´t like them to be superhumans, at least not some which have those powers all the time. I mean they were friends befor and if they can still use it without Twilight ...well i don´t like it.

Maybe the movie will change it, it is not the end of the world but i now just need to see it.

Sprichst du viel Deutsch oder nur ein bisschen? Für den Fall das ich mal schwierigkeiten habe was zu beschreiben.
Ho much german can you speak? I could ask better if i should not know how to explain something more complicated.

5156840 The only Song´s i really liked, where those from the siren, and well Sonata is realy i i thought she is and i love it:pinkiehappy:
I am more happy with the transform thing, now that i have at least a explanation.
Wel i think the last one from the sriens was not the best and the one from the main six was better, but i liked the songs from the first movie more.

For the songs i choose the first movie, but for the Story i think i would choose the second one.

The moment Twilight said "Sunset we need you", remembered me about a movie i sawed and it was weird, somehow like Star Wars or something PS: It is a bit weird for me that sunset is like Twilights student in the last minutes, but i think the movie is the better one.

The last song was good too. Well i don´t know which movie i really prefer, but someone should say Flash that it would probably not work.

5158616 I don't speak any German except the words that come through books and TV. So, I know Ja wohl, nein, ein, zwei, drai...um, schadenfreude, zugzwang, zeitgeist. :pinkiehappy:

I hope this story doesn't end like the last one.

5159105 Which one was that, please? I'd like to read other Sonata stories and make sure I'm not ripping them off.

5159107 A Bedazzling Job Offer by Cetuximab
It was a fic my buddy sent me to its's more of a clop fic but the end is what I hated on it. What happened in the last chapter wasn't his fault.

I have wanted to read a Sonata romance fic since watching RR, thank you for writing this, I am so happy right now! This story is uber kawaii so far. Sonata is best siren!!

This story...it's doin' things to me

Whatever it is...I love it

Well this is interesting, I wonder why Adaigo wanted to go to a school that would have Griffins in it.

“I want to sing with you.”

You had my curiosity but now you have my attention.

So I mounted my Sonata—no! I mean I got in my Sonata—just as bad! I’m talking about the car! The car! I sat in the driver’s seat of my car, and took no prurient action

I'm dying!!!!

About the chapter: this chapter was absolutely wonderful, there was this air built up by the first chapter that made this scene a bit less cheesy than it should. However, I'm not calling this story cheesy. The story has the right idea, but not enough description on scenes, leaving me to fish settings and people from previous stories and personal memories. I feel like there should be more done to this. This story still pulls off a 7.5/10 good job sir
Like and favs +1


I'm going to call that a feature and not a bug. It's an advantage of writing fanfic for a targeted audience. I want you to picture your own restaurants, your own school, your own view of Chip; while still understanding the stories.

"The ditz and the gullible fool" yes, yes and yes.


True. He did write that story before the movie was released.

Maybe the magic of friendship, good magic, will bring out the true magic of music in Sonata, thanks to Chip? After all, people can change, and nothing is lost forever.

Actually, I’m not sure that Canterlot High had any classes. Just extracurricular activities and lunch.”

The only time I've seen kids in class was in the comics and on Twilight's "Strange New world" montage.

Yay! Adorable chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Good chapter, I personally like that even with vague descriptions of sensory you allow me to pull my own take on where they are. I am curious as to how Aria and Adagio are going to react if/when Chip and Sonata's relationship deepens. Great story so far keep up the good job.

I really started to like Sonata the same way i started with Fluttershy, and because of Fluttershy i watched it the first time. I hope you don´t make the story to short or at least allow the story a sequel, i would like that.

Defiantly a better ch., but, I still think it could have been better paced and excicuted

also, just wondering: since it was a concert, think there's a video of it on the internet? recorded either by a phone, or, if it was approved by Principal Celestia, recorded for highlights for graduation?

Actually, I’m not sure that Canterlot High had any classes. Just extracurricular activities and lunch.

This is mad good; you've got a great balance of comedy, tension and 'd'awww'. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

5160391 For the purposes of the story, everyone was too in awe of both bands to think of it. Suffice it to say that the only records of anything happening at CHS are the kind of subtle evidence that only a geek like Twilight could figure out.

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