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My name's PJ. I'm from New York. I write pony fics. I go to parties with bronies. I'm not good at self-introduction.


Sponsored by Roryokane for the Las Pegasus Unicon Relief Auction

Now featured on Equestria Daily!

Discord's cold heart has been touched. Fluttershy has done her job. But the journey to reformation can't be made in a single crossfade. This is the story of what happened between the first moment of doubt and his presentation to Princess Celestia.

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this... looks interesting. I'm going to have to give this one a read.


This is really nice! Fits in very well and it ties it up nicely.

I’m the sponsor of this story. Here’s some background information about this story, for the curious. (Mild spoilers; read the story first.)

This story was one of the three prizes for PJABrony’s relief auction. The prize was PJABrony writing a short story based on a prompt of the winner. I sent two prompts, and invited PJABrony to choose the prompt he could do justice to. Read the prompts here. PJABrony chose the bottom prompt.

PJABrony also invited me to submit feedback on the story before it was published. Most the problems I noticed were fixed, so here are the things that still apply – an observation and the things I liked:

At first, I thought that Discord was too earnest and goody-goody in this story. At the end of the episode, Discord says “I’m ready to use my magic for good, instead of evil… most of the time.” When I first watched the episode, I thought that that meant that Discord was still going to cause havoc for fun every now and then. But rewatching that part, the expression on his face when he says “most of the time” now seems regretful, like he was evil accidentally. He might be thinking about the hailstorm he caused at that moment. So Discord’s behavior is fine – he is in character after all.

This story has the interesting implication that Discord, after the episode, is living in Ponyville near Fluttershy all this time. I had assumed after the episode that he went off with Celestia to help ponies. Your story’s implication makes sense. It’s unlikely that we happened to never see him in later episodes, if he were really living in Ponyville, but understandable, given that this isn’t canon.

Nice explanation for Discord saying “friendship is magic”. Your explanation was subtle in a way that makes it rewarding to figure out what you’re talking about magic in the story. And your explanation of the meaning makes sense – well, as much sense as the phrase “friendship is magic” can ever make.

The ending scene of the canon episode, with Celestia, makes much more sense when I watch it with your story in mind – I can fit Discord’s expressions and Fluttershy’s words into things that happened in your story. (The “go on – say it”, I can guess, would be the result of Discord confiding his realization about friendship to Fluttershy before the meeting, and Fluttershy badgering him that he should tell Celestia.) You definitely achieved the goal of justifying that scene.

I’m glad that I won the auction. PJABrony communicated with me very professionally, and I’m happy with the way PJABrony answered my prompt. It’s nice to have my confusion about Keep Calm and Flutter On resolved, at least in headcanon.

“The world doesn’t work that way," she said. "Nopony has to deal with an impossible challenge. Things can be difficult, and they make you use everything you have, but there’s always a way for good ponies to win.”

Equestria is one of the few settings in which I could see someone saying that in complete sincerity as a mere factual observation about the world.

Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I believe in this principle. The most evil people in the world do not accumulate the most power over time.

This was a beautiful story. I enjoyed it a great deal. I wiped away a tear.

this is awesome. you've made true art here.

Wow. This is amazing. I love how you built off of "Keep Calm and Flutter On". You did a brilliant job and I appreciate the quality of your writing.Thank you, sir, for writing this.

Quite beautiful indeed. :heart:

:pinkiehappy: Yes, this is acceptable.

Most of the really evil people think themselves good people.

Anyway, debate over the nature of subjective morality aside, this was freaking brilliant. Like, I wish they had broadcast this version instead of the sudden shock we saw on-screen.

It was really weirdly sweet watching Discord actually go through a real character transition, and aside from your sudden invocation of the Law of Conservation of Mass-Energy (he can't make things ex nihilo in a world run on magic?), I actually really liked the way your world-building came together to make Discord be what he is.

Good job.


Author's note:

I have revised this paragraph from the first draft. Horizon's comment contains the original draft.

are they going to be more chapters to this story


No. It's marked "complete" at the bottom, meaning I don't intend to add more.

Congrats on teh feature! :pinkiehappy:
Thanks for filling in the blanks, 't was an enjoyable read! :ajsmug:

Congrats on the feature! I read this beforehand and thought it was decent enough for a like, but now I'm here for a quick congrats on being on EQD. :twilightsmile:

it was a great story :yay::yay::yay:

2936142 can you give me link the Equestria Daily to where i can read more stories with twilight sparkle and her friends and Discord being good


I think the laws of physics stuff is actually a reference to entropy theory, which is often explained as "disorder (chaos) can be created but not destroyed, only moved around"

A wonderful, heartwarming little story. And I like how you portray him not asy evil, but rather as a chaotic neutral, misundedstood draconequus who just wanted to be afraid no more.

Well now. There were a few bits where I headcanon'd slightly different phrasing in because they seemed a bit out of place/character, aaaand the ice "having to go somewhere" sounds a bit... unchaotic to me, but I applaud you for a job well done. I mean... Yeah.

Headcanon accepted.

Discord is suck a difficult character to describe :trixieshiftleft: Being the embodiment of Chaos itself, I always find myself imagining specific personalities for him, and I tend to get annoyed when they're not followed. I actually quit reading this story halfway through because of that, and I'm still not sure I like the way you wrote him - he seemed far too obsessed with rules for me, I mean, he's the embodiment of Chaos. Still, I can't exactly say it's OOC, because, you know, he's the embodiment of Chaos. I shouldn't even be surprised that he's breaking my conceptions of him.

Anyways. This was a nice story. Some of the execution (beyond the above), I felt, was a little bit off, but the idea was cool, and the arrangement was very nice. Gave it a little bit of a parable feel, I think, and I liked that. :twilightsmile:

I'm late to the party here, but this was great. That no one is beyond redemption is one of the themes I like best in MLP, and by fleshing out Discord's reformation here, you've made that idea even stronger.

Nice story. I liked it!

5147220 Ooh, good catch!

5147220 Thank you for giving me a AMAZING title for my WIP Fluttercord story!

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