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This story is a sequel to Aria's Got A Crush!

So what if Aria has a crush? Who cares? Wasn't like he'd call back and actually want a date with her... Until very shortly it did happen, asking her out to the local diner. Then Aria stands corrected. Still, not like they'd date... baka...

Sex is for dirty thoughts and sexual references

Art by CBear624!

Featured on 9/5, 9/6 and 9/7!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 28 )

Sorry to say this, but I don't think this was as good as the first one. I really enjoy how you write Aria and her interactions with her sisters, but I don't find her relation with Alto nearly as appealing. I'm not saying it was a bad story, but so far Alto is just kind of generic. I was hoping for more of a bonding moment between him and Aria, but so far it doesn't seem like they have much in common.

Just to be clear, I'm not saying I didn't enjoy it. I did, but I think it could have been a lot better.

7540284 Agreed. But surely, with the beach coming up, it should be WAY better, I'm hoping.

7540292 I think you're probably right, that sounds like it could be a much more romantic scene. I'm interested in seeing how you decide to approach it.

7540307 Yeah. I'll admit again, this one was toned down, and I knew it, but next time, there's more fun and opportunity. I'm sure of it!

I have a feeling it's always going to be like that... but that's a good thing i also feel like when Sonata gets a boyfriend Aria's going to get on her case about it.
Anyway Nice Job on this.

Great job:rainbowlaugh:!

It lived up to the expectations and I laughed all the way through with both the interaction with her sisters and Alto:rainbowlaugh:. The dynamic in the story was good:pinkiehappy:.

Can't wait for the beach chapter:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

awww man that was really good. I actually wish my OC was with Sonata on this

Congratulations on getting featured again!

7540779 Wait, never mind. It's up there.

Aria's Tsundere level is over 9000!

That was like better than the last story.:pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::heart:

This was a bit rife with errors.

I marked so I won't miss the next installment. It takes time to develop characters and he is going to pay a heavy price (and learning curve) for all the baggage she has over all the time spent on earth and being a fish and loosing powers and so on. Hope he is really thinking with more than his man veggies.

You know what? These are the best Dazzlings I've ever seen written. I like these stories, and I await the third one with bated breath.

Here's hoping things really "go down" if you get what I mean.

7544007 Oh don't you worry. This is honestly a weaker story than the first one, but next one, there's more to come. ;)

7544013 will the next on be actual clop?

7544086 Nope. Or maybe. You take a wild guess.

A continuation. Yayness! :pinkiehappy:
Awkward teenager (well, plural if you count Aria's appearance) situations were pretty fun. Also, confessions!
Fun when you can surprise yourself. At least Aria will have something bright to look forward to.

A nice read once more. Hell, I'll definitely read more if you make more!

7544138 oh i can only imagine Sonata's dialogue after THAT incident

I nearly DIED from Aria saying "Baka"
I pictured it too cute in my head man
Good job. ..can't wait for the next one:moustache:

Thou hath exceeded my expectations, friend.

Well, this was interesting. It's a nice touch on the siren, making her more than a two-dimensional character. Good work, MLG :pinkiehappy:

Relation to the Skitchverse?

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