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The Crimson Harbinger

These worlds, these characters that I breath into existence, what are they? Are they just some fantasy meant to occupy my time, or are they something greater, something....more.

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My All-Time Favorite Quotes

"I believe in certainties. The strength of my limbs, the power of my mask, the sharp edges of my blade - that is what I build my plans around. Trickery, deception,complex strategies, they are weak! If you want power, and another has it, you get it not by outwitting him - you get it by stepping over his corpse." --- Icarax

"Karda Nui - how to describe its glory, its wonder, its sheer beauty? How to capture the feeling one gets at the first sight of it? It isn't easy, but let me try. It's a really big cave. With a swamp in it." --- Mutran

"If I can't find a friendship problem, I'll make a friendship problem!" --- Twilight Sparkle

"The fun hath been DOUBLED!" --- Princess Luna

"I just don't know what went wrong." --- Derpy Hooves

About Myself.

Hello my good friends! I'm The Crimson Harbinger, previously Zealot306, and this is like, what, the sixteenth time I've edited this? Oh well. Onto the info!
My favorite Pony is Derpy Hooves (Second is Luna and third is Twilight.) I typically write sci-fi/ medieval type stories, and am a HUGE fan of adventure stories. I especially like stories dealing with Sunset Shimmer's past, as it sheds a new light on the character. I can and will sometimes write emotionally, but most of the time I will keep my stories to just adventure. I like MLP, Minecraft, Skyrim, Doctor Who, Destiny, LEGO games and Halo. My one and only weakness is ponies wearing socks, because who doesn't think that's adorable?! I listen to a plethora of different musical artists, so I won't waste your time listing them all, but the ones I listen to most often are: Vocaloid, Les Friction, Avenged Sevenfold, Starset, and Breaking Benjamin. I also listen to music from: the Halo Series, Bungie's Destiny, FNAF, SAO, and Madoka Magica.

Fun Fact: I'm slightly crazy and Hatsune Miku is my girlfriend!

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Fellow Harbinger and bionicle fan right here

1302673 Sounds interesting! Can't wait to read it!

Well good sir, I thought I'd let you know that Shadow Mysteries original concept was scrapped and I've been working on rewriting what was left of it. Things are going to get a ton more hectic in the story as I've not only switched up the style, but also introduced a couple more characters into the mix... one of them being the most badass old man I've ever seen in a game and another being a psychotic god of the dead.

Hail fellow Bionicle fan :rainbowdetermined2:

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