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After the Battle of the Bands, the Dazzlings left, defeated and very angry. Well, two left that way. The blue one was left, abandoned. Her name was Sonata Dusk. She was left out of the Dazzlings, and was all alone. That is, until a boy comes by her side. Dusk Shine. He soon became her friend. And with that, love comes. A story comes.

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Former art: By frostblade150!
This art by: By rileyav!

Proofreading by:
-Curious Quill (Sorry, forgot to add you a long time ago, Quill!)

Chapters (27)
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Comments ( 262 )

Cant wait for more:pinkiehappy:

Neat story dude. Please continue!

I would like more please

5911121 What doya think I'm doing, jabrony? :twilightsmile:

5911125 Awesome!
Oh, you didn't answer my question on your page.

(Did you get the reference?)

5913814 Dude, when I shaved my head for St. Baldrick's at my school, I exactly did that! Though no one got into it. :(

Awesome little chapter. Can't wait to see more.

5913831 Don't know what to tell ya, bud. I just recognized the YES! chant and I pointed it out.
Though, to be honest, I don't even care about WWE anymore.

Great new chapter. Keep 'em coming man!:pinkiehappy:

Hey! This has the same idea as my story! Not that I'm angry or something, I just noticed it...

5914454 Ya, at parts... but I'm really inspired and into fimfic thanks to you! All hail Mallory! :twilightsmile:

Shoot, I wish I could finish reading this! :raritydespair: It's almost bedtime, so it'll have to wait 'till tomorrow. :derpytongue2: DOUBLE DUSK FOR DA WIN! :raritystarry:

Um, you could definitely use a proofreader. This can get hard to read at times.

Other than that, I love it! DuskDusk is my OTP, so I'm happy to see more of it! :pinkiehappy:

5925963 Bedtime? What's that? Sounds like fun :pinkiecrazy:

A really nice start.

It feels a bit soon for them to meet the whole gang, but otherwise it is a nice chapter.

I don´t know how long this story is supposed to be, but i hope the pacing of the romance, isn´t gonig to be super fast.

Pretty nice, while i like a more or less mature Sonata too (or how i should call it), i guess i would like to see even more of her childlike attitude.

I think it should take him two or three chapters more, till he really notice that he loves her, but i enjoy the story right now.
I don´t think that they should be able to cause a scene right there, but i can understand why Sonata is affraid right now, i mean they tried to kill her.

I can definitly give you an upvote for now, later i maybe make it one of my favourites too.

5927371 I hate it! :rainbowlaugh: But my brother threw up anyways, so I went to bed and hoped I wouldn't get sick.

i would of punched her.


Please update soon. Adagio and Aria MUST suffer the consequences.:pinkiecrazy:

5935220 Man, alot of people are talking about this chapter! Never thought it was gonna put such an effect... AWESOME! :rainbowkiss:

5935233 Well considering the fact that Adagio and Aria find Sonata and try to attack her and her friends, I think think people would talk about it and want them to suffer repercussions for their actions.

5935308 In that case, working on next chapter! While listening to WWE themes...

5935314 And I'll continue to listen to awesome MLP fan music while I wait.:pinkiehappy:

awwwww she so cute

one of the best chapters, i guess he should probably talk with Celestia first, and for that he should go a little later to school i guess.
I mean they probably want to avoid the others befor they could talk with Celestia.

Oh boy, Sonata going to school. This is going to be good.:twilightsmile: Please update soon, I wanna see Sonata in school.:pinkiehappy:

Can I traduce the fic in Spanish? Swear to give you all the credit :scootangel::raritystarry:

5939546 In Spanish? That would be an honor! And in the credits, can you add Mallory Shadowielder? He deserves to be read, since this was inspired by him. :raritystarry:

5939943 Ok Then the credits would be for you and Mallory?

5939976 Kinda. Mallory was just an inspiration, and I have more views than that story, so I feel like he deserves the same respect I have! :twilightsmile:

5940914 Oh, I thought you'd do it on this site. But anyways, muchas gracias!

"I love Judas Priest. You can't blame me." Rainbow said as some of the girls gave her a strange look.

Well, I like Rainbow Dash then! Judas Priest are one of my favourites.

As for the story thus far, I should read the rest first, but I had to mention the above. The story is great, however, I do feel there are a few pacing issues with things happening too quickly. I, personally can overlook this, because it isn't too severe, and the story is enjoyable. Upvote and a favourite.

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