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I'm back for good this time · 6:39am Mar 2nd, 2019

Sup everyone been awhile hasn't it like an long ass time seriously i had so much trouble getting my shit together when it came to this site and just in general i mean geez but anyways let's get this shit started shall we boys and girls?

So starters I am deeply sorry for being gone for so long like i was, there isn't a real excuse to why i was but it had to deal with my internet trouble and getting a computer which as of today i finally got and it was alot of money to get this PC trust me.

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Eh, probably just to differate themselves a bit more from the source material. Who knows, really?

Neat tho being honest here I don't fully get ( apart from copyrights ) why when Super Sentai was brought over to the states to become Power Rangers that they Changed it from simply calling the big robots Mechs to "Zords" I mean isn't Mech the technical term for a Robotic Suit being piloted by a person?

Haven't gotten many in yet despite being 41 chapters along, but I'm trying. GaoSwallow in particular I want to use in a combo somewhere along the line along with perhaps the Stingray Zord that was seen in the series finale.

Yeah, Lightspeed is up there in team favorites along with Wild Force. Fun fact about Wild Access, I'm trying to use some unused concept Power Animals I found on the PR wiki in the story on occasion in cameo roles such as GaoSwallow.

Awesome :derpytongue2:
For me hmmmm when it involves Power Rangers it's got to be Lightspeed Rescue mostly cuz it was the one I watched the most as a kid adding in the fact it was my first VHS tape of any power rangers plus my very first toy was the red Lightspeed ranger.

For Super Sentai it's the same as yours Gokaigers all the way! ( With Gobusters coming in at 2nd )

You know, that's actually a very good question. For Power Rangers, it might be Dino Thunder simply because of their character interactions together but for Super Sentai it would have to be Gokaigers for both treating the anniversy aspect of the SS brand with respect and for getting a great story out of the show as well.

Yea I hear ya, Hey quick question which is your favorite team ( Can be from either Power Rangers or Super Sentai )

Well, to be fair, for the last few seasons up till Dino Charge Saban hasn't been doing all the well reclaiming the Power Rangers brand. Thankfully, they seem to be back in the swing of things. Can't speak for Ninja Steel yet, but given that it's source material is the go to Sentai punching bag, not hard to do better than where Ninja Steel get it's footage from. (Funnily enough, both Dino Charge and Ninja Steel had the exact same problem in the source material's Red Ranger, a major spotlight hog.)

You're welcome, Also currently reading it and having nostalgia from when I watched wildforce as a kid. ( Tho unfortunately nowadays I prefer Super Sentai over Power Rangers )

Thanks for the bookshelf adds on Wild Access!

Np man love reading your stories :pinkiesmile:

Thanks for all the other faves. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for adding "'Cause I Like You, Silly!" :pinkiehappy:

2284249 Your welcome couldn't pass up that story H2O Delirious all the way cx

Nice libraries, haha. Thanks for adding Outta My Mind to them! I hope you've enjoyed. :ajsmug:

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