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Jade the YoniPony

I reject your reality and substitute my own! Hi everybody it's me Jade, Nightmare Jade. I am a narrator, I have decided that I will no longer write.


Finnaly back · 4:21pm May 20th, 2014

It took me forever to remember what my password was @.@

I quite honestly forgot about the story I had here, mostly because I am going to be rebooting it.
So I will be deleting it in the next few days and hopefully the version that I am going to do next will be better.
cross your hooves ^^

~Jade The YoniPony

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Just a bit about NMJade

I was born in Cloud's-Dale, Both of my Parent's are Pegasai and this cause some real tension in my family. My father would always accuse my mother of having Mated with another Pony, even though tests proved that I was in fact his daughter. My mother grew tired of him being this way especially in front of me, so she left him and took me to Canterlot where I could grow up around other Unicorns.

Mother made sure that I had a good education and because of this I was able to get access to a very extensive library of books from a very young age. Mother made sure that I knew how to ask for books and how to ask questions about things that I didn't understand to older Pony's.

When Mother married my Stepfather, (a Unicorn of very High status) I was able to gain access to Pony's who were able to tell me why I had been born a Unicorn when my Parent's were both Pegasai. This knowledge fueled my need to learn more about Pony Genetics and Mating habits. So as a young Unicorn I would spend my days in library's going over every book I could find.

It was in the very same Library that my cutie mark appeared.

My Talent is my capacity to hold and find interesting the knowledge on Mating Habits and basic Genetics.

My mother arranged my Cutsiniera and of course my Father was Invited. He appeared at the party not only with a new Wife, but with a daughter who was close to my age, indicating that he did not wait long at all to replace me with a daughter who was actually a Pegasus.

I do not blame my Half sister for my parents never being able to get along ever again, I send letters to her all the time and I do love her. I might not be the daughter my father wanted but I do love the Pony I have become.

In time however, my life did not go as I would have liked, my business fell, my friends left me, and I was left alone. That is when the nightmare's came, they came, whispers sweet nothings in my ear, and I let them. Now... I don't think I will ever want to return to how I used to be.

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Hello, I haven't seem anyone commenting on your page so I'll just let you know that I like your story and I hope you keep it up! You seem to be an aspiring artists and I hope you let your talent shine through this story! But seriously, whats up with people these days, they don't seem to comment on talented peoples pages anymore....:facehoof:

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