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The Dark Brony

Hello all! I am and Englishman who had now began to write and has just stepped out the proverbial broney closet.


My names Alex, Alex Shade. On the day of my eighteenth birthday, I was killed in what most believe to be a hit and run accident and offered a chance to live once again, at the cost of my current life.

Now I live a new, if not annoying life as a for most of the time unseen protector of the ponies of Equestria as a being almost nobody can see, with even less having knowledge of my deeds.

I alone face a strange, unseen race of creatures called Ganma using the souls of heroes which are contained in a strange object called Eyecons which they too wish to attain at any cost... be that the lives of those around them.

I am the unseen hero, I am Kamen Rider Shade.

Kamen Rider Ghost / MLP Crossover
Displaced story

The cover art was designed by RamenDriver on Deviant Art, give his artwork a look because he is an amazing artist.

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MORE!!!!!!!!!! 😝😜

I hear you, but it's in the works currently and may be a while.

This was pretty cool. Keep up the good work


This is great hope its continued!

it's also the symbol on the chest of Alex when he's in his suit... and I had no other option the guys an OC rider

Ok, right now I should tell you that it's pretty hard to get me to place books in three different slots but you have done it twice Congrats!

( This looks bad XD )

So, is our cross the next one, or the one after?

it wil be part of the next chapter

Great chapter can't wait for the next one!

If Alex Shade was voiced, what would he sound like?

in his suit he sounds creepy, his voice constant distorted and unrecognisable, whilst in his civilian form, he sounds calming, his voice has a slight accent, mostly british.

I had to choose Between two different books for this it was hard but it was worth it


Hmm... what do you think will happen next?

sadly easier said than done right now being that I have got writer's block along with being stress from work, the chapter is being worked on but progress is slow, but out of curiosity what do you think will happen next?

well I think he will have to deal with the nobles of cantorlot then it gets attack while he meets with the nobles. am i right? do I get a cookie?

You get a cookie and a half, there is more to it beyond that if you remember the thing that happened while he was on the moon

Now, I don't know much about the Kamen Rider series, but shouldn't the MC be called Kamen Rider Ghost and not Kamen Rider Shade?

I can see why you'd think that would be the case, but I had Alex become a rider of his own, not an existing one. Hence I picked a different variant of Ghost and picked a Shade which is a more Demonic entity and more tied to Hell, hence the whole flames motif he has in his standard finishers and the more disturbing design of his suit which looked like blood is dripping from his body.

D': the cliffhanger...

Looking forward to the next chapter great story by the way

Thank you very much for the kind comment, I'm glad you liked it. Just out of curiosity what do you think will happen next in the story and what are the aims of the Shade Theocracy?

Ganma? Don't you mean Gamma?

He then looked up before he saw a car by a set of nearby traffic lights that were on red suddenly turn around as the driver began to drive directly down the sidewalk he was on running down multiple pedestrians in the process as he made his way down the path.

Well, shit.

you’ve met with an unfortunate fate haven’t you?


As he somehow opened his eyes to see a pale skinned man with grey hair standing in front of him. The figure was wearing a red cloak that looked to have brown leopard print highlights at the sides of it while he wore a simple golden silk robe below.

Oh, we are actually doing this with the complete package. Aka. the useless old man.

“Do it,” Alex said calmly.

He is taking this surprisingly well... Boy, you just died! You are allowed to freak out a little bit.

You sure once it’s done there no going back?

He is already dead, what other option does he truly have here?

as he opened a small case as Alex saw nine strange objects inside that he instantly recognised to be objects called Eyecon’s from a one of the Kamen Rider Series, these being from Kamen Rider Ghost.

So, Kamen Rider exists in his world as a TV show, ok.

as Alex’s body was dragged towards the object

You have no body, that is the manifestation of your soul.

Well, now I guess mines, Robin… Robin Hood.

Aww, and I was hoping for new Eyecons.

Oh and Genm…

Wait, what? What are you doing here? I hope you are not dragging the name of God through the mud! Otherwise, you are going to suffer for your blasphemy.

wait, have I really been doing that... my bad

Okay I can say something for the last two, in terms of the Eyecons, he only has cannon ones for now, but he does have some I designed in the future. And for Genm, well there is more going on in the background than it seems.

If you have found somepony alive that is still invisible from whatever Sombra did to the empire

Huh, ancient Equestria, interesting.

This one’s one of the tamer Timberwolves.

:applejackconfused: Since when are there tame Timberwolves. How do you want to tame something this vicious?

Okay, but if you ever need to talk to anyone about it, I'll be there to listen to you anytime,

You meet her five minutes ago, I don't think you have in any way shape or form the trust necessary to talk with her about something like that :facehoof:

It’s a good day to die

Ok, I give you that, that is a good catchphrase.

no better time than the present to try.

The second part is sadly not as good.

Almost instantly after he’d done this red lines began to run down his body almost like they were trickling down from his head before the jacket attached to his back before he lowered the hood to reveal that the image that had appeared on the Eyecon was now on a visor outside his suit.

Don't know, not really a fan of the design.

Shade then quickly knelt down and grabbed the blade before a almost demonic voice said “Weapon identified, Accessing Shade link,” as the voice said this black flames licked Shades arms before travelling through the sword as the silver shine on the sword began to burn away to be replaced by a black bladed sword with what looked to be glowing red lines running through it.

Ok, I like this idea

I just realised the design thing and did an improved look for the suit which I thought I changed here, I'll find it and correct here for continuity's sake, also that is not his catchphrase.

Not the catchphrase. Ok, sure as hell sounded like one, but well apparently I was wrong. Still, think the "Today is a good day to die" part would fit a Ghost like Rider perfectly and would make a good contrast to Takerus "My life is burning bright!". But I'm rambling again.

heh no worries, just thought I'd clarify that

which he had found out scared the guards to no end each time.

Oh really?

Alex… you know we don’t require your assistance, you have your own life… well in a way,

What life? He has been thrown into another dimension and has no home here? He has no life he could return to. By all means, if he would leave he would be homeless.

I think she called me a Phantom?

Nah, to much hope for that.

we swear she’s a hypocrite sometimes, first she says we’re crazy for seeing nobody when you were on the ground a week ago, then screaming out that you're a Phantom when you appear in front of her.

How is that hypocritical? If she had not accepted it she would just be delusional.

I know you’re hiding here, I’ll tear this place apart to find you if I have to

Oh for the love of- That is not Celestia! That is a monster pretending to be Celestia. You are now dubbed Roidmude 700.

another Kamen Rider there hasn’t been one of those since….

Damn you dramatic tension :trollestia:

The ring looked to be hand crafted with a red gem in the centre that seemed to have a silver metal over it giving the gem an appearance of a mask.

Uhm, ok.


So Legend Rider powers. Interesting. And the first one is Wizard. Odd choice, but hey, I'm not complaining.

Wait? Wizard? Who the hell is that?

So he knows Ghost as a series but not Wizard? Ok, strange.

When you get to Hell; tell them Shade sent you.

If this is actually the catchphrase this time, I think it's ok.

I think I already explained the reason he doesn't know of other riders, but if it has not been said yet, he only saw the first 5 episodes of Kamen Rider Ghost before the events of chapter 1. Also yes that is his catchphrase.

Oh, missed that :twilightblush: Ups

Demigra? As in the guy from dragon ball xenoverse? The one who can mess with time? Well Alex is in for a fight.

I'd wait on that and for more on why stay tuned to another of my stories called In Darkness there is Light and in Light there is Darkness which may make you change your opinions on what you saw... or maybe not who knows.

Huh. That’s an interesting idea for Twilight. I can’t say that I saw it coming but interesting nonetheless

Did you have any ideas for what you thought would have happened?

kinda though it would have been Starlight or Moondacer as Build

Comment posted by Grey Ghost deleted Feb 13th, 2019

Can we please get a link to RamenDriver's Deviant Art page?

There were Kaleid Liner Prisma displaced on the train wasn’t there.

Well yes, there was... have I not made it clear who?

Sure no problem heres a link to his channel for you

I don’t really remember the descriptions of anyone from train wreck but just going on this chapter I’d guess Gilgamesh or Miyu.

I think if you look at the names your answer should be pretty clear also plenty of hints dropped even when this character first appeared

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