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The Dark Brony

Hello all! I am and Englishman who had now began to write and has just stepped out the proverbial broney closet.


Sometimes good things happen to bad people and others bad things happen to good people. That could be getting trapped in a computer game where one mistake could mean the end of your life altogether or going to a convention and getting dragged into a new world both will eventually end the same way. A lost boy and his mother looking for a way to find the people they care about, or even looking for the person you lost.

Our names are Daniel but now under the visage of Kirito whilst my mom, Helen is now Asuna and we will find the family we lost.

This story is based in the same universe as A Gamer in Equestria.

An SAO - MLP Displaced

All of the characters belong to their respective owners Kirito and Asuna to Reki Kawahara and A-1 Pictures and MLP to Hasbro.
I do not own The cover Picture that belongs to TobeyD on Deviant Art

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 68 )

You know exactly what I like. Was it my name that gave it away?

*reads first chapter*

.....He's gonna dislike my guys too, isn't he...
Oh well! That's what happens when your an evil bastard!
Like me!


As Pinkie Pie would say:

I'm on to you!:moustache:

6541401 I wouldn't say he'll make that judgement unless they meet... even then it will go on what happens

I'm neeutral in this, i never expected this to happen

6541558 what did you not expect to happen?

Can I be Honest? I love displaced fics but the fact the main chara in this becomes Kirito, and his MOTHER becomes Asuna is kinda creepy.


Oh i know but the characters are made after people i know. and the are the character they would have gone to a con as

6541739 Without a shadow of a doubt... but don't worry their will be no 'sexual' relationship between them

What, besides the possessing freshly dead corpses with Daemons, turning them into daemonsspawn and feeding their souls to the warp, and (occasionally) using the skin of their enemies as a cape, and the mutilations, sacrifices, torture, mass murder, and senseless killing in the name of their dark gods? Not much


As Kirito the Crown prince of Douchebags, long may he reign, said.

"I don't think you know how winking works."
(I know what you are thinking though. And yes I know you know how the wink works on the Internet. It was just too good a reference to pass up)

Welp, now I know the quality I have to at least meet for the Displaced I want to do.

And really, you had to make his mom Asuna? You could have made that less creepy.

6542066 There's not nearly enough booze in that bottle.

That's why the .gif never ends: there is never enough booze . . .

This is good. First couple of paragraphs seem to be missing some punctuation. But otherwise good job!:scootangel:

Get cliche or die trying - Starring 50 Yen.

I prefer the Japanese dub any ways. The English dub makes Kirito sound like he is five. Any way, yeah, creepy romance images aside, Dan should of gone as GGO Kirito in my opinion for the simple fact of light sabers. That slight bit of annoyance aside, you did well in portraying Kirito. Though, I foresee an in joke about his name developing. Perhaps along the lines of the abridged series name joke.

6552401 Ohh i have something planned note he can use magic that's pretty ALO Kirito not SAO... I'll leave you to think on where i'm going with this. Also i need to rewatch the abridged i'm sure i'm missing the reference

6552956 Here is a hint, it started in the first episode and by the seventh he had a guild to do it for him.

Honestly, you could use an editor or proofreader, but the story ain't bad. I'm curious how having one's mom displaced with you will change things up.

6554778 I do have an editor for another story however he's unable to help me with this one and therefore i am looking for an editor to help me... especially with how the Displaced group is being mixed up.

*insane laugh* That is fucking badass and dat ass on Asuna doh *Whistles* did you know theres an abridged series :pinkiecrazy::rainbowdetermined2::ajsmug::moustache:

6692060 You have no Idea how insane I am and check the link to the video

6692076 Did you enjoy the story so far if so what did you like the most?

What an interesting start! I like it!

I always loved the Gleam Eyes fight. Lol. I digress though. Great chapter!

I assume that what happened to Craig was that he became a Displaced???

Lol! Random, but still awesome!

7303938 Sorry it took so long to get this sorted a mix of writers block limitations of other stories and bad planning left me behind schedule.

7303942 Meh, stuff happens. Whats important is that it finally done and have one less thing to worry about!

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