• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 13

-The Next Morning-

As the Sun began to rise Shade smiled as he sat up looking over the city below him as he many ponies heading into the castle below him. This caused him to smile as he wondered to himself, “Just where are the guards training? I was expecting to hear something to at last indicate where they are training.”

“You’ll struggle in that regard I regret to say,” A voice said from behind him as Shade looked over his shoulder to see a familiar Alicorn mare with a pink coat and a three-tone violet, rose red and golden mane and tail.

“In what regards do you mean miss?” Shade asked as he stood up and turned to look at her.

“I see, you’re the one of the new Alicorn’s my Auntie told me about, Shade was it, or do you prefer the name, Alex?” The mare asked which put Shade on his guard.

“I’m sorry miss, but I have no idea who this Alex pony is.”

“You can stop attempting to hide who you are, my auntie told me about you.”

“Dammit Celestia,” Shade muttered to himself.

“So what’s the full story, who are you really, I’m assuming one of those Riders I’ve heard about, and I’m also assuming you’re the one Celestia was talking about with Luna before Blueblood ran in to talk to her yesterday just before the attack in the lower city.”

“Wait… are you saying you saw nobody else with them yesterday before the attack.”

“Well not till just after the attack began when you appeared and passed directly through the wall, then not long after Blueblood ran off as well.”

“I see, So for some reason, Celestia can see me when I shouldn’t be visible, that leaves must mean there is something that allows people to see me when I’m like that.”

“So. What are exactly are you really, I’m pretty sure with a name Alex your not truly an Alicorn, and with the fact the phased through a wall and I saw no magic being used, I’m pretty sure you’re not adept with magic yet.”

“You’re too smart for your own good miss,” Shade replied as he added, “I need to not reveal to anyone else what you are about to see, this is a secret between me, Celestia and Luna.”

The mare then looked to Shade before she simply smiled as she stated, “If I was going to risk ruining any arrangement you have with my auntie’s I would have done so already. For her to both create a cover and say you are a Prince to help keep the nobles at bay speaks volumes for you, as such you have my word that anything revealed will be kept strictly between us.”

Shade simply nodded as he placed his hand on his the bracer on his arm before his form shifted into that of a human before he stated, “my true name is Alex Shade, I died over one-thousand year ago and awoke in this world face down and paralyzed in the snow and at the time invisible to everyone but Luna.”

The Mare simply looked at Alex before she said, “that’s all the secret is, I thought it was something that was dangerous. Although from the fact your a new Alicorn and this form you state is what you truly are along with the fact you didn’t appear until Auntie Luna returned explains the secret goes deeper than just what you told me.”

“I have no idea what you’re insinuating,” Alex admitted looking away from the mare.

“You don’t need to hide it, I am the Alicorn of Love, tell me. Did your time alone with Auntie Luna grow into more than friendship between the two of you?”

“N… No nothing of the sort, we’re just friends… very, very good friends.”

“Oh is that all it is,” the mare responded as she seemed to chuckle, “from what I felt from her I think it’s much more.”

“Can you just drop that subject,” Alex requested.

“Fine, I guess I could do that,” the mare replied before adding, “anyway being you told me your name, it’s only fair I tell you mine as well. I’m Princess Cadence.”

“Oh is that your whole name or is there more?” Alex asked with a smirk.

“No, but even I can’t stand being called my whole name, after all the name Princess Mi Amore Cadenza really doesn’t run off the tongue.”

“Doesn’t that translate to my love Cadence?” Alex asked.

Cadence simply smiled back “that would be the case in Itailian.”

“Not gonna question that name of the language,” Alex muttered to himself before adding, “Anyway, I assume you came up here for a bigger reason than to just find out who I really was.”

Cadence smiled back before she said, “I heard that you were going to check on the royal guard. I assumed you had a strange feeling that something is wrong. I have the same feelings and it's not recent that I’ve felt them. The guard seems almost like they’re not themselves, like somethings controlling all there actions.”

“I see. Well, I can ensure you if something is indeed amiss I will resolve it.”

“You already know whats wrong, I can tell,” Cadence responded, “Please I need to know! I can help!”

“Being you couldn’t see me before you won’t be able to,” Alex responded turning back into an Alicorn.

“What does that have to do with anything!” Cadence argued.

“Can you see the dead!”

Cadence stopped at Shade’s comment before she asked him, “what does that have to do with anything?”

“Answer the question, can you see the dead?”

“No, why would I be able to?”

Shade didn’t respond as he walked towards her before swing his arm in an arc towards her face to which she didn’t flinch as his passed through her face and her eyes widened. “Wait how!”

“Think about the question I asked you,” Shade responded.

“Can I see the dead… wait. Are you?” Cadence asked recoiling in realisation.

“I did tell you. I died on the day I met your auntie’s, and the reason I believe I know what’s happening is linked to that fact.”

Cadence didn’t answer as she continued looking at Shade before she said, “You’re really dead.”

“Now you understand what the secret that your aunties have kept is, and we ask that you keep it as well,” Shade admitted as he jumped off the roof floating down to the ground below.

Cadence then landed next to Shade before she said, “What are you going to do to help them?”

“Handle the problem and keep everyone safe, what else would I do?”

“You're a bit vague on just how you plan to help them, what do you even plan on doing, walk up to them and beat them all senseless?”

“That’s not actually a bad idea,” Shade responded with a smirk.

“I wasn’t being serious that’s a crazy idea… but I don’t even know what’s causing this.”

“Trust me, I won’t seriously injure any guards. You have my word on that,” Shade responded with a smile.

“Are you sure there’s no other way to help them.”

“This would be the easiest way to help them, I currently have no other effective way to handle the problem.”

“Well, if you’re going to do something put this on,” Cadence requested as he placed a long black cloak that obscured the entirety of Shade’s features apart from his hands. “I have to say that looks pretty good on you.”

“I guess,” Shade responded looked over himself as his sword and pistol appeared hidden under his cloak.

“Do you even know where they train?” Cadence asked curiously.

“Well… They train… No idea I was expecting something sort of sound to tell me.”

“You’ll be waiting a while then,” Cadence admitted before adding, “you might as well follow me, it would save you a lot of time.”

“Yeah, as you can guess, I don’t know my way around here yet,” Shade admitted as he rubbed the back of his head.

“Not surprised, come one it’s this way,” Cadence responded turning around to face the other way as she began to laugh.

“Of course it is,” Shade sighed as he followed her as they made their way towards wherever the guards were training.

As Shade and Cadence arrived at the barracks Shade looked down to a large open area which he assumed to be the guard training field, the space was wide open big enough to support a good size army comfortably and had a large open gate that was barely defendable. To make matters worse what he saw of the guard were sat against a wall barely looking interested.

“This is an embarrassment, how can this even be called a guard anymore,” Shade muttered to himself.

“What you thought it was better than this?” Cadence asked.

“I had hoped it wasn’t this bad,” Shade responded.

“I tried to warn you,” A voice replied from behind them as Shade turned around to see Celestia behind him.

“I know you said they were bad, this is beyond that. You know if we were serious about the title you gave me this will be my top priority to fix.”

“I am well aware of that fact, but how are we going to start to fix this problem?” Celestia asked.

“Let me handle that in a moment, also I might as well tell you Cadence knows my secret.”

Celestia’s eyes went wide as she responded by asking Shade, “when did she find out?”

“Yesterday it appears that when I was with you before the attack I was invisible, and yet you and Blueblood could see me. So that leads me to my next question what happens since I was gone to allow you to gain the ability to see me when I’m hidden?”

Celestia’s eyes went wide at this before she stated, “Wait, are you saying that whatever made it possible for my sister to see you one-thousand years ago must have occurred to me as well?”

“It seems likely,” Shade admitted before adding, “Well time to sort this mess out,” while he quickly jumped off a nearby railing as he disappeared suddenly appearing at the gate before the guards all looked to him before ignoring him.

“Seriously?” Shade asked looking up at Celestia who had her head in her hands unable to look at what her guard had just done.

Shade then quickly reached under his clock as a small knife appeared from red flames as he threw it into a nearby archery target as it embedded itself into the central point which got the attention of a few of the guards.

“So this is the mess that everyone I meet calls the Royal Guard? Frankly, all I can see is a right royal mess that your princess has let fester for too long. You are In all honesty an embarrassment to both her and Equestria itself.”

It was then a few of the guards seemed to get riled up by Alex’s statement some of them approaching him many of them grabbing swords as they approached him.

“Guess talking this out is not an option?” Shade respond smirking as his staff formed in his hands before he quickly spun around the end striking two of the oncoming guards sending them flying backwards there swords falling to the ground.

Shade then quickly brought the staff to his side the back end behind him as he brought his right hand forwards gesturing for the group to attack him, which the group did as he moved his hands down the staff slightly before swinging it in a horizontal arc striking multiple guards knocking then back from him.

He then felt someone grab him from behind knocking his staff from his grasp as he looked behind to see one of the guards using his shoulder to strike Shade’s wrist as he quickly swung round using his free shoulder to strike the guard in his face somehow knocking him unconscious.

Shade then looked back to see multiple guards approaching him as Shade’s hand gripped the Rabbit Full-bottle in his pocket before gripping it in his hand shaking it once as he suddenly gained a burst of speed appearing behind two of the guards as he quickly knocked their heads together knocking them out.

He then quickly followed by spinning around kicked four of the guards who attempted to strike him with their swords who seemingly had never worked together as they all clashed against each other's blades as Shade punched Two of them in the groin before sweeping a thirds leg out from under him and throwing him into the fourth.

He then looked around to see the remaining guards who had prepared to fight him separating into two rows as Shade saw a pony in purple and gold armour, a colour scheme not matching the other guards wore, however like the of the other guards his armour gave him the look of a Roman centurion, this led Shade to imagine the extended colour scheme of his armour possibly alluded to a higher rank in the guard, possibly the reason for their downfall.

The new guard looked to Shade seemingly annoyance as he said, “are you the one who’s hurting my men?”

“Honestly if this was harming them they are poorly trained by any standard,” Shade responded smirking under his hood.

“I would ask that you don’t speak down to my men,” the guard argued back seeming annoyed by Shade’s appearance, a point Shade decided to probe a little deeper.

“Honestly these ‘men’ of yours are a joke, and I take it you are their captain. The captain of a guard of disgraces to Equestria.”

It was then guard glared at Shade before walking up to him as he grabbed a sword from a scabbard on his back removing it.

“Maybe you should watch where you point that thing someone could get hurt,” Shade replied as the guard's captain swung his sword at Shade. “You seriously want to do this?”

The guard captain then swings his sword at Shade again before shouting, “My name is Shining Armour Captain of the Royal guard and we are not useless!”

“Okay then Captain, prove it to me,” Shade started with a smirk as Shining Armour swung his sword downwards at him only for Shade to sidestep him and punch him in the gut, causing Shining Armour to drop to his knees in pain.

“Pathetic,” Shade simply stated.

“I am not pathetic,” Shining Armour stated in anger as he rose back to his feet.

“Really, one punch and your down does not really inspire confidence in that fact,” Shade stated.

“You caught me off-guard,” Shining Armour argued.

“Off Guard my ass, you attacked me, If anyone I should have been easy pickings, I can see why you failed to protect your princess yesterday.”

“And you could do a much better job,” Shining Armour argued back angrily.

“I would say so, after all, I beat you.”

“I’m not done!” Shining shouted back.

“You just can’t stand is that the case?” Shade asked as Shining Armour jumped forwards slashing his sword downwards as Shade quickly grabbed his blocking the blow.

“So you do use more than your mouth,” Shining Armour responded, “Glad to know your not all talk.”

“Really, Shall we test you then, Captain,” Shade retorted with a smirk.

“You have no right to test us,” Shining armour replied as his horn ignited forming a bright purple shield on his arm as he swung his sword at Shade once again as Shade brought his own to block it before parrying as Shining Armours shield struck him in the chest as Shade jumped backwards slightly.

“So, you're not so invulnerable, maybe you’re also wrong about us,” Shining started with a smirk.

“I see… Maybe your not as unworthy of a captain as I thought, maybe you are worth seeing a fraction of what I can do.”

Shining Armour then backed away slightly as he asked, “what do you mean by a fraction?”

“I’m not here to do my normal job, and I find you lacking in regards for what I do,” Shade admitted as he saw the other guards stand up, however, he noticed their movements looked sloppy almost like they weren’t in control of their own muscles.

“Tell me, are your men always this dead looking?”

“I don’t know if that is an insult or simply making an observation of everything you’ve seen, and that fact worries me,” Shining Armour replied.

“Captain, right now the test is over I have a job to do,” Shade replied calmly.

“What job could be more important than dealing with my men going crazy!”

Shade then smiled as he said, “who said in this case both aren’t intertwined?

“Why would they be?”

“Just wait and see, but this cloak won’t help,” Shade added as he undid the ties holding it over his form before opening his wings as he gripped the cloak in his hands of it flowed backwards revealing his form to Shining.

Shining Armour then froze in shock as he saw Shade’s form, “You’re an Alicorn!”

“Amongst other things,” Shade added as he released his Cloak and it flew backwards stopping against a nearby wall.

“What is even wrong with them?”

“Believe it or not, your men are being possessed by ghosts,” Shade responded as his belt appeared around his waist, along with his Eyecon in his hand.

“What are those?” Shining Armour replied.

“A family secret,” Shade responded, “you may want to stand back.”

Shining did as he was told as Shade activated his Shade Eyecon and transformed before looking at the possessed guards before quickly jumping into the air as Shining looked up at him before Shade drew a symbol in the shape of an eye in front of his chest.

The symbol then seemed to enlarge as a large eye formed on the ground filling the entire courtyard before the eye began to glow in a white light followed by all of the possessed guards falling to their knees as multiple floating Eyecons formed in the air before reforming into hundreds of Ganma commandos.

“What in Tartarus is going on!” Shining shouted, “what did you do to my men!”

“Get back, this fight is beyond you,” Shade responded the chains on his arms beginning to glow and untangle itself before Shade placed his hand on the ground before the chains shot forwards striking each Ganma Commando piercing there forms as they rapidly deformed into there Ganma Eyecons to find they were surrounded in pulsating Black and red chains. A sign Shade recognised but did not understand what it would do to the Ganma themselves.

“I’ll take them back to the Everfree, we can work out what to do with them later,” Harmony shouted to Shade in his mind as the ground shifted below each Eyecon as they fell into the ground before she added, “also keep your guard up, this seemed to easy.”

Shade’s chains then retracted to his side as Shining said, “you… your that Kamen Rider from the legends… aren’t you.”

“There a thing about legends, the person there wrote about often never hears them, normally they are dead by the point they become one,” Shade responded.

“But you, your him. Kamen Rider Shade. The hero who protected Equestria alone from unseen threats one-thousand years ago.”

“Highly exaggerated, I was only active a week before I left the planet and beyond that, I have a lot of help.”

It was then the group heard something from behind them as Shade turned around to see what looked to be math equations moving past his head.

“Umm… is this normal for you?” Shining asked in confusion.

“No… this is not normal… but I can guess what this is.”

It was then they both heard a voice shout out “Rabbit! Tank! Best Match!”

It was then heard by Celestia saying, “but those words… wasn’t that what the report said was heard from that rider?” as she landed beside them.

“Get everyone clear now!” Shade ordered.

“But-” Shining started to say.

“I said now!” Shade ordered again as Celestia moved all the unconscious guards out of the field.

It was then the voice from before shouted out “Are you ready?!” before a second voice shouted out, “Henshin!” before Shade looked to where the voice had come from to steam being forced from whatever suit the figure wore as the first voice shouted out, “Hagane no Moonsault! RabbitTank! Yeahhh!”

The figure in question then walked forwards as Shade saw that he wore a suit that was seemingly separated into two halves, possibly signifying this was made from two different things in the transformation along with a possibility of his opponents from and powers changing rapidly.

“Who is that?” Celestia asked looking at Shade from above him.

“I have no idea… but,” he then saw the belt around the figure's waist that had two familiarly shaped bottle in them as he remembered what Yume had told him before saying, “Kamen Rider Build I assume.”

The figure then backed up slightly as it said, “how did you.”

“Let’s just say, I had insider information,” Shade replied as he saw the Rabbit Fullbottle begin to glow before he grabbed it drawing an eye-shaped symbol behind it as before a Parka Ghost similar to that of the Rider in front of him flew forwards knocking them back slightly as the Parka Ghost placed it arm out beside it before flying into Shades Driver producing a new Eyecon.

Shade then held the new Eyecon out before activating it and placing it in the Driver before the phrase “Kaigan! Build! Perfect Match! Building up victory!” was heard as the Parka ghost from before attached to his back.

Shade then looked at the figure who had backed away further a seeing Shade’s new form, “How… How do you have that!”

“If I told you it would ruin the experiment,” Shade mocked as a sword that almost looked like a drill appeared in his hand.

It was then both riders pushed off on their back legs almost like they were compressed springs as they both used the same weapon striking each other both mirroring each other’s movements to the point fighting was pointless as Build jumped back away from Shade.

“I have no idea how you got that Eyecon, but this is form is now pointless,” Build replied annoyed as the rider pulled out two new Full Bottles removing the old ones and replacing them as the words “Taka! Gatling! Best Match” was heard before Build started rotating the crank on it’s Driver before a similar frame appeared around the Rider as both orange and grey liquid flowed through the pipes.

It was then the liquids turned into two halves of the suit Build was wearing one in front of the rider the other behind. It was then Build calmly said, “Build up,” before bringing their arms to the riders side as the two parts pulled towards Build replacing the old ones are the voice from before shouted “Tenkuu no Abarenbou! HawkGatling! Yeahhh!” as large orange wings formed on the suits back.

“Oh come on!” Shade shouted in annoyance.

“Wait, there’s more,” Build added as similar pipes as those that appeared during the transformation appeared forming what looked to be a pistol crossed with a Gatling gun, which was not a good sign for Shade.

“I seriously cannot be bothered to mess around with this,” Shade replied in annoyance as he replaced the Build Eyecon with the Houdini Eyecon before stating, “but if you want to a dogfight, I’ll give you one,” as his bike rode through the gateway smashing into Build in the process sending the rider to the ground before attaching to Shade’s back.

“You really are a pest,” Build responded standing up, “one that needs removing from the equation.”

“I knew the math symbols meant something, but even I can stand math jokes,” Shade replied as both he and Build flew upwards as he formed both pistols, both riders opening fire on the other.

Back on the ground Shining Armour just looked up at the two fighting as he said, “I’d heard the Riders were a force to be reckoned with, but this is beyond even what I expected.”

“I knew he was strong, but he only seems to have become stronger since I last saw him defend everyone,” Celestia stated.

“That’s what training on the moon does for you,” Luna stated as they watched the two figures dart around the sky.

“I don’t even think the guard could fight that other rider,” Shining replied, “I really am a poor leader for my men, I failed to even notice something was wrong.”

“The fault does not lie with you, I didn’t notice it myself, and yet he noticed and solved it instantly. Maybe he is worthy of the title he will receive.”

“And that is?” Shining asked.

“The Alicorn of War,” Celestia stated.

“I swear there’s a reference there,” Luna chuckled.

“Why do we need one of those?” Shining asked.

“Well he is fighting a one-man war against the monsters that attacked us, and now that Rider.” Cadence pointed out.

“Still we don’t need somepony who’s title literally says war in it!” Shining Armour argued.

“The titles more so he won’t get stuck with the small stupid questions as often, would you go to someone with his proposed title asking what type of cake to have?”

“And someone did ask her that today,” Luna added.

“I swear the nobles are idiots sometimes,” Cadence added shaking her head.

It was then there was a loud thud as the group looked back to see Build on the ground the Riders suit still in one piece and formed as Shade floated above her.

“Okay, one last trick,” Build groaned as the Rider placed two new bottles in as a voice shouted out “Ninjya! Comic! Best Match! Are you Ready?” before the same sequence as before occurred before the voice shouted out, “Shinobi no Entertainer! NinninComic! Yeahhh!” as Shade saw that Build was now in a purple and yellow suit.

“You really think you can hit me from down there?” Shade asked.

It was then something struck the Houdini Parka Ghost on his back as he fell to the ground before he looked up to see a new figure walking up to Build silently.

“Who the Tartarus are you?” Build asked the new figure.

“Your replacement being you seem unable to handle a simple job,” the figure responded.

“You must be one of the new experiments they were working on, seems one of you was a success after all,” Build responded.

Shade then stood back up switching back to his Standard Shade form as he looked to both Build and the new figure as he said, “what the hell do you mean by experiments, what did you do to the pony under that mask.”

“That no longer matters, you won’t live long enough to find out,” the figure responded before suddenly rushing Shade pulling out two swords striking him sending him flying backwards into a wall before he could react.

“This isn’t good,” Cadence responded.

“We need to do something!” Shining Armour shouted.

“What can we even do!” Cadence argued back.

“Let me,” a voice responded from behind the group as they turned around to see Blueblood walking towards them with a black and red belt around his waist.

“Blueblood, there is no need for a stuck up brat like you to be here, go and argue with the nobles like the coward you are,” Shining argued.

“Like I’m leaving him to die,” Blueblood argued, “and it’s not like you can help.”

“And you can?” Shining argued back, “those ponies are beyond me and you.”

“You perhaps,” Blueblood responded by holding a small white USB Stick in his hand. “Me now that’s another matter.”

“What what is that,” Cadence asked.

Blueblood didn’t answer as he looked down to see Shades form getting sliced at repeatedly by both the new figure and Build.

He then held up a white USB Stick as he stated, “besides I owe him for saving my flank, and one good turn deserves another.”

Blueblood then looked forwards towards the fight as he then held up the white USB stick before he pressed the bottom of the USB before the word “Eternal!” was heard before he placed the USB into the Driver as a yellow pulsating light was emitted around it.

It was then that Blueblood said almost calmly, “Henshin,” before bringing his hand back over the handle of the driver before knocking it backwards before the word, “Eternal!” was heard before he was surrounded in a bright white light that began to surround him as bright white, black and blue lights attached themselves to his body revealing the armour of the Kamen Rider Shade had met the day before.

The three riders below then suddenly looked up Shade falling to his knees as the other two stopped their onslaught, “so… your the one who stole our equipment,” Build responded looking at Eternal.

Eternal, however, didn’t answer them as he removed the Eternal memory from his Driver and placing it into his weapon before pressing a button on the side of it as a voice shouted out “Eternal! Maximum Drive!” as both riders armour suddenly looked to become covered in binary as their suits started sparking.

“Quickly, strike them while they’re off guard, this might not hold them long,” Eternal stated.

“Got ya,” Shade responded as he quickly pulled the handle on his driver before it shouted out, “Shade! Omega Drive!” before he jumped into the air before falling towards the stunned Riders as he struck Build sending the rider back as multiple full bottles were scattered to the ground even though the riders transformation somehow still held.

It was then the sparking from the other rider subsided as he quickly grabbed Build jumped away to a higher building as he stated, “we will remember this, and remember this name, I am Kamen Rider Fuma, and the Shade Theocracy will not let a pretender like you stand, to defile his name,” before both Riders disappeared.

“Wait… are they saying there’s a religious cult devoted to me?” Shade responded, “Celestia... did you allow a Cult to form that are clearly insane?”

The rest of the group then landed next to Shade as he held his arm cancelling his transformation before he held his arm.

“In my defence, this is the first I’ve heard of them,” Celestia responded.

“They kidnap multiple ponies and force them to obedience, many are kept and used as test subjects to make weapons like those you saw,” a voice said as the group looked behind Shade to see a Changeling missing both their wings and there horn shattered.

“What is that creature?” Cadence asked nervously.

“A Changeling,” Shade responded as he quickly caught the injured Changeling as it fell into Shades arms, “are you okay little one?”

The changeling just shakes its head before saying, “I been poisoned, injected which who knows how many different strands of a virus, tortured and used for… horrible things, so no I’m not.” it was then the Changeling began coughing up blood.

“Cadence, I need your help here!” Shade shouted.

It was then she ran next to Shade as she said, “what do you need me to do?”

“I need you to send a burst of love to this Changeling, it’s what they feed on and allows them to live, this one is heavily malnourished along with other things,” Shade stated as she nodded back doing as Shade asked, “just send small bits at a time.”

“Got it,” Cadence responded calmly doing as she was told as the Changeling in his arms began to calm it breath steadying.

“Are you okay little one?” Shade asked.

“Yes… thank you,” the Changeling replied slowly.

“Just take your time little one,” Shade responded.

“They kept us all in an underground temple, the location can’t be seen from the sky and approaching from the land is difficult, I can get you there, just please free my family,” the Changeling begged before falling unconscious again.

“You do what you need to, I’ll look after this one,” Cadence responded by placing the Changeling on her back.

Shade smiled back before beginning to say something only to be cut off by Shining Armour, “you think we would abandon you when you need help.”

“And I refuse to let anyone else suffer at the hands of those people,” Shade added.

“Well… I guess I’ll join this rescue party as well,” Blueblood added.

“Why would you ever get your own hands dirty?” Shining Armour asked.

“Unlike you, I have the power to do something useful for once and not hide behind a title, and besides, if what the new Alicorn said is indeed true, I’ve been using a name of something that from what I can see means something and I have been using it without deserving it. Maybe it’s time I earned something for once in my life on my own merit.” Blueblood argued back.

“Like you could ever-” Shining argued back before being cut off by Shade as he said.

“Any help from any rider, experienced or not is welcome,” Shade added, “just don’t get mad when I order you around.”

“I’ll try,” Blueblood replied calmly.

“I’ve got the location of there hideout as well,” Harmony said to Shade.

“Get in contact with Rainbow and Kris, I think we’ll need all of us for this,” Shade stated.

“Who are you talking to?” Shining Armour asked.

“A friends, and we should have a bit more assistance if we’re lucky, I’d say that we meet up at the old palace tomorrow, Luna and Celestia know where I mean.”

“Yes, our old home… It will be nice to be there under better circumstances,” Luna agreed.

“And I hope to see you there too,” Shade replied as he walked up to her hugging her before adding, “stay safe.”

“I should say that to you,” Luna added with a smile before leaning in and kissing Shade as she added, “Till tomorrow.”

Shade simply smiled back before adding, “Till tomorrow,” before he teleported away.

“Something you want to confess sister?” Celestia asked.


“There’s no need, I already knew,” Celestia added with a smile.

Luna didn’t answer as she blushed looking away.

“Get any of the guards who are capable of actually doing their jobs, we can’t afford to have anyone who unprepared for this,” Celestia admitted.

“I understand, I’ll make sure they're ready,” Shining armour added as he ran off.

“You too Blueblood, if you really intend on doing this you better have all your affairs in check.”
“What do you take me for Auntie, I said I’d help and I will,” Blueblood added before walking away as he muttered to himself, “I should probably find my old armour out.”

“Is he always like that?” Luna asked.

“No, he’s normally worse,” Celestia added.

“Then we need to be ready too, I for one a not letting them do this alone,” Luna admitted.

“Then we better prepare for the coming battle. Time for something neither of us have had to do for a long time,” Celestia added as both she and Luna walked together both with the same purpose.

As Shade returned to the front of what once was a ruined castle he found that the once ruined building had been he found the ruined stones had been replaced with new ones and what had once been a crevice had been completely filled in and covered by fresh grass.

There were also few small houses around the castle creating a small town that was admittedly empty but filled out the area in front of the castle.

“So, what do you think?” Harmony asked. “Not bad for a days work.”

“Still can’t believe this took only a day to complete,” Shade admitted.

“Well when you can control everything around you, everything can be done easily.” Harmony admitted, “anyway those monsters you took down are stored in the dungeons I made under the castle, they reverted to normal but over that have not done anything else.”

“I see. Thank you for the report I’ll go down to them now… once I find a way down that is.”

“There are two sets of dungeons, one for normal people who commit standard crimes, and a second for the monsters you stop, the cells they are in are warded to prevent them from using any of their abilities, the entrance for that is behind your throne, place your hand against the back of it and and a stairway will appear for you to use to reach them.”

“Thanks, Harmony, I’ll get this sorted sooner rather than later with what we’re dealing with tomorrow I can’t have this stuff be on my mind when I handle it,” Shade admitted as he made his way to the dungeons Harmony had mentioned.

Once he had opened the door hidden behind his throne he made his way down a long spiralling stone staircase flickering white lights forming around him as he made his way down the staircase.

Once he reached the bottom bright red flames appeared all the way down the hallway in front of him as he walked a few steps to see what looked to be prison cells which had no walls separating them as the Ganma from before saw Shade.

It was then each of them suddenly lowered to one knee bowing their heads to Shade as one’s form changed from the others, this Ganma the ganma in question wore a long flowing jacket and a red mask along with a top hat. He also green leggings and bracers that looked to have a silver flame like marking on the ends of them. The Ganma also had two longs blades that almost looked like enlarged knives that were connected to something on its back.

The Ganma then too dropped to one knee as it said, “on behalf of all of us I would like to be the first to thank you for your visit, we are all fortunate for your kindness in releasing us from our forced mission.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Rider called Genm forced us to become hosts to those guards, never being allowed to be free, or the others to evolve to something greater than they are. Thanks to your intervention we are all free to make our own choices, we all wish to serve and live under your rule my king,” the Ganma admitted.

Shade then looked to the Ganma before he said, “you do know what you're requesting me to do?”

“You gave us back our freedom, we all want to repay you the only way we know how. We all know how others view those like us they can see, we are known as monsters to them, at least this way we can try to at least improve their perspective of us.”

“Okay, if you’re all sure this is what you want,” Shade responded as he transformed into his normal Shade form as he stated, “this is your last chance to change your mind if you have any doubts about this.”

None of the Ganma moved back Instead placing a part of there forms in clear view of Shade as they waited for whatever he would do.

Shade then took a calm breath before pulling on his Drivers handle before a voice shouted “Shade! Omega Branding!” Before his chains formed from flames moving towards each Ganma making contact with each of them on the parts of there forms, they had revealed to him.

After the chains had stuck them all each Ganma had a mark in the shape of a crimson coloured eye.

It was the Ganma that had seemed to lead the group of Ganma shifted into his Eyecon form moving from behind the bars and reforming in front of Shade before saying to him, “I also would like to offer my direct services to you, my king. I would like to be one of your personal guards, and serve as your ambassador for the Ganma race.”

“I would ask how you think you are up to the task, but you are part of the race you wish to represent. I’ll allow both your requests also all of you shall get your own homes above ground in the town. You can decide what you want to do with yourselves in your own time.”

“On behalf of us all. I thank you for your kindness, those of us who are capable soldiers will prepare to join your guard.” The leading Ganma admitted.

“Just one last question I need to ask before you all can leave, do you have a name for me to call you?”

“Of course, you may call me Ripper my king,” the Ganma now know as Ripper replied calmly.

“That name really doesn’t make you sound like a good guy,” Shade stated.

“I wasn’t till you appeared,” Ripper responded as the other Ganma in the cells began to disperse as the cell walls dropped, “but it feels almost natural to use that name.”

“I see. Well then Captain Ripper, I wish you good luck and get settled in, you’ll be needed tomorrow for a rescue mission.”

“Of course my king, we’ll be ready,” Ripper replied as he disappeared.

“I have collected up everything that we took from this Build, whatever that Riders plan is, it’s likely you’ll face both of those Riders tomorrow,” Harmony admitted, “I recommend you take the night to relax in preparation for it.”

“I think I will. Thank you Harmony,” Shade replied as he disappeared and went to the old hill to rest the night away and look at the stars for the first time in one-thousand years.

Author's Note:

I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

So now more ponies know of Shades existence and just what does the Shade Theocracy want and who is under the masks of both Kamen Rider Build and Fuma?

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