• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 9

As Twilight looked over him he heard one of the other ponies say, “Twilight why did you do that?”

“Can’t you see it! It’s right there!” Twilight shouted.

“Twilight are you sure there’s something their Darling?” a pure white pony with a purple mane and tail replied as she walked over towards Twilight.

“What do you mean, it’s right…” Twilight said in confusion before he looked back to see that Shade had disappeared. “I don’t understand it was just there.”

By a nearby broken window above her, Shade just smiled under his mask as he looked to Luna, Midnight and Celestia as he made himself visible for only a second, as Celestia managed to see him as well, as the three of them nodded their head to him.

Unluckily for Shade though, as he left one other pony saw him in that second. This pony being a Pegasus who had a Rainbow coloured mane and tail, a bright blue coat and magenta eyes.

This left the pegasus looking where Shade was in confusion as he jumped out the window before she looked to the group as she said calmly “I’ll meet you back in town in a bit, there’s something I need to look at,” before she flew out the window after Shade before any of them could reply.

As soon as Shade hit the ground, he looked up before he canceled his transformation and began to walk away into the forest only to hear a voice shout, “Hey! Don’t you dare run! You’re kind have done enough damage as it is!”

Alex then stopped at this before he looked back to the the Rainbow coloured mare hovering behind him, “Seriously, how many of you can see me?”

“I know you’re here! So show yourself!” the mare shouted.

“Or maybe not,” Alex sighed as he continued to walk away.

“Don’t you dare!” the mare shouted as Alex saw her phase through his body and land in front of him, “I can see your footprints you’re leaving on the ground.”

At this, Alex sighed before he turned walking a distance away from the mare before making himself visible before he said to the mare, “Okay what’s your problem?”

“My problem! Your kind think you can say that! Your all monsters,murderers! Killing innocent ponies and walking around looking like them!”

Alex just looked at the mare as he said, “I think you have the wrong idea, I have never killed anyone.”

“Don’t lie to me! You Roidmudes are all the same!”

“What the hells a Roidmude?”

“Wait… are you being serious?” the mare asked.

“Yes… I seriously have no idea what you mean,” Alex admitted.

The mare the placed one of her hooves over her face before she said, “I jumped the gun again didn’t I?”

“Most likely, but what the hell is a Roidmude?”

The mare then froze before she said “those things,” as the gestured behind Alex.

Alex then looked behind him to see three monsters behind him, they each looked to be comprised of a metal, but each had a subtle difference. The first had large ears that almost lay flat to his head and the number 029 on his chest, the second had 8 red lines on his chest that looked similar to a spiders legs and the number 042 on his chest. The third had ears similar to that of the first but curved upwards, and on his chest had the number 088.

“Friends of yours I assume?” Alex asked the mare.

“Not friends, definitely not friends.”

“Great,” Alex groaned before grabbing an eyecon from his side and activating it as his driver appeared, however before he could transform two of the Roidmudes (numbers 042 and 088) brought there hands to their chests then forwards as an pink light shone on both Alex and the mare, rendering them unable to move.

“Slowdown! Not now!” the mare shouted.

Alex ignored this as his hand moved down to his driver nonetheless as he inserted his eyecon, hoping it would break whatever the Roidmudes had done as he shut the driver as the word “Eye!” was shouted out but slower than normal.

“Dammit!” Alex shouted as he tried to pull the handle on his driver as the three Roidmudes approached him only to stop as a strange, almost forgotten yet familiar sound was heard approaching them. A car’s horn.

“What the!?” Alex shouted in confusion as he saw one strange extending platform moving towards them which suddenly separated into three paths approaching each of the Roidmudes.

The mare then muttered to herself, “you three are always on time,” as one of the three paths moved towards her side before a small orange toy car appeared at her side before the mare began to move normally unlike Alex who was still slowed.

“You know… I’m pretty sure that’s not fun for you,” the mare admitted.

“No… shit,” Alex said his voice still slowed.

The mare then sighed before she said, “considering these Roidmudes attacked you as well, it’s pretty clear you’re not allied with them,” as she quickly placed a small red toy car with two white stripes down the centre in his hands as he could once again move normally as his transformation completed and his Shade Parka Ghost attached to his back along with it’s normal tune.

“Shade? What are you? Kamen Rider Shade or something like that?” the mare asked.

“Pretty much,” Shade replied with a smirk as the toy car began to glow.

“What’s happening with that Shift Car?” the mare asked.

“Shift what now?” Shade replied as he drew a eye shaped symbol behind the Shift Car before a new Parka Ghost formed in front of them. This Parka Ghost was predominantly Red, but had a black outline around it and two white stripes, one running down each side and another set on the hood of the Parka Ghost.

As soon as it finished forming it brought its right arm up as the left rested on what would be Shade’s arms as it flew into his Driver before forming a red and Black eyecon Eyecon which h quickly inserted into his driver before activating it as the phrase “Kaigan Drive! Keikan! Seigi-kan! Tire Koukan!” was heard as the new Parka Ghost attached to his back and his Shade Parka Ghost dispersed.

It was at this moment two weapons appeared in his hands, the first being a large sword that looked to have a cars steering wheel attached to the front and the second was a gun that looked to resemble a car’s door, both weapons looked to be in a similar colour scheme to that of the Parka Ghost Shade now wore.

The mare’s eyes went wide as the Shift Car she had handed Shade returned to her as she said “How! How do you look like Drive!”

Shade just looked to the mare as he said, “as much as I’d like to answer that question I have a feeling we have more pressing matters.”

However a few seconds later two more car horns were heard along with one wider moving platform before a strange object was placed in the mares hands, which she quickly placed around her waist.

It was then a new almost familiar sounding voice was heard that said, “Is all you do get in trouble?”

“Oh shut it belt.”

“Still as rude as ever,” the voice said as Shade saw what looked to be a face on a red screen in the centre of the belt.

“Let’s just deal with these Roidmudes,” the mare argued.

“Finally something we can agree on Rainbow Dash,” the belt said cockily before the voice shouted out “start your engine!” As the mare now known as Rainbow Dash turned a small red lever on the belt before turning the back of the Shift Car she had given Shade as inserting it into a bracer she had on her right arm.

She then smirked at the Roidmudes as she shouted out “Henshin!” and pulled the Shift car forwards and threw both her arms downwards as three red lights surrounded her, one on each her legs, chest and head before they each condensed into on then expanded into two red and yellow tyre tracks that obscured her body, before within seconds what looked like white shaped lights that combined of some kind of suit attached to her body as they light changed from white to red.

It was then Shade saw that Rainbow Dash’s body was covered in a suit similar to that of hte Parka Ghost he was currently wearing, but unlike his her helmet had two large eyes on it and a silver R stylized enough that it resembled a K and enclosing a D.

It was then a large tyre seemed to appear from amid the trees which attached to Rainbow’s suit before the voice from the belt shout out “Drive! Type Speed!” before she looked up towards the Roidmudes as the sound of a car’s engine being revved before followed by that of a Formula 1 car racing as they two eyes on the suit glowed in a white light.

“...Something you need to confess?” Shade asked as he remembered that one of the lost Displaced riders was named Drive in the video he had seen on the moon.

“We’ll explain everything after we sort this problem out,” Drive admitted as she looked towards the three Roidmudes who each recoiled back at the sight of two versions of Drive standing in front of them.

“You better,” Shade replied as he looked at the unarmed rider before he said, “catch.” and threw her the gun he had received when he switched forms as Chrysalis formed into a single pistol to replace the one he gave to Drive.

“Been a long time since I saw this thing,” the belt said calmly.

“What’s it even called? The Door Gun?” Drive replied.

“Believe it or not… yes.”

“You have to be kidding me,” Drive replied as she shook her head.

Both Shade and Drive then looked towards the three Roidmudes before nodding to each other as they shouted in unison, “you’re all coming along for the ride!” As the two of them charged towards the Roidmudes firing on them with their guns which sent Roidmudes 042 and 088 stumbling backwards as the 029 looked on the approaching riders.

“Shall we?” Shade asked with a smirk as Drive nodded back before Shade pulled the handle on his driver before it shouted out “Drive! Omega Drive!” As soon as this was heard Shade ran towards 042 and 088 who had somehow ended up next to each other as Shade jumped towards them as what looked to be a faint red light in in the shape of a car spinning around the Roidmudes.

It was the Shade’s foot stuck 042 which launched him backwards into the light which he seemed to hit and bounce back towards 088 only for the process to repeat itself multiple times which seemed to strike the Roidmudes each time he passed knocking them back against each other.

This went on for about a minute before a familiar red and black flame surrounded Shade as he struck 042 as he pierce through it’s body along with 088 both being engulfed in red and black flames as both screamed out in fear and pain as Shade landed behind them looking towards 029 who just turned and ran away as Shade looked up and the silver marks on his mask pulsating, as an alternating black and red glow surround his body.

Drive then looked to Shade as she asked “What was that! What in Celestia’s name was that!”

Shade didn’t answer as he slowly stood back up and turned towards the two fallen Roidmudes as the flames continued to engulf them there screams dieing down but still present.

“Seriously! What was that!” Drive shouted again.

“It’s not killing them,” Shade replied.

“Wait… what?” Drive asked in confusion.

“How can you prevent them from harming others but not kill them?” The belt asked.

“Simple… I don’t kill my enemies unless I have no option but to,” Shade admitted as he flames around the Roidmudes dispersed as the ground saw the two of them surrounded in pulsating red and black chains as both looked up to Shade before they each placed a fist on the ground and lowered their heads as the chains disappeared into their bodies.

Both Roidmudes then said in unison, “What do you require of us master?” which surprised Shade as almost all of the others monsters he had captured had required him to give them new orders, a new mindset to live by.

Shade then took a breath before he said “You will from this day on obey my every command, you both serve me now.”

Both Roidmudes then nodded to Shade before adding, “Yes master,” before a new band appeared on Shade’s wrist under his suit as both Roidmudes turned into their cores which displayed their numbers of which were covered in black chains before they both disappeared into the same band on Shade’s arm.

“Okay… What the hell was that!” Drive shouted as she powered down.

“Indeed, I have never heard of anybody who’s able to force obedience on a defeated enemy?” the belt asked.

Shade then untransformed before she said, “It is one of my abilities, I am able to shatter the will of defeated monsters and force them to serve me.”

“And you’re sure you’re not evil?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“...Wait… who are you really?” the belt asked.

“Why does it matter?” Rainbow Dash asked the belt.

“Shade… that’s all you’re getting.” Alex replied as he began to walk away.

“Alex… is that you?” the belt said as Alex froze.

“What… how did you...” Alex replied in shock .

“This is crazy, who in Tartarus is Alex!” Rainbow Dash shouted.

Alex just ignored the mare before he said “Who… I assume the word is were you?”

“Nowadays I just get called Belt by her… but my name as people used know me not was Christopher Burr. Admittingly I changed my name when I got here to Kristopher Stienbelt.”

“...Chris? How… wait… you were one of Displaced one thousand years ago!”

“Yes… with Simon being the original Drive.”

“Wait, wait, wait… hold up!” Rainbow Dash shouted in confusion. “How do you and belt know each other?! Who is Simon?! Where did those Roidmudes go?! What happened to them?!”

“Is she always like this?” Alex asked.

“No… it’s normally that pink one… what was her name?” Kris asked Rainbow Dash.

“You mean Pinkie?”

“Yeah that’s the one, she’s more likely to never stop asking random questions.”

“Sounds like a laugh,” Alex replied with a chuckle.

“Hello? I’m still here, am I the only one who’s not going to get their questions answered?”

Alex just sighed before he asked Kris, “How much does she know?”

“Very little, she knows nothing of what we were, and those before her.”

Alex just pinched the bridge of his nose before he said, “That’s just great… So what do you want to know?”

“What are you and how do you know the belt?”

“Seriously I told you my names Kris!” Kris replied in frustration.

“I know Kris from over one-thousand years ago, we were part of a group friends.”

“...Wait… did you say over one-thousand years ago? How is that possible?”

“Well for one, I am nothing but in essence a computer program now… but for Alex… I don’t know. How are you alive?” Kris asked.

“...I’m not, I’m dead, I have been since the day I was Displaced here.”

“Wait! You mean after you were actually killed in that terrorist attack!” Kris shouted.

“Oh so that’s what people thought it was,” Alex sighed.

“What do you mean you’re dead! What do you mean by Terrorist attack! What are Displaced?”

“I was murdered by a man one-thousand years ago and for a better term resurrected by another, and sent from my own reality to this one, same goes for Kris and Simon.”

“And who is Simon?”

“Simon was my older brother, and the original Drive I was sent here along with some of my other friends over one-thousand years ago,” Kris admitted.

“And had all disappeared by the time I appeared one thousand years ago,” Alex added.

“Okay… but next question… why were you at the castle when I dealt with Nightmare Moon?”

“You dealt with her? I think you mean when you and your friends dealt with her,” Alex rectified. “And I was there to make sure both Luna and my daughter was okay.”

“Wait daughter?”

“Yes, the little foal that was with her when she returned to normal, the three of us were all on the moon for one-thousand years together.”

“Wait… you were on the moon all that time… then that makes you the one who helped the Princess in the Legend!”

“Oh there’s a legend? I suppose she didn’t completely erase me and Luna from history then,” Alex replied with a smirk. He then looked towards Rainbow Dash before he added, “If that’s all you need to know then i’ll be off.”

“You know… you’re pretty impatient for someone who’s lived as long as you say to have.”

“I have a feeling our definitions of lived are very different,” Alex admitted as he slowly began to walk away.

However before he got too far away Kris shouted “Wait! If we need you… how can we find you?”

“Oh if you need me, I‘ll be around,” Alex replied as he walked away into the dense forest and out of sight.

“I can’t believe that this is possible,” Kris muttered to himself.

“Why, he doesn’t seem that impressive?” Rainbow replied, “were you two close before this?”

“I wasn’t the closest to him from the old riders, there was one other who was much closer.”

“Really who?”

“I’m pretty sure when the time comes you’ll find out,” Kris replied with a smirk as they both disappeared into the forest back onto the path that would lead them back towards Ponyville. A path which Alex had not taken.

As Alex continued to traverse the forest as he changed back into this Alicorn form both from the fact as an Alicorn he could use magic to a small extent, along with the fact if he was seen again by a pony, it may end up shocking them, but it would be better than scaring them.

This thought caused him to think to what had just happened and the realisation that not only was he no longer the last human in this reality but also that at least two of his friends were here, with now only one surviving.

It was then he felt a small body try to crawl up his back as he turned his head to see Midnight resting on his back, her hands wrapped around his neck so her chin was resting on his shoulder.

“What are you doing here? Didn’t you stay with Luna?” Shade asked curiously.

“I was going to but when those other ponies left they all went to go back to the town… but then they shouted about something they called ‘slowdown’ then it suddenly stopped and they ran outside… well all but mom and Celestia.”

“Must have been that fight between me, Rainbow and the Roidmudes that’s caused that,” Shade thought to himself before he added calmly, “well in whatever case, you might aswell stay with me for the time being.”

Midnight then smiled as she wrapped he arms tighter around Shade’s neck as they continued heading towards wherever Shade had been heading.

A few minutes passed with nobody seeming around them until they reached a familiar cave as Alex said to Midnight, “just wait here a minute, if anything happens just shout me.”

“Okay dad,” Midnight replied calmly as Shade walked into the cave as he saw Dillon sitting on the ground with a group of timberwolves near him.

It was then Dillon groaned in pain the omega walked over to him and looked at his newly formed ears before she then licked him on the face before her ears started twitching and she looked into another direction as she saw a silhouette at the entrance of the cave.

The figure looked to be an Alicorn in form, it had a black coat that was obscured by the darkness around him as the only visible trait was its red and black mane and tail the red highlights almost seeming to shimmer in the darkness, along with a set of bright blue eyes that were clearly visible even through the darkness.

“What and who in world are you?” Dillon said as he tried to get up but struggled to move his left leg which was still hurt as he tried to get up”.

“Don’t strain yourself Dillon,” the figure replied the voice sounding strangely familiar, “you shouldn’t being putting too much weight on your leg if you’ve injured it.”

“Who are you….wait you sound familiar.”

“Do I now… where do you think you’ve heard it?”

“Did I meet you at the ruins by chance?”

“Thats one place we met,” the figure replied with a chuckle as it smiled at the Omega.

“Ohh hey Shade” Dillon said as he relaxed himself.

“Oh right, I guess I did say to call me that before didn’t I,” the figure admitted calmly as he walked into the cave.

“Yeah you did” Dillon replied calmly.

“Well… I guess from this look most of the ponies will start calling me Prince Shade now.”

Dillon just sighed as he opened a part of his bag taking out a picture as he held it in front of him looking at it intenetly.

“Hey, what that?” Shade asked as he walked beside Dillon and sat beside him.

“A picture me and my friends and family took on my 14th birthday”.

“I guess you got lucky for the fact you still have all that stuff,” Shade admitted calmly.

“yeah I guess” Dillon replied calmly with no emotion.

“Cheer up kid, at least you’re alive,” Shade admitted.

“Hey do you have anything that can help with my leg.”

“I believe I can help with that,” Shade replied as his horn glowed in a crimson light that enveloped Dillons leg as the pain he was feeling began to subside as he asked “that any better?”

“Yeah thank you Shade,” Dillon said with a small smile on his face.

Shade just smiled to Dillon before he pressed a small button on his arm as his body changed into that of a human who had black hair and blue eyes. He was wearing some black tracksuit bottoms, along with a red t-shirt below a open black and red trimmed hooded jacket. He then looked to Dillon before saying calmly, “and enough with calling me Shade when I not in my Alicorn or Rider forms… when I’m like this call me Alex.”

“Okay then thanks Alex”.

Suddenly a voice asked from outside the cave, “Dad… am I okay to come in?”

“Sure Midnight, I see not reason why not,” Alex replied as the filly before ran upto him and sat in his lap her head resting against Alex’s chest.

“Who’s is that?”.

“My adopted daughter, Midnight… but you knew her as Nightmare Moon,” Alex replied calmly as he rubbed the back of Midnights neck.

“Say what,” Dillon said as his eyes wide.

“You heard me,” Alex replied, still retaining his smile.

“Okey dokey,” Dillon said uncomfortably.

“Is something wrong?” Midnight asked nervously as she turned her head to look at Dillon.

“Nope,” Dillon said calmly whist he was thinking in his head “I’m surprised he’s let her in here I almost kill her in the building”.

“And if you’re worried about what happened before don’t worry about it,” Alex added.

Dillon just flinched as he said, ”what?”

“Don’t worry about what happened between you both back in the castle, she didn’t take it seriously.”

“Okay then,” Dillon said before the pup he met before pounced on his head as Dillon asked it, “why do you like me so much?”

“I like you because you’re funny and you look like someone that would fit in into our family.”

“Okay then.”

“What did he say?” Alex asked in confusion.

“He’s says I’m funny and that I look like someone that would fit into their family.”

“And you understand them?” Alex replied.

“Yeah the omega made me a part of the pack which probably connected me and them mentally and plus I got these new parts like this tail and these ears.”

“I see, I’m surprised the Timberwolf I was close to one-thousand years ago didn’t try that with me,” Alex admitted with a chuckled.

“Wait how old are you Alex?”.

“All in all, or the age i’m recognised as being?”

“All in all”.

“Let’s see… I was trapped on the moon for about one-thousand years… was on equestria a month before then and was sent here on my 18th birthday… so about one-thousand and 18 years old I think,” Alex admitted.

“Okay then how old is she?” Dillon asked pointing to Midnight.

Midnight then looked to Dillon before she said to him “I’m one-thousand years old today.”

“Okay one more question is a lot of stuff in world gonna get me annoyed in some sort of way”.

“No idea… what sort of stuff annoys you?” Alex asked.

“You know what nevermind”.

“Okay then,” Alex replied calmly.

“So what happens now Alex”.

“What do you mean?”

“Where are you two gonna go because you look like you need to see someone”.

“Well I need to head into town soon to make sure Luna’s okay… and to deal with the backlash of their being and Alicorn Prince now.”


“Why was you asking?”

“Honestly I don’t know what to do and I highly doubt she will let me leave”Dillon said pointing to the Omega.

“Oh I think the old girl, will be fine if it’s with me,” Alex replied with a smile.

“Okay then by the way who were those six mares I saw them when I left the building in the ruins”.

“I don’t really know, they didn’t introduce themselves to me.”

“Hmm okay then.”

“Do you want to join me in town?” Alex asked.


Alex the looked to the Omega before he said calmly “I’ll make sure he doesn’t get in any trouble, you have my word.”

The omega just nodded her head before she looked towards Dillon saying “Stay out of trouble when you’re with him”.

“I’m not gonna cause him trouble” Dillon said with a frown.

“I’ll hold you to that,” Alex chuckled as he stood up before he switched back into his Alicorn form as Midnight jumped onto his back.

“Well let’s get to it then.”

“Sure,” Shade replied as the three of them walked out the cave and towards the nearby town.