• Published 15th Jul 2017
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Kamen Rider: Equestrian Shade - The Dark Brony

An 18 year old boy killed and is reborn in Equestria with the abilities of Kamen Rider Ghost but under the new persona of Kamen Rider Shade.

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Chapter 14

Author's Note:

Thank you, everyone, for waiting, this is another crossover with NWRAlicorn and his story Kamen Rider Day Break and Super Sentai Knightmare Force

Now I know a lot of information was released here and I want to hear all your options on it and where you think things will go from here.

I hope to hear from you in the comments

-The next morning-

As morning broke Alex slowly stood up after having decided to simply attempt to sleep for once even though he didn’t need to so.

It was then he smile thinking to what he was going to be doing soon before saying to himself, “this won’t be a easy day for me.”

It was then he jumped off the room as he seemed to float down to the ground even though he was not in his Alicorn body before he turned to see multiple Ganma standing near him each saluting him. Most of them were simple Ganma Commanoes but some had seemed to evolve there forms into stronger ones.

“I see you’ve found your new recruits,” Alex heard behind him as he turned to see Ripper behind him as Alex saw that he now had a familiar eye shaped symbol near the top of his chest, “we decided to use that mark for our crest till one is decided for the guards brand.”

“I was going to use something similar anyway,” Alex admitted.

“I’m glad you approve of our choice then.” Ripper replied, “those of us who are present wish to help with your task today, there are also a hundred of the others who wish to join us aswell.”

“I’ll gladly accept it,” Alex agreed with a smile, “and even with you, we may need some more assistance. I and know where to get some.” he added as he looked at the amulet he had gotten years ago from Daybreaker.

He then walked back inside the castle and down towards the Tree of Harmony, activating the amulet as he walked saying, “Can anyone here me on the other end?”

Meanwhile with Daybreaker, she was in her office, tending to some paperwork in regards to building damage when she heard Alex’s voice.

“Alex,” she said. “Is that you?”

“Who else has a method of talking to you without being there, and has my voice?” Alex asked calmly. “No seriously I want to know who does that needs nipping in the bud before it goes to far.”

“Oh?” Daybreaker asked. “Something up?

“I think I need some of your peoples help with something over here, it’s something me and the riders here are not prepared to handle alone yet, also I did say I’d invite some off you here at some point did I not.”

“True,” she said. “I’ll send over a few as soon as I can. Sit tight and look pretty.”

“Any advanced warning on who’s coming my way? Oh and give them a heads up, do not kill the Ganma near me.”

“I won’t. I know Kamen Rider Tiger, Kamen Rider Knight, Kamen Rider Silkmoth and Kamen Rider Arachnus are free. Do you want more or will four be enough?”

“Hopefully they will suffice, and thank you for this.”

“Not a problem,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, and after this you and your daughter need to visit one time,” Alex added.

“We may come with the Riders. My daughter seems excited to meet your friends,” Daybreaker said.

“And I look forwards to seeing you both soon aswell,” Alex added.

“Same. She missed you,” Daybreaker said.

“I see. Tell her I’ll be glad to see her again, I look forward to seeing how she’s grown, it’s been a long time for me.”

“Oh trust me, she’s about my size,” Daybreaker said. “Well, I’ll get on this. Tell whoever is running this show to wait about 25 minutes.”

“...you just did,” Alex added with a chuckle, “and message recieved.”

“Good. Set up and prepare for an arrival,” Daybreaker said. “Oh and don’t worry, I have the tickets paid.”

“I’ll make sure to reimburse you then.”

She chuckled, seeing the joke flew over Alex’s head.

“What's so funny?”

“I said I had the tickets paid to come over and we’re coming over via portal, with no need for tickets,” Daybreaker chuckled.

“I see,” Alex replied rolling his eyes.

She chuckled again and told him to wait. Alex closed the comlink and waited. Some 25 minutes later, a portal opened and out stepped a tall and grand Changeling queen, followed by Daybreaker and the four ponies that were asked for.

“Hello all of you, it’s been a while, how's it been for you,” Alex asked with a smile.

“Busy,” Coco Crusoe said. “We’ve been putting on galas and whatnot.”

“I see, I guess I’ll be needing to sort one of those myself sooner or later,” Alex replied with a sigh.

“Ours are more like superhero galas,” Daybreaker said. “One where the kids can meet the heroes that save them.”

“At least yours all sound enjoyable.”

“They somewhat are, but it’s mostly standing around, looking pretty,” Night Knight said.

“At least you have a chance for downtime normally,” Alex responded, “I’ve been back three days and not stopped even once.”

“True.” Daybreaker said. “It might be a good idea to have a larger team, to allow for members to have down time between fights.”

“You kinda need multiple riders for that to work, kinda hard when you were attacked and almost killed… again by two at the same time,” Alex pointed out

“Hmmm…..do you have any information on them? Maybe we can make something work,” Daybreaker said.

“I had two rider names from them, Kamen Riders Fuma and Build, along with that we learned that they are using captured…” Alex then stops for a second before adding, “I wish I could sugarcoat this, captured Changelings as test subjects to make weapons, rider equipment and test almost lethal drugs on.”

“Sugarcoating would make it worse. Thanks for telling us,” Daybreaker. “I think we can sort this out.”

“Also, we have a name for who is orchestrating this, they seem to call themselves ‘The Shade Theocracy.”

“Interesting,” Daybreaker said. “Any information on them?”

“All I know is that they are a religious cult who were formed during the time I was on the moon and think I’m a god… but also think I’m and impostor, apart from that we know nothing”

“Hmmm…..Do you know the leader?”

“I only heard of this yesterday as the Rider called Fume fled with Build, he said they wouldn’t stand my existence and nothing else.”

“I see. I have a plan,” Daybreaker said.

“Maybe you should wait till the other arrive to go through it with all of them,” Alex suggested as he shifted into his Alicorn form as the group heard a voice say, “your guests will be arriving in around 10 minutes Alex.”

“I guess we better, be ready to meet them then.”

“Right you are,” Crystal Beau said.

“Also all monster in the town are my people, so don’t try and kill them.” Alex warned incase Daybreaker had not done so.”

“We got the briefing,” Comet Tail said.

“I wasn’t sure how much you all knew, as we make our way above ground ask me anything you wish to know.”

They had nothing to ask.

“Seriously, nothing atall?”

“Well, we do have a couple questions that are best left for later,” Daybreaker said.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because you have your meeting and asking them while we’re on the way up would give your guests the impression we’re trying something,” Daybreaker said.

“If you're sure thats the case, I won’t argue with you all,” Alex replied as they made it above ground before Daybreaker and her team waited as Alex’s guests arrived at the castle.

Daybreaker and her team waited in the stairwell and when Alex was out of sight, they began to talk about the case they were needed on.

“Seems like something big,” Coco said.

“I wonder what it could be,” Comet Tail asked.

Meanwhile, Shade made it up to the top and turned to greet the guests.

“I’m glad you could all make it,” Alex responded as Blueblood, Rainbow Dash, Celestia, Luna, Shining Armour and Cadence along with the royal guard and a small group of thestrals Shade assumed to be those who would become Luna’s Royal guards.

“Same,” Replied Shining Armour.

“So, were all clear on why we’re here?” Luna asked.

“We have no idea,” Kris respond to the group speaking for Rainbow Dash as he was attached to her waist.

“For those who don’t know of what has happened, yesterday we were attacked by two riders who said they worked for the Slade Theorcracy and we received information they have abducted multiple creatures and used them in tests many of these lethal. We’re going to assault this place and free everyone we can and cripple there operation so they won’t be able to continue,” Shade stated.

“No offense, but who knows how many monsters they’ll have and there are only three riders to help and I am sure at least two of us will be inside looking for everyone,” Rainbow Dash argued.

Shade then looked to the others waiting for confirmation to say that he could call them over from Daybreaker.

“Seems like he’s waiting for us,” Coco said to the others.

“Agreed,” Daybreaker said.

The group walked out, surprising Rainbow and the others there.

“These are a group of Riders I met a long time ago, well a part of their group.” Shade admitted.

“So are you the famous Daybreaker Shade told me about on the moon?” Luna asked curiously.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“Well it’s a pleasure to finally meet you,” Luna responded placing her hand out to Daybreaker.

Daybreaker extended her hand and the two shook.

“Well, can we ask who the whole group are? How do we know there not in allegiance with the Shade Theorcracy?” Blueblood asked.

Daybreaker shot him a dirty look as Shade jumped in to diffuse the situation

“Look, I can assure you they are not with them,” Shade responded.

Rainbow eyed them up, suspiciously.

“I trust them,” Kris replied, “I can already tell they would never have been able to meet up with the Shade Theorcracy.”

“Besides, I have a plan to capture this Kamen Rider Build that’s been hasstling you,” Daybreaker said.

“And what is this plan?” Celestia asked looking curiously at Daybreaker.

“One of the Riders, Kamen Rider Arachnus, is a magic user and specializes in spider magic…” Daybreaker began, but it clicked in the others heads.

“So you think we could use his powers to capture them?” Shade responded.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said. “His powers are themed around silk spinning spiders.”

“By chance was her powers from the equipment we looked for when we first met?” Shade asked.

“No, this was long before that,” Daybreaker said. “He’s a magic based Rider that not even I know everything about.”

“Okay then, how would he be able to trap them?”

“Think like a Spider,” Daybreaker said. “What is the most common way a spider catches a bug? A web.”

“And if that doesn’t work then what?” Kris asked.

“Then we go to plan B,” Daybreaker said.

“And that is?” Rainbow Dash asked curiously.

“Me,” Daybreaker said.

“And what can you even do?” Rainbow asked with a smirk.

“Oh, you know, some Maretial Arts,” Daybreaker teased.”After all, you’re too pretty to fight.”

“And that’s also more than you,” Kris added.

“Shut up belt,” Rainbow argued.

It was then Shade whispered to Daybreaker, “see what I meant by barely able to make my own team?”

“I do,” Daybreaker replied. “Let me and my team whip them into shape. Plus, you might find a surprise waiting.”

“Should I be worried about this ‘surprise’?”

“It’s nothing to be worried about,” Daybreaker said. “It should help you make a more competent team.”

“You realise we are not a team?” Blueblood pointed out.

“I know you’re not a team….yet,” Daybreaker smirked.

“There won’t be a yet, I have no intention of working with him after today,” Blueblood responded.

“Ah, well, I must have underestimated your common sense,” Daybreaker said. “That’s alright, we can replace you.”

“That doesn’t take much to do,” Shining Armour responded.

“I know, but his loss could be your friend’s gain,” Daybreaker said. “You can’t have deadwood kill the tree.”

“Kinda can’t take my pick when these are the only good riders I know in this world,” Shade admitted

“Leave it to me,” Daybreaker said. “As I once told one who wasn’t keen on being a team player, ‘We need a full team, and you can be replaced as there are more out there to pick from’.”

That got Blueblood. The very idea he was expendable and able to be replaced seemed to horrify him.Shade watched as Daybreaker worked her charm.

“I know about eight in this universe who can take your place,” she continued. “I can give the list to Shade, who would be more than happy to replace your sorry excuse of an ass.”

“Hey, no need to be hasty, I’m sure I could consider working with him.”

“That’s good,” Daybreaker said. “We need all hands on deck.”

“Okay, so what's the plan? You want to train the idiots first or dive straight in with why I called you to help?”

“Let’s train and then over dinner, you can fill us in,” Daybreaker said.

“And how do you plan to train them?” Shade asked.

“Simple, let’s go to find a space to train,” Daybreaker said.

“How big you thinking we’ll need?”

“Maybe we should find a forest to train in,” Daybreaker said.

“Harmony, you know what to do,” Shade said to seemingly nobody.

“Already prepared, its to the south behind the castle.”

“Thank you Harmony,” Shade replied before saying to Daybreaker, “We have a suitable place prepared when you're ready.”

“Excellent,” Daybreaker said. “We’re going to need it. And another bit of advice, train together as often as possible.”

“Yeah, that's will be easy being we live in three different cities.”

“Schedule a couple days to come together to train,” Daybreaker said. “My team stays in the castle in the Everfree Forest in my verse.”

“Where do you think we are?” Shade pointed out.
“The Everfree Forest, of course,” Daybreaker said.

“Just checking we were on the same page,” Shade responded before leading the group to the open area Harmony had prepared.

They walked out and saw how big it was and Daybreaker smiled.

“Perfect,” she said.

“Glad you think so. Whats you plan to train these two then?”

“Just watch,” she said.

She and her crew grabbed their devices and held them up.

“Best way to train is to be in suit,” she said.

“I don’t remember this working last time with me,” Shade replied as Blueblood and Rainbow Dash transformed into their rider forms.

“Trust me, it will,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said.

“We’ll see,” Shade responded as he transformed as well into his standard Shade form.

On cue, Kamen Rider Arachnus formed a spell circle underneath Kamen Rider Shade and before he could react, he found himself anchored under webs.


“Don’t be surprised,” Kamen Rider Arachnus chuckled.

“You really think that will hold him?” Blueblood asked curiously.

Kamen Rider Shade attempted to break the webs, but he found that for every strand broken, more took its place, “I see breaking one thread at a time will do nothing, but...” it was then flames ignited along all the web at once burning the entire thing as Shade stood up dusting himself off, “all at once is a more viable choice.”

“I know,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“So if any Rider we meet can break multiple threads at once, it would make your first plan useless,” Blueblood pointed out.

“We know, but you have to remember, three are silk spinners,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “That and we can use surprise tactics.”.

“If they don’t have more riders than we anticipated, we still don’t know exactly who leads them or who fights under their banner,” Kris admitted.

“True, but we can gauge through their fighting,” Kamen Rider Silkmoth said.

“If we can designate just who we’re facing,” Blueblood responded as he placed the Eternal Memory into his knife before everyone but himself and Shade’s suits froze up as they were covered in binary before he slashed Kamen Rider Silkmoth’s body as her transformation fell apart.

“Clever,” Night Knight said.

“Tell me? How can we tell how many enemies there are from how they fight?” Shade asked.

“It’s shown in the style of fight. If he’s laid back, barely doing anything, and say, popping off every eight seconds, we know that he has three back ups. If he’s more tense, one; if he’s grunting and snarling, none and if he seems almost limber, five,” Kamen Rider Recuse Archer said.

“Okay and if none of those signs show?” Shade asked.

“That means he’s got something planned,” came the reply.

“Okay then, anything else you think we need to know?” Shade asked.

“Nothing else just ye….” Night Knight began, but was interrupted by a Royal Guard running up.

“Prince Shade, we have a problem.”

The prince turned to the guard, a brow raised in the “Do Tell” position.

“A changeling approached us then collapsed in front of the castle when we went to help it, it’s body seemed to fall apart before he began to mutate, we have no idea what happened to him but the rest of the guards and trying to handle it.”

“Hmm,” Night Knight said. “You thinking it could be this Kamen Rider Build character?”

“I can’t reject that possibility,” Shade responded.

“We saw something that resembled a blue and red Kamen Rider,” The guard said.

“I doubt they would make an attack so soon after yesterday also,” Shade added holding up the Tank Fullbottle, “that Rider lost most of it’s transformation items yesterday, that form will not be available.”

“It’s got to be the Bugster Virus then,” Coco Crusoe said.

“Whats a Bugster Virus?”

Coco Crusoe spent what felt like an hour explaining the Bugster virus, in reality, it was only eight minutes, only to have it go over the guard’s head.

“Okay I think I understand, but could you go over something for me?” the guard asked.

“What would that be?” Daybreaker asked?

“Everything after the first sentence,” the guard responded.

“When we have time,” Daybreaker said. “I promise.”

“Can we maybe focus on the problem at hand Shade,” started running off looking for the bugster.

Coco agreed and the two made for the front gate, where they saw the Bugster infecting several guards.

The Bugster in question had a black and silver body and head, the only thing not matching it being multiple yellow disks attached to a frame around it’s neck.

It was then Shade looked to it as he said, “so this is a Bugster?”

“Yes” Kris replied, “but none of us has the required equipment to take it down, it was always Ex-Aid who handled them before.”

“So you need a certain rider that uses Gashats correct?” Shade asked.

“Well yes, but we have none?”

“I’ll hold you to that,” Shade added holding out a new eyecon, “I hope this works as I think it will.”

He then activated the eyecon in his hand as the words “Eye! Kaigan! Ganbarizing! GO! Senkou! Koukou! Bāsuto de GO!" before he parka ghost as it changed into a sleek cybernetic jacket that consisted of a dark blue coloration with the white circuit lines running down its side and arms and its mask was mostly blue apart from a silver line running down the centre with what looked to be white lines running over the remainder of the mask.

It was then a white card with an image of Kamen Rider Chronos appeared in his hand which he threw forwards as the rider appeared as the card turned into a large light structure that fell to the ground as a figure that matched that on the card stood in front of the group.

The infected Changeling and guards stood there, growling and hissing, poised, ready to attack.

“Chronos, take him down,” Shade ordered as the Rider charged towards the Bugster beginning to punch at it along with stopping time at intervals.

“What the hell is Chronos?” Kamen Rider Silkmoth asked, coming in to join the fight.

“Would you believe me if I said it’s a very powerful Rider?” Shade asked as Chronos sent the Bugster stumbling back as it tore Gashat from the Bugsters head tossing it to Shade who caught it with a smirk before adding, “Chronos, finish him.”

The rider just seemed to smirk before time paused for the others before restarting as the Bugster began to fall apart retreating into the Changelings body as it’s host collapsed falling unconscious.

“Can he be cured?” Kamen Rider Silkmoth asked.

“I wish we could, without a true rider that can do it, he’s stuck like that,” Kris responded.

“I think that I may have a way,” Shade responded changing to his standard Shade form walking towards the unconscious Changeling.

They watched him walk up and begin the process.

It was then he plunged the Gashat into the Changling as the Bugster reformed around the Changling again however before the Bugster could react Shade quickly activated his finisher as Chains surrounded the Bugster.

“I’ll give you a choice, you can submit to serve me and my people, and protect you host and not kill him, or I can take you out of the picture, those chains are currently gripped to your very being, if you refuse my off, you’ll be dead where you stand,” Shade responded the Bugster shaking in fear.

“I submit to your rules, please don’t kill me,” the bugster responded in fear as a eye shaped symbol appeared on its chest and a second on the palm of hand along with a faint chain marking appeared around its neck.

“Good choice,” Shade responded as the chains retreated and he walked away the Bugster following him.

The other Riders blinked, then chuckled.

“Not bad,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“I aim to please,” Shade started with a bow as he canceled his transformation as they saw Chronos faded away and a card appearing in Shade’s hand again

They chuckled again and were about to head in when they spotted something...A figure standing on the rooftop..

“Oh god not him,” Kris responded sounding scared.

“So, the little brother lives,” the figure responded, “Tell me how has the last two thousand years been for the little brother?”

“You know him” Kamen Rider Arachnus asked Kris.

“I wish I could say I didn’t, he’s the reason we’re the only riders here,” Kris responded.

“Genm I assume,” Shade responded.

“I see, I wasn’t forgotten,” Genm responded as three other Riders appeared next to him as Kris seemed to freeze up, “what's wrong, not happy to your friends again?”

“Wizard?” the group heard two shaky voices say from behind them as they looked to see Celestia and Luna behind them.

“Seems we have some catching up to do and some facts to get straight,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “Let us retire and speak in private.”

It was then the group looked back up to see that the four Riders hand disappeared before Shade followed the others inside.

“Come, now, who were those four,” Daybreaker asked.

“They were the Riders who came before me,” Shade admitted.

“One was the original Drive, and my older brother,” Kris added, “each of them my friends.”

”I see,” Daybreaker said. “Are they always that arrogant.”

“Well considering three of them were murdered by the one who spoke to us, what do you think?” Shade responded.

“Yeesh,” Coco Crusoe said. “Can we….do anything to save or free them from his control?”

“If we could I’d love to hear it,” Kris replied.

“Hmmm…..There is a roundabout way of freeing them,” Daybreaker said. “But it might be too long.”

“There was one way Simon always said would fix mind control,” Kris responded.

“And that is?” Daybreaker asked.

“We hit them, really, really hard,” Kris responded.

“Good,” Comet Tail said.

“Are you serious Kris?” Shade added.

“I never said he was smart,” Kris pointed out.

The others chuckled softly.

“So. What's the plan? Do you think they’ll reappear when we handle the Cult?” Shade asked.

“They’ll re-appear to assess us,” Daybreaker said.

“You think so? You don’t believe that they work with the Cult?” Kris asked.

“I don’t see them being a part of the Cult,” Daybreaker said.

“So we don’t need to factor them into the numbers we’ll be dealing with,” Blueblood responded.

“No, treat them as something else entirely,” Daybreaker said.

“So when do we head out?” Rainbow asked.

“Right now,” Daybreaker said.

“Okay, let's go Belt,” Rainbow responded putting Kris around her waist again.

“You’re way to eager,” Blueblood muttered.

“Nothing wrong with being eager,” Daybreaker said. “It’s a good sign.”

“It’s not good to be eager to your own death though,” Shade added.

“Have some trust in me,” Daybreaker said, with a knowing wink.

“It’s less you I have little trust in and more miss loose cannon here,” Shade admitted.

“Also, have trust in Dash,” Daybreaker said

Shade then looked to Lunar Rainbow who had been quiet since she arrived as he said to Daybreaker, is something wrong with your daughter, she’s been very quiet since she arrived here, I don’t think she’s spoke even once?”

“No, She’s considering options,” Daybreaker said.

“What options?”

“The options we have open to us right now with these riders,” Daybreaker said.

“Then why doesn’t she tell us her thoughts we’re all ears,” Shade admitted.

“Simple, she wants to make sure there are no holes for them to fall through,” Daybreaker said.

“But we simply do not know enough to be sure of all those factors,” Shade stated.

“She can see things we can’t,” Daybreaker said. “She is an acclaimed accountant after all.”

“How is an accountant matter in doing that?” Blueblood asked.

“She can add up all the flaws and take the number we have and see if our percentage of failure is greater than 50%, but then, she has to factor in outside numbers to see if everything would come out in the positive,” Daybreaker said.

Blueblood didn’t seem to be convinced by that.

“All of you, I trust her and you should too,” Shade responded with a smile to Lunar Rainbow.

“Considering we have a 75% chance of success with a 5% chance of them coming round to us, while we do have a 10% chance of failure with 5% chance of serious injury and a 5% chance of one of us dying,” Lunar Rainbow said, holding up a device that allowed her to transform in Kamen Rider Necrom. “Don’t think I don’t count everything.”

Shade turned to see Rainbow Dash and Blueblood staring, eyes wide and jaws hanging in shock.

“Tell me, who does the 5% chance of one of us dying apply to the most?” Shade asked curiously

“At most Rainbow Dash, but I’m not ruling as a certainty as it is a percentage and not in stone,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“Okay, everyone get ready to head out,” Shade ordered as everyone except him and Lunar Rainbow. “Okay Lunar, what's gone off, you seem too quiet and I assume planning wasn’t the only reason you’ve been so quiet.”

She chuckled, “Your right, I was too quiet. I was assessing you all. I was also making a catalogue of your friends and their connections to the riders as well as figuring everything out and running numbers.”

“You realise you could have just asked me about that.” Shade admitted.

“I know that, but I do my own research,” Lunar smiled softly.

“Lunar, what else is there thats wrong?”

“Nothing,” she said. “Trust me, will you.”

Shade didn’t say anything and simply raised an eyebrow to her.

She smiled and walked out.

“You're not fooling anyone Lunar,” Shade thought to himself as he walked out.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t find that out,” she thought, looking down at her Rider Device, which turned into a familiar blue and red device for a certain Rider.

As they group a walked through a dense crowded forest they stayed close the the side of the mountain as some of the Pegasi including Rainbow flew above the treeline, while the solar guards followed behind, Shade, Celestia, Luna, Blueblood Shining Armour, and Daybreaker.

“The entrance should be just ahead of you near the wall,” Harmony said to Shade as the ordered the group to stop.

“Hm, what’s this about a wall and an entrance?” Daybreaker asked.

“There should be a hidden entrance around here, and it should be accessible via this wall,” Shade admitted.

“Ah, Interesting,” Daybreaker said.

“The issue is just where and how to open it, without blowing it up, we want to be as quiet as possible.”

As he said that, Blueblood leaned against the wall and it slid open.

“I would have never imagined you’d find it,” Shade admitted.

“I’m not that incompetent,” Blueblood responded.

“I wouldn’t say that he’s incompetent, just lucky,” Daybreaker said.

“There's a difference with him?” Shining Armour asked.

Daybreaker chuckled, “There is, it’s called “Lucky Mane”.”

Shade just rolled his eyes before saying, “we’ll need most of you to be ready to help anyone who comes out along with a few Riders to handle anyone hostile who comes out.”

The others nodded as Crystal Beau offered to stay outside and wait along with Rainbow Dash as Shade, Lunar Rainbow, Blueblood, Shining Armour, Daybreaker, Night Knight, Coco Crusoe and Comet Tail entered.

Those who had ways of lighting up the darkness lit it up and the group walked on.

“Anyone got a funny feeling something’s going to pop out?” Lunar Rainbow asked.

“Glad I’m not the only one who thought that,” Shade responded as they began to hear a faint buzzing noise coming down a nearby corridor.

“Get ready, now,” Lunar Rainbow said, grabbing her device.

“Don’t just stop,” Shade requested as they saw a swarm of Locusts travel across a crossroads ahead of them, “what was that? They’re not normal Locusts I’m sure of that.”

They continued on, to see something come up in front of them.

“Who are you?” Lunar Rainbow asked, growling.

They got no response however a a creature that looked like a Deer walked towards them holding two large antlers like they swords.

“Who…..are…..you?!” Lunar Rainbow snarled again.

“Lunar stay back,” Shade replied holding his arm out in front of her.

She subsided and still eyed the figure up, which chuckled.

“So, another Changeling that's a lapdog like all the others,” the figure said with a smirk as Shade placed his hand at his side slowly turning the bracelet holding Chrysalis.

Blueblood then whispered to Shining Armour, “once they distract this thing we’ll go down the left route, both this creature and the Locusts came that way,” to which Shining nodded back in agreement.

Lunar Rainbow was now boiling. No one called her a lapdog and lived to breath.

“Oh is the little dog angry, yes you are, yes you are,” the deer mocked as it continued towards the group,

“Your asking for it, big time,” Lunar hissed.

“Hold,” Shade requested quickly rotating the bracelet before using the pistols they created to knock the deer backwards as it went sprawling to the ground as something seemed to open on it’s waist.

“Good show,” Lunar said.

“That was too easy,” Shade responded as they continued on with both Shining Armour and Blueblood seperating from the group down the path the monster had came from.

“Might have been, but something tells me we have yet begun to fight,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“Just don’t let them get under your skin,” Shade replied seeing how Lunar had acted when the deer had been mocking her.

“I’ll try,” she said.

As the group got further down the hall they failed to hear something closing being followed by a chuckle.

After what seemed to be a few minutes the group reached a large open room that looked to hold a lot of equipment, some looking to be made for experimenting on creatures, some of these having a Changeling Corpses on them, one of them having it’s chest open with it’s organs showing.

“Well… this is grim,” Shade responded.

“Grim hell,” Lunar said.

It was then they heard a faint voice say, “please kill me.”

They looked down to see a weak and barely surviving Changeling colt there. Lunar looked down, in horror, and ready to help.

“Whoever did this will die!” she hissed.

She knelt down and examined him, only to see that he was missing a leg and part of his horn.

The dying Changeling then weekly looked to Lunar before saying, “I never thought I’d see a queen again, not after she left us.”

“Who left you?” Lunar Rainbow asked. “Come on, tell me please.”

It was then the Changling slowly reached a hand out to Lunar a sad smile on it’s face as it said, “our last queen.”

“What was her name?” Lunar Rainbow asked again.

The changeling went quiet it’s arm falling to its side.

“Dammit!” Lunar hissed again.

Just then, they spotted a cage in the back of the room, full of changeling colts and fillies ready for experimenting on.

“Lunar, I don’t think I need to tell you what to do here,” Shade replied.

He watched her break the cage open and the colts and fillies flew out and buzzed happily around her. One question remained.

“Who was your old queen?” she asked them.

None answered all looking to her in confusion.

“You don’t remember your old queen?” she asked.

At last, one spoke, having remembered the old queen’s name however when it tried to speak all that came out was a faint gasp followed by a whimper from the Changeling that tried to speak.

“What’s going on?” Lunar Rainbow asked.

It was then a faint chuckle was heard from behind the group as they looked behind them to see the Changeling that had died standing up with a sadistic grin on it’s face.

“Shade, get these that we saved out of here and call for backup. I’ll distract him as much as possible,” she said.

“What’s the rush, I bet my mistress would love a new plaything,” the previously dead Changeling said with a grin.

“She can wait until the afterlife to get new playthings,” Lunar Rainbow smirked. “This queen’s got a new order. And it’s time to build that new order.”

Shade watched as she gripped her device and with a swift set of movements, transformed into Kamen Rider Build, and stood, ready to do battle.

It was then all the freed Changeling screamed out in terror in before running back into the cell they were in curling up into a fetal position.

“So it seems your mistress used this rider to terrify them,” Kamen Rider Build snarled. “No matter. She’ll be the one screaming. NOONE EVER MESSES WITH THEIR HIVE!”

Shade watched Kamen Rider Build (Lunar Rainbow) turn the undead changeling into a permanently dead and ashy heap. She turned to see the other Kamen Rider Build going for the scared colts and fillies. Jumping in, she sent the other Rider flying close to about six continents back.

“Oh, you are a treat,” a voice said as the Changling that Lunar just killed reformed with a chuckle, “I’m sure you’ll make the perfect test subject like I was.” It was then the Undead Changeling form seemed to shift as it began to look exactly like Lunar’s rider form.

“You see,” came the reply of Lunar, with a chuckle. “I was also an experiment, and you honestly didn’t think to come prepared?”

“It appears the experiment was the success,” the Evil Build replied, “I’ll just take these ones with me and let you have your fun, make sure to come back alive, I want to see what sort of monster you’ll become,” as she dragged a crying Changeling colt away a large metal door sealing behind her as she went.

“GET BACK HERE YOU COWARD!” Kamen Rider Build roared, only to get no reply as they heard more doors closing behind the one in front of them.

“Cheap cowards, the lot,” Kamen Rider Build hissed again.

“So… this is why you were staying so quiet,” Shade responded as he walked up to Lunar saying, “You thought this would be a issue?”

“I knew this would be an issue,” she said. “I need to know their old queen’s name to figure this out.”

“What? You being another Build? I know you're not the one who’s causing chaos here and I still trust you so stop being scared and be honest with us.”

“I know you know, but I’m wanting to stop this,” she said, becoming uptight. “I want to put her into the ground. Us queens have an unwritten rule that you do not ever harm your hive. She crossed the line and must die!”

Shade picked up on the anger and even the disgust. She walked over to the others and after getting them out, she turned to the others.

“Let’s get out of this place. I’ll explain later, but right now, this place isn’t good for them,” she said.

“That’d be the best option,” Night Knight said. “After all, I know Lunar and she won’t sleep until the queen who did this is dead.”

“That's the thing that's worrying me, who is the queen, all of these look malnourished beyond a simple few weeks, something feels wrong here. Almost like this isn’t whoever should have led thems doing”

“Agreed,” Comet Tail said.

“She’s only focused on who should be protecting the Changeling, not what they’re having to do they're in cages sure, but the one that warned me of this, he mentioned another one sacrificed himself for the others, but not there queen?”

“That’s odd,” Daybreaker said.

“Agreed, but I can’t piece together why that's the case,” Shade admitted.

“Let’s go. Maybe we can sort this over coffee,” Daybreaker said.

“Agree… wait are we missing someone?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“That's not good,” Shade responded.

“Shall we look for them?” Daybreaker asked.

“Well considering we have undead monster roaming around that we can’t kill, I don’t fancy there chances… oh crap, the deer’s still alive isn’t it.”

“I don’t think so,” Lunar said.

“Lunar… if the Changeling that came back didn’t die from being disintegrated, what are the chances the other one survived a few bullets to the chest.”

“Slim, as it had the hallmarks of being a first time raise,” she said.

“Still, can we be sure of that?”

“Lemme go and look for them then,” she said. “I know for a fact he’s gone, as I turned his ashes into ashes and scattered them everywhere.”

“No, you focus on getting them out of here, they seem to respond to you better than anyone else,” Shade pointed out.

Lunar nodded and lead the colts and fillies out. The others followed behind, to help protect the younglings from any other harm. As they walked along, Shade felt two things bump into him before he looked down to see two of the Changelings by his legs looking at him curiously.

“Who are you sir?” one asked.

“Most creatures call me Shade,” Shade said calmly looking down to the Changeling.

“Interesting,” the other said.

“Why are you so curious, you wasn’t able to speak before when we found you?”

“We were scared…..” they said

“Not surprising from what you all witnessed, but that's over now,” Shade responded kindly

They nodded and were soon out of the place and on their way home before the group froze up looking back to the group that had helped them.

“We have no home to go to,” they said.

“Shade, would you be opposed to having them come back to the castle?” Lunar asked.

“No I would not, that would be fine,” Shade responded.

“Good,” Lunar said.

“I assume you’ll want to stay out here with them, but I’m heading back in, I need to make sure everyone is out and the Cults operations are eliminted, along with finding Blueblood and Shining Armour.”

“Okay,” Lunar Rainbow said.

“If you know the way back, which I assume you do, take them their and we’ll meet up with you after,” Shade stated.

“I do. Don’t you worry,” she said.

“Okay, good luck,” Shade responded as he turned and made his way back inside the base.

Daybreaker and Crystal Beau followed on, not wanting Shade to be alone and thus die alone.

“Wouldn’t you want to stick with the rest of your team,” Shade responded running down the corridor knocking a few monsters that crossed his path out while looking for Blueblood and Shining Armour.

“They can handle themselves,” Daybreaker said. “Besides, your going to need all the help you can get.”

“Am I really that weak that you don’t think I can handle myself?”

“It’s not that, it’s that we stick together,” Daybreaker said. “One is strong, but many can break a wall.”

“In other words, you think i’m in over my head,” Shade admitted with a sigh as they reached another open room.

“No, we sense the the Evil Build Rider is going to make sure you are going to fall to her hand,” Daybreaker said. “If you have two to have your back, she’ll fall to you.”

Shade then stopped as he asked the group, “why do I feel like we entered a boss room?”

“Because we have,” Daybreaker said.

It was then a group of doors opened along with the corridor behind them slamming shut being a myriad of monsters appeared infront of them including the deer from before along with the recently turned changling that still looked like Build with another Build beside it and Kamen Rider Fuma.

Along with these there were two monsters that looked like Zebras, a monster that looked like a large humanoid bug, a large monster that looked like a beetle, five different Dopant and two armoured figures Shade had never seen before both figures hidden by shadows.

“Ready to fight?” Daybreaker asked, her lips forming into a curled smile.

“Hey, when we get out of this, tell Lunar. I told you so,” Shade responded grabbing his Shade Eyecon and transforming into his standard form.

“I’ll pass it on later,” Daybreaker said. “Right now, bones and monsters to end.”

“Agreed,” Shade responded as the chains on his shoulder unraveled striking the oncoming Undead as the dopants, Changeling Undead and the Riders stayed back.

“They seem to be content,” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer said. “Something tells me they have something…..dammit!”

The chains kept knocking the Undead back as some fell back as Shade asked Recluse Archer, “What's the matter?”

“We’ve played into the enemy’s hands!” she said.

“How so?” Shade asked calmly as the Deer and Locust Undead both fell to the group a faint clicking sound being heard as they saw something open on the Undeads waists.

“They wanted us, the strongest riders out of the way so they could go after their prized experimental toys,” she said.

Shade didn’t respond as he stopped attacking the monsters as they all looked at him in confusion by his action, their attacks ceasing as well.

What’s he thinking?” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer asked herself.

“What are you all doing kill them!” one of the figures in the shadows shouted.

“No,” said the turned Changeling.

Everyone stared. The Evil Riders growled.

“What do you mean no, I told you to kill them,” the same figured ordered again.

“They are friends you sick, twisted and demented things,” the Changeling snarled again

“Shade….Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Kamen Rider Recluse Archer asked.

“I am, but I don’t believe it,” Shade responded his right hand against the floor.

“What did you say, you dare defy our orders,” the evil Build replied.

“Yes,” the turned Changeling snarled. “And I called you “Sick, Twisted and Demented”.”

“Don’t be a fool,” Fuma responded sounding nervous.

“I suppose if you don’t do as we say, I’ll have to kill you again, maybe move some other parts of you around and replacing them will make you more Cooperative,” Evil Build responded angrily.
“You couldn’t risk that and even if you could, he’ll be around, ready for you,” The Changeling said ominously. “The shadows tell all.”

“Move now!” Shade shouted as multiple chains shot from the ground knocking the Dopants, riders and all but the sane Undead Changeling backwards and wrapping around there forms.

Kamen Rider Recluse Archer and Kamen Rider Arachnus moved in along with Shade, weapons drawn.

“Are you okay?” Shade asked the Undead Changeling as he kicked a set of Fullbottle near the Evil Build out of her reach before picking them up as they disappeared in red flames.

“Yes,” The Changeling said.

“Good, do you want your freedom?” Shade asked as he saw all riders except Build and the undead almost break free of there bonds

“Please,” he said.”

“You're not taking him anywhere!” Fuma shouted before the chains dug through his suit before he collapsed his rider form falling apart as a chain removed the Gashat from his Driver.

“GRRRRRRRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” the changeling under the costume roared and attempted to charge them, only the chains to go taught as others forced him to kneel in front of Shade as his eyes went hazy.

“You ready to do your thing?” Kamen Rider Arachnus asked.

It was then one of the figures shouted, “Get away from my slaves! You will not defy this worlds god! You will not refuse Lord Shade!”

“Go fuck yourself,” Shade respond, “you should stop looking for you're god, because he’s right here.” Shade then whispered into the downed Changeling’s ear, “your soul is mine.”

“Yes master Shade,” the Changling who was Fuma replied mindlessly as all the other chains shattered as the Dopants and remaining Undead changed Shade and the others.

“Interesting,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

“Knock the other Undead down,” The undead Changeling replied locking eyes with the figure in the shadows before his form changed into that of a yellow and black coloured rider.

“Interesting,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said. “Shade, do you know who that Rider is?”

“I have no idea,” Shade responded.

“Alright. We’ll face this problem once done here,” Kamen Rider Arachnus said.

The new Rider turned, nodded and drew his weapon.

“Shall we finish off some monsters?” he asked.

“I feel insulted, I thought we were at atleast allies now,” the Undead Changeling responded

“I was extending the offer to you and your friends,” The rider said. “You aren’t a monster. You are just what is needed to help finish them off.”

“And just how are you planning on finishing off my Undead warriors, you don’t have whats needed to do so, you think I’d carry the only thing capable of defeating me,” the Rider that the Changeling copied the form of responded.

“Well, let us think of something, on the fly,” the Rider said.

It was then a voice shouted from above, “take down the Beetle first!”

“I’ll handle the Dopants,” a second voice shouted from above as the words, “Eternal! Maximum Drive!” was heard before binary appeared over the forms of all the evil riders and Dopants as four of the five dopants suddenly deformed their Gaia Memories falling to the ground in front of them.

“Talk about time,” The Changeling, in Rider form said. “C’mon! We’ve got a death to hand down!”

“You heard them, focus on the Beetle.”

“We’re called Undead,” the Undead Changeling replied.

“Okay, focus on the Beetle undead,” Shade corrected as he saw something one of the figures was holding glow above him, the object looking almost like the tip and a big of the shaft of a spear.

“Hey! Throw the spear towards me!” Shade ordered getting an idea.

“On it!” the figure responded as he threw the spear towards Shade who caught before it hovered infront of him before he drew an eye shape behind it as as the spear was covered in a harsh white light before a Parka Ghost that was predominantly bronze in colour apart from a red cloak that rests around its neck and right side held by a silver brooch that had Shades dripping eyes symbol on it as it tore through the Zebra Undeads body before flying into Shade’s Driver creating a new Eyecon.

“New eyecon?” asked the undead changeling, turning to see what was going on.

“Oh, I wonder what this one is?” Shade asked replacing his old eyecon with the new one as the words “Kaigan: Julius Caesar! Dictate! Expand! Conquer!” was heard as the Parka Ghost from before attached to his back as a persona that resembled that of a Roman style shield appeared over his face. Along with that both his spear and his Shield formed from his two bands on his arms as he leveled the spear towards the Beetle Undead.

“Your first,” Shade stated both calmly and unnervingly as his form began to shift as three clones appeared each holding the same look and weapons as Shade before they charged there opponents.

The opponents readied themselves for battle, but weren’t ready for what was to come as the cloned Shade’s struck them with their shields knocking each back before running them through with their spears the end sticking through the back of the monsters, one of these being the Beetle Undead as a belt around it’s waist opened that looked to have the symbol for a Ace of Spades on it.

It was then a blank card of some kind struck the Undead in the back before it was surrounded by a green glow before being sucked into the card before it flew back up to the figures above them.

“Think they’re allies?” the undead changeling asked. “Or do you think they’re part of a rival team?

“Oh I’m pretty sure there on our side,” Shade responded as Shining Armour teleported down to them holding a card in one of his hands and having a large rectangular belt in the other.

“Sorry we took so long,” Shining Armour stated.

“I’ll keep moving, I think there's more captives ahead,” Blueblood shouted down from above as he moved on through a door above them.

Shade turned to Shining Armor, a brow raised. He wanted to know what the hell was going on.

“I’ll explain later,” Shining Armour responded as he placed the belt over his waist as he inserted the card he had grabbed and placed it into the front of the belt as what looked to be playing cards quickly wrapped around his waist attaching the belt to him.

He then brought his hand across his body before shouting, “Henshin!” as he pulled lever on the side of the buckle as it flipped over a plaque where he had inserted the Card reaving a large Spade symbol as the words, “Turn Up,” was heard as a large blue rectangular construct that had what looked to be an image of a beetle on it infront of him, which knocked all the monsters ahead of it away as it travelled in front of him.

It was then Shining Armour ran into the construct in front of him before a suit of armour appeared over him. This armour looked like it was themed after a beetle in some ways and was blue and silver with gold accents, and had a large red outline on it’s chest in the shape of the Spade card set.

“Ready?” The mysterious Rider (Shining Armor) asked.

“ Do you think the two of you can handle them?” Shade asked Daybreaker.

“Yes,” Daybreaker said.

“Just don’t get yourselves killed, unlike me you are still alive,” Shade stated which got a strange look from Shining armour

“I’ll ask later,” he said. “C’mon!”

Shade took one look before nodding and following him into the blackness of the hallway. The two hurried off, leaving the others to handle the evil riders, in hopes of finding any more who needed to be rescued.

As the two riders traveled down the new hallway Shade asked Shining Armour, “So, need I ask how and how long you’ve been a rider.

“Ever since I split off from you,” Shining Armor replied.

“I need more to go on than that,” Shade responded.

“I’ll tell you more later, right now, we need to find any more in need of help,” Shining Armor said.

It was then Shade stopped Shining before asking him, “no, we have no idea what that belt could do with you, do you even know it’s safe to use?”

“Considering it appeared in front of me,” Shining Armor said.

Shade stared before saying, “I don’t believe that for a second.”

“Why would I lie?” Shining Armor pointed out, “I don’t have a reason to not be honest.”

“Because you want the power to protect everyone, it stung when Blueblood said you were useless in comparison to him.”

“While yes, it did sting, it didn’t take over my mind,” Shining Armor said.

“You ever hear the saying, power corrupts.”

“I know that, but why would I let it corrupt me?” Shining Armor pointed out. “I am a Royal Guard.”

“And that means, much better and stronger people have succumb to power and lost themselves.”

Shining Armor said no more. He was more focused on the job at hand. If he ever wanted a lecture on power, he’d talk to one of the princesses or Daybreaker.

“Shining Armour, do I look like someone who knows nothing of the power you held and those alike it,” Shade responded, “So listen to me, if you want to use those powers tell me, why do you want them and what will you do with them?”

“I want them to allow me to help and assist in protecting those I’ve been sworn to protect as a royal guard,” Shining Armor said.

“You found it on a table and just grabbed it didn’t you,” Shade responded.

“Found it, yes; on a table, no,” Shining Armor said. “I found it while searching around, and as I approached it, it glowed.”

“And you just took it without wondering what it was? And what possessed you to put it on and use it without knowing what it was?”

“I knew it was a Rider Belt and what possessed me to put it on was that it was reacting to me, as if it was saying it was a solution to my problem, and I put it on to see if it would be the solution to my problem,” Shining Armor said.

“And what problem is that exactly?” Shade asked.

“That I can’t save anyone,” he said.

“...did you not just save our asses back there?” Shade pointed out.

“With some help from the suit and belt,” Shining Armor admitted. “I had no idea of what to do until the belt somehow spoke to me, telling me to use it’s powers to help you.”

“Well did you're belt give you a Rider name at the same time,” Shade asked as he rolled his eyes.

“That….no,” Shining Armor said.

“Why did you hesitate?” Shade asked.

“Because I had to think on that,” Shining Armor pointed out. “I could have said “Yes” in which you would have asked for the name, and I couldn’t produce said name for you.”

“Can’t or won’t. I would be angry either-” Shade began to say before a new voice shouted.

“Blade! You stole our master greatest work to date, surrender and you may yet live,” a figure in the shadows responded before the Locust undead from before appeared behind Shade and Shining Armour.

“GET DOWN!” Shining Armor shouted, pushing Shade clear and swinging his sword at the Locust Undead only for it’s body to split into a swarm of Locusts as the blade swung past them harmlessly.

“That went as well as you planned I assume,” Shade responded.

“No,” came the blunt reply.

“You want to handle the guy in the shadows,” Shade responded as he switched into his Billy The Kid form before opening fire on the swarm with his pistols each bullet killing a Locust.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said as he turned to the Shadowy figure before charging at it, swinging a large oversized two-handed sword of some kind at the figure, catching him off guard.

It was then Shining Armour got close to the figure as he saw it was an Undead that looked to resemble a boar however before the Undead could react to Shining Armours movements the sword he had been wielding sliced the undead in half.

Shade faced the Locust Undead, ready for a fight.

“Your friend must be confident in his ability,” the Locust Undead said.

“The guy’s too hotheaded for his own good,” Shade responded as he opened fire once again destroying more of the Locusts Undeads smaller bodies before it reformed.

“You seem confident in your ability, as you do with your companion’s ability,” The Locust Undead said.

“You know, you kinda don’t rate the ability of a novice when your dead yourself, I guess thats something we share, not that it matters,” Shade responded as the Locust Undead tried to have the smaller Locusts devour Shade only for them the fly through his form constantly, “maybe you should try not eating carrion.”

“Funny,” The Locust Undead snarled. “NOW DIE!”

Shade continued walking forwards as the Locust just flew through him harmlessly before Shade pulled the Handle on his driver before the words, “Billy The Kid! Omega Impact!” Was heards as Shade leveled his pistols that he had combined into a rifle against the Undeads head before he said, “Any last words?”

“Die,” The Locust Undead snarled.

“You know, if you want my personal opinion, die is a pretty bad choice of last words,” Shade respond as red spectral chains were pulled towards the rifles barrel, “but to be fair it’s far from the worse decision this cult made today.”

The Locust Undead snarled again.

“Die,” he repeated to Shade.

Shade could only sigh before he fired at the Undead as black chains surrounded the Undead’s form wrapping around its entire body before it fell to its knees infront of Shade as he asked the Undead, “who do you pledge your undying loyalty to?”

“You,” the Locust Undead said.

“What was you protecting ahead? Are there anymore captives here?”

“Yes,” the Locust Undead said.

“What was you protecting?” Shade asked removing his weapon from the Undeads head before a black chain was burned under it’s skin on it’s neck..

“The captives ahead,” The Locust Undead said.

“Anything else and how many captives?”

“Fifteen cells of captives and a figure resembling Kamen Rider Decade has been seen around,” the Locust Undead said.

Shade and Shining Armor looked at each other, confused. It was then, by looking up, Shining Armor got the answer.

“A trick of the light. The grills look like Decade’s helmet,” he said.

Shade looked over to see that Shining Armor was right, it was all an illusionary trick, played by the lighting.

“Is this what you saw?” Shining Armor asked the Locust Undead

“Yes, it is,” The Locust Undead replied.

“Thought so. I doubt this Decade would show his face here,” Shining Armor said. “Unless he was to infuse with someone we don’t know about yet.”

He chuckled and Shade had to agree that the idea was farfetched.

“What did you do with the thing you faced?” Shade asked Shining Armour.

“It’s here,” he said, holding up a card.

“So… here’s your warning, if you try to harm anyone again, without an order from me.You’ll meet the same fate as the other guy, Understand” Shade responded to the Locust Undead.

“I understand,” The Locust Undead said.

“Good, was there anyone else defending this area after you?” Shade asked.

“There are other captives from the Changeling race in the sector where Blueblood is,” the Locust Undead said.

“Anymore captives her after that?” Shade asked.

“Newborn Dragon hatchings and Diamond Dog pups,” the Locust Undead said.

Shades voice suddenly went darker as he said, “Where are they being kept.”

“In the fourth story of the castle,” the Locust Undead said.

“What have you done to them?” Shade asked holding the Undead up by the throat it’s eyes turning into pinpricks from fear alone.

“Locked them in cells and tortured them,” the Locust Undead gasped for breath.

“What kind,” Shade asked darkly as he squeezed down on the Undeads throat.

“Scaring them with shadows and other undead,” came the choked reply.

Shade then released the Undead dropping it to the ground before saying, “take us to those on this floor then you will take us to the others.”

“Yes, sir,” came the strained reply.

“Good, get moving,” Shade replied his voice calming only slightly.

The Locust Undead struggled up to his feet and lead them onwards.

As they followed the still scared Undead as Shining Armour said to Shade, “What’s with your sudden change of tone? You were normal, then all of a sudden, very threatening.”

“Shining Armour, do you what to know what I meant by me not being alive before?” Shade asked.

“Never gave it a second thought,” Shining said.

“Really, you looked at me strange when I said something before.”

“Because it sounded a bit odd at first, then never gave it a second thought,” he replied.

“I assume you can guess the truth about me by now,” Shade responded.

“A portion of it, yes,” Shining Armor said. “Your dead and a ghost.”

“What gave that away?”

“The way the locusts passed through your body,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“That all?” Shade responded, “anything else you think you know?”

“I don’t know,” came the reply.

“Anything else you want to know?”

“Tons, but not right now,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining, you spend 1000 years on the moon with Princess Luna and a young foal alone and watch the little one feel scared with nobody but two grown people to be with and see how she feels. Now imagine how I. As a new Prince, will feel when I hear children are being tortured, experimented on and are suffering with almost no hope of seeing the Sun again or feeling safe again. Remember that I am already dead, a creature who by all rights should no have the chance I have and being unable to help others have a life they can savour. I want to save those people who can’t protect themselves, hearing what they did, is why I went mad.”

“I understand,” Shining Armor said.

“Do you really? Do you even think you can fathom the idea of what I have to deal with, I am the last of my kind, and the only others in history I am aware of were murdered by another Rider, one they trusted.”

“I understand what you’re saying, I understand your drive, but I cannot understand your raw emotions. Trust is a tricky issue,” Shining Armor said simply.

“How could you ever, have you been betrayed or know those you trust could betray you, always feeling like someones gunning for you every second.”

“I’ve been in the academy. Our superiors were always gunning for those who weren’t in their cliques and/or friends of their families. They kept telling me that if I made friends with them, nothing bad would happen, but they kept putting me on the worst details out there and two even tried to have me court martialed and even executed or thrown out for befriending those on the outside,” Shining Armor said. “It may not be the same, but it’s an example.”

“You are aware of what I will soon become correct?” Shade asked, “I will want the names of these corrupted guards and they will be removed from service and severely penalized for what they have been doing.”

“I know. Celestia has the names written down,” Shining Armor said.

“Oh I’ll look forward to that,” Shade admitted with a smirk under his helmet.

“And I’ll look forward into seeing the hell placed upon them. But something concerns me, These captives had to have leaders-Queens, Kings, Princes, Princesses, Dukes or Duchesses, right?”


“Then why would they suddenly sell out their newborns or those they respect?” he asked.

“Why would you think, to save their own sorry asses,” Shade responded, “rich snobs will always tread on anyone below them to get what they want. It’s why I despise nobles.”

“I don’t think we’re there….could it be that they are trying to get rid of those they see as competition?” Shining Armor pondered.

“Seeing newborns as competition? That I doubt.”

“I don’t just mean newborns, but their parents,” Shining Armor. “What if these rulers had the parents killed and the newborns sent here.”

“Why would any sane ruler, do that to infants,” Shade asked his fist clenched.

“They aren’t sane,” Shining Armor pointed out. “They love power and don’t want to give it up. They see anyone as a threat to keeping them in power and the kids are a new generation who’d revolt.”

“Even then, it’s still a ridiculous notion to do that,” Shade responded.

“Not at all,” Shining Armor said. “There have been Kings and Queens through history who’ve done that.”

“I can imagine there would be,” Shade replied with a sigh.

“Yeah,” Shining Armor said.

The two soon reached the first group, dragon hatchlings and saw starved, beaten and tortured dragon hatchlings. Some had black eyes, missing scales or claws or even an eye, while others bodies look heavily mutated some gaining extra limbs and in one case it’s form looking to be mixed with that of a multiple creatures including a pegasus's wings, a unicorns horn and replacing its arms with sword like blades.

“What in the everloving tartarus?” Shining breathed. “Power corrupts alright.”

The second the dragons saw Shining Armour and Shade they seemed to perk up slightly, but those who were heavily mutated sat in dismay, crying as Shade heard the one who’s form had been mutated the most said, “I can’t go anywhere, I’m a freak, nobody will ever care for me.”

“Someone will,” Shining said. “There is always someone out there for you.”

“Not for someone like me!” the hatching screamed as it slashed at Shining Armour unintentionlly striking his armour as it sparked.

“Yes, there is,” he said. “I know for a fact that it’s true.”

“It’s not, I’m nothing but a monster a weapon made to kill!” the hatchling argued.

“Shining, let me talk to him, you help the others Shade responded untransforming as he walked towards the Hatching in his humanoid form.

“Who are you?” the Hatchling demanded.

“I’m a friend,” Alex responded walking towards the Hatching calmly, “I won’t hurt you, I promise.”

“Friend?” The hatchling asked, confusion and pain filling his voice.

“Yes, a friend, I’m like you, I look like something nobody else could ever like, I look like a monster to everyone around me,” Alex responded kneeling down in front of Hatching before wrapping his arms around it as he added, “And I won’t push you away and have you suffer alone.”

The hatchling cried softly into Alex’s chest.

“There, there let it all out,” Shade responded kindly as he rubbed the back of the Hatchings head.

The hatchling did so while Shining Armor set to work freeing all the others. As he did, a question crossed the Captain of the Royal Guard’s mind.

“Shade, question for you,” the Captain asked.

“Fire away.” Alex responded still holding the Hatching close.

“Of these Riders that you know, are there any that need to be watched out for? As in, turn your back and they sell you out,” he asked, cautiously, as if approaching a very dangerous topic.

“Other Riders? The only ones of us I know personally native to in this world are you, me, Blueblood, Rainbow Dash, the changeling that submitted to me. And you saw in that room the others… Apart from Genm and whoever he has under his thumb.”

“Alright, I ask because you seemed a bit tense when Decade was mentioned,” Shining Armor said. “Just a silly curiosity.”

“I’m afraid I know nothing of this Decade but the name,” Alex responded.

“I see,” Shining Armor said.

“Is something on you mind,” Shade asked as the Hatching in his chest was not simply sniffling as he had calmed down slightly.

“Nothing,” The hatchling said.

“You sure, you still sound upset little one.” Shade responded, “You can tell me anything thats bothering you okay.”

“It’s just….how can power corrupt those who were once kind?” the Hatchling asked.

“Thats something even the smartest people in the world can never figure out, I assume its the idea that the more power they get the more they crave, the greedier they get,” Alex suggested.

The Hatchling nodded, understanding.

“Is there something else you want to know?”

“No,” the Hatchling said.

“Are you sure,” Alex asked picking the Hatchling up allowing him to rest his head on his shoulder.

“I’m sure,” he said.

“Okay, if you have anything you want to ask me, just say,” Alex asked before looking to Shining as he said, “is everyone ready to get out of here?”

“Will do,” The Hatchling said.

“Shade, Are you starting to think there’s something more going on here?” Shining Armor asked.

“What was your first hint,” Alex respond.

“Aside from the captives being tortured, it seems too coincidental that all these leaders would let their subjects be taken and tortured,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“Unless they have no idea it happened,” Alex suggested.

“This doesn’t seem like the kind of thing they’d be oblivious to,” Shining Armor pointed out.

“...Unless mind control happens to be a factor in this,” Alex added calmly.

“Possible, yes,” Shining Armor conceded.

“But even in these quantities, its very unnerving.”

“Yes,” Shining Armor said.

A snore interrupted them and they saw the hatchling Alex had been soothing had fallen asleep. “At least he finally calmed down.”

“Agreed,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining… is this form bothering you?” Alex asked nervously.

Shining Armor chuckled softly and replied, “Not at all.”

“Wait… really?” Shade responded in surprise.

“I wouldn’t lie to you,” Shining Armor said. “Your form doesn’t unnerve me, but this whole imprisoning the young does. It’s very much a big question mark alone has me rattled.”

“What unnerves me was the fact the Undead we’re facing are being made from the innocent creatures and used as slaves for what I can assume to be either profit or weapons of war.”

“Same….” Shining Armor said, trying hard to keep his stomach settled.

Alex then looked to Shining before saying, “Shining, you don’t need to answer this question if you don’t want to, but do you have any younger brother or sisters?”

“One and she’s far from us,” he said.

“You think so?” Alex asked, “what's her name, if you don’t me asking.”

“Twilight Sparkle,” he said.

“I will never understand how you're kind don’t have family names to follow eachothers,” Alex admitted as he thought to himself, “so she’s his little sister.”

“Confused? Good,” Shining Armor teased.

“And here I thought a Captain would respect his superiors,” Alex taunted.

“I do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tease you a bit,” Shining Armor replied.

“I know… and Shining, when I’m like this, call me by the real name,” Alex requested.

“Alex, if I assume,” Shining Armor said.

“Should I ask where you learned that’s my real name?” Alex asked nervously.

“Celestia told me,” he said.

“...How many people know,” Alex asked.

“Just Me, Celestia, Luna, your daughter, and your friends from another dimension who are helping us,” Shining Armor said.

“And Cadence,” Alex added.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said.

“Shining, you intend on staying as a rider don’t you,” Alex asked.

“Of course,” Shining Armor said.

“Then you must be aware, if ever anyone attacks you or another Rider, You must agree to protect them. Last time there was a group of Riders that didn’t do this they were murdered and forced to kill eachother,”

“I promise, on my guard’s honor,” Shining Armor said.

“Remember, I expect you to repair that guards honour your guard failed to show, I still stand by my opinion that you were the only capable one in the entire Royal Guard.”

“I will,” Shining Armor replied.

“Good,” Alex responded, before stating, “Do we even know where we’re going?”

“I don’t know,” Shining Armor said.

They then looked to the Locust Undead before it walked in front of them leading the way.

Shining Armor had his horn lit as they walked along. Alex turned to the unicorn, who was stony faced and very much on edge, ready for whatever comes forth.

“Still nervous,” Alex asked one hand still supporting the sleeping Mutated Dragon on his shoulder while holding one of his pistols

“Yes, as we don’t know what we’re going to find,” Shining Armor said.

“If the last few are anything to go by, more children being tortured and tested on I expect,” Alex admitted.

“Yes,” Shining Armor said. “But, My main concern is running into either evil or anti-hero types.”

“You read too many comics,” Alex responded as they reached the next room which the Locust Undead said help the next group of captives.

Peering in through a glass window, they saw Diamond Dog pups, tortured, maimed, abused, starved and mutilated. Some were unconscious and laying on the ground. Coughs, wheezes, weak pleas and even groans of pain filled the air.

“Well, we can assume things can only get better… right?” Alex asked nervously.

“Never assume,” Shining Armor replied stony faced.

It was then three ponies walked into the room as two of them grabbed one of the Diamond dogs dragging it onto a table and tying it down using leather straps, it was then the group saw this Diamond Dog had multiple incisions on it’s chest which as soon as the last pony touched it simply opened up his body. How it had not opened up before that point was anyone’s guess.

“Me thinks they have a death wish,” Shining growled coldly.

It was then they saw the last pony begin to cut into the Diamond dog as it screamed out in pain before going limp as the other pups on the ground began to cry out in fear. It was then the pony seemed to slowly place two objects both Alex and Shining Armour could not see into the pups chest cavity as the previously dead up suddenly began wailing again as they seemed to begin pouring something into the open chest cavity.

“Let’s stop this now,” Shining Armor hissed, grabbing his device, ready to transform.

“Wait, even though I can’t stomach this, if we burst in now before they repair what they’ve done to him, the pup will die… If we wait just till they are done we may yet save his life as well.” Alex suggested.

“Alright,” Shining Armor said. “Though….If I may be frank, I hate sitting around. This isn’t an office, and there aren’t stacks of papers.”

Alex nodded before passing the hatching he had been carrying to Shining Armour as he said, “Let me handle this after they fix him, you look after the kids.”

“Alright,” Shining Armor said.

It was then they heard one of the ponies in the room say, “I hear this one will be sold to some rich pony in Canterlot, some ponies says the pony plans to use these things to murder members of the Royal Guard for some reason.”

“I think this one will be sold for about 10 million bits once he’s done,” the other said.

“He will, and I’ve been told to make this weapons only purpose in life to be to murder Shining Armour, the asshole deserves it if you ask me,” The pony working on the pups body said as he finished pouring the liquid into the still screaming pups chest cavity.

Shining Armor rolled his eyes. Alex noted that and had to chuckle. The two waited, but they couldn’t help but shake an uneasy sense that there was someone unknown watching them.

After a minute Shining saw that the last pony had finished and walked away from the pup which still had it’s chest open to the air as he looked around him only to be unable to find Alex.

“Where’d he wander off too?” Shining asked himself before he saw the two ponies that had began to drag another pup onto a table suddenly grasp their throats as they released the pup as Shining saw blood running down one of their necks.

This was followed by a floating Scalpel being plunged through the remaining guards neck before he was pushed into a wall scalpel first as it went through his neck as he slowly and painfully died.

“That answers that then,” Shining said slowly and under his breath.

It was then he saw Shade reappear in his rider suit before he looked down sadly to the pup who was breathing weakly, a state Shade remembered far to well as he said, “Little one, how are you holding up?”

“Kill….me…..” he gasped weakly.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do that, what they done to you, I can’t stop but I can help you live safely without hurting anyone else after the pain stops,” Shade responded sadly, “I won’t do anything unless you agree to it.”

“I agree,” The pup said

“Okay, this will be over soon,” Shade responded as he placed his hand on the pups paw before a small symbol in the Shape of an eye appeared on the bottom before he added, “I’ll stay with you till after the change happens okay?”

“Yes,” the pup said.

“Okay, little one,” Shade responded as the pups form began to shift and grow rapidly before it’s chest healed over and it’s fur began to turn black a metal in the shape of armour grew on it’s body along with a small belt buckle around it’s waist.

Once the changes finished Shade calmly said to the pup, “are you still their little one?”

“I’m fine, master,” The undead said.

“Okay, I’m going to release you, try to stay calm okay?” Shade responded as he undid the Wolf Undeads bonds.

“Yes, master,” The Wolf Undead said.

“Okay, I need to ask do you have any desire to harm anyone?” Shade asked as the Wolf Undead stood up shakily.

“No, I don’t,” The Wolf Undead said.

“You positive of that fact, no names come to mind for you to harm?” Shade asked wanting to be sure.

“I am positive,” the Wolf Undead said again.

“Okay, I want you to help us get everyone free and out of this hellhole, okay?” Shade requested as he stuck thumb up to Shining Armour.

Shining Armor nodded as the Wolf Undead agreed to the arrangement. Alex and the Wolf Undead went to work breaking the locks.

Once all of the Pups were free Shade looked to them all as he said, “think you can all walk out of here?”

“We can try,” one said.

“Are you sure you're able to do so?” Shade asked them, clearly worried for the youngest of the pups who already looked like they could barely stand as it was.

“We’re not so sure after all,” they replied.

Shade then sighed before Harmony linked him to the others as he said, “Daybreaker can you hear me?”

“Yes,” Daybreaker said. “I can and so can Crystal Beau.”

“Are you still holding up okay?”

“Yes,” she said.

“Okay so how's everything going on you're end we may need some assistance on our end.”

“The undead we were fighting just disappeared,” she said.

“I know the Locust Undead followed us, he’s out of the picture now.”

“Interesting,” she said. “Relay your coordinates and we’ll be there.”

“We should be around a few floors above you, Can you teleport yourselves to me using the link between us?”

“Right,” she said.

In a couple minutes, she and Crystal Beau arrived.

“Glad you made it sorry about the three bodies,” Shade stated as three of the youngest pups were curled up in his lap asleep.

Daybreaker chuckled in a motherly way, “It’s fine. It’s good you got them out.”

“I wish I could have said the same for the big guy,” Shade admitted gesturing to the Wolf Undead.

“I know the feeling….listen, don’t be hard on yourself,” she said. “My team’s lost many lives before.”

“If I may,” The Wolf Undead said, drawing all eyes to him. “Mr. Shade, take a step back and breath.”

“Why would you say that?” Shade asked.

“Your getting wound up over something you had no control over,” The Wolf Undead said. “If anything, this might be a blessing in disguise.”

“Why do you say that?” Shade asked.

“Your saying “I wish I could have saved him”,” The Wolf Undead said. “However, there are things out of your control.”

“And how that a blessing in disguise?” Shade asked.

“Because it means you can have more aide in terms of either undead on your side or the possibility they could do what the undead changeling did,” the Wolf Undead pointed out.

“True,” Shade admitted before stating, “I just realised I never asked your name, do you even remember it?”

“No, I don’t. Shade, sir, do you have a name for me,” the Wolf Undead asked.

“What do you think to the name Shinmei?” Shade asked.

“That would be fine,” the Wolf Undead said.

“Okay, we all need to get everyone here out, but I think at least half of the pups are in to bad of a state to walk out of here,” Shade admitted, “Beyond this I think there are one more group of Captives further up.”

“Right you are,” Shinmei said.

“Shining, you and Shinmei escort the others out and if you wouldn’t mind Daybreaker could you send Crystal Beau with them to help, Rainbows also making her way here to help by clearing out any enemies on the floors leading to us.”

“Right away,” Daybreaker said.

“I prefer one person heading in further with me as backup, would you be able to help with this Daybreaker?” Shade requested

“I can,” she said.

“Thank you, it means a lot to hear that,” Shade responded.

Just then, the young Hatchling woke up as Shade quickly picked him back up letting him rest on his shoulder again before he heard him say groggily unaware of what he was saying, “thank you dad,” as he pulled his body up tightly into Shade’s chest.

“Oh, a dad,” Daybreaker teased. “I knew you’d have it in you.”

Shade just rolled his eyes as the Hatchling yawn and stretched his bladed arms up accidently cutting Shades face slightly in the process.

Daybreaker lit her horn and the cuts healed nicely.

“You didn’t have to do that you know,” Shade replied with a smile as the Hatchling woke up completely still resting against Shades shoulder a large smile plastered over his face.

“I saw it as something that needed to be tended to,” she said.

“Still, you shouldn’t worry about it,” Shade added.

It was then the Hatching screamed out in fear as his arms burst into green flames as he started hyperventilating as he said “What in Tatarus, please… help.”

Shade then quickly reached around him holding him tightly as he said, “calm down, I’m here, just breath and concentrate it should help.”

The hatching then then did as Shade asked before the flames subsided revealing the blades had turned into two normal arms, as the Hatchling began to cry as he said, “I’m scared, please let me stay with you dad.”

Daybreaker looked to Shade.

“I can take over the releasing of captives, you get out of here. Take him somewhere safe,” she said.

Shade then looked to the Hatching as he said, “I need you to be brave for me, you remember how I found you, others are hurting just as much, I need to help them too. Can you trust Shining and Shinmei for me and let them look after you, I promise I’ll help everyone then be back to look after you.”

“Yes,” the hatchling said.

“Okay, just behave for Shinmei, he is kinda a big brother for you,” Shade responded with a smile as he wrapped his arms around the Hatchling tightly.

“Yes dad,” the Hatching responded hugging Shade tightly before Shinmei came over and collected the hatchling and carried him out.

Shade then turned to Daybreaker as he said, “the Locust undead will show us the way,” he then looked to the Undead as he added “won’t you?”

“Yes, master,” the Locust Undead said shakily still scared of angering Shade.

“Good, lets get moving,” Shade responded as the group began to make there way to the last room the Locust undead had told Shade about.

As they made there way towards their last destination Daybreaker looked to Shade as she asked him, “Any plans for when we face off against those who started this?”

“Beat them down, if their riders take their gear and drag them out kicking and screaming if I have to. Then lock them in the dungeons under the castle till their trails for there crimes,” Shade admitted.

“Good,” Daybreaker said. “Also, I found something you might be interested in.”

“Any spoilers on what it is?” Shade asked.

“All I can say is that it’s a pony with a belt,” she said.

“Should I be worried by this fact… and don’t you need them in your world, if their one of you're riders?”

“One, no; two, it’s from this world,” she said.

“But all the Riders I’m aware of here are accounted for on one of the three sides? Who am I missing?””

“This pony came forth after you left. I’ll explain later. Promise,” she said.

“Okay I’ll hold you to that,” Shade stated.

“Agreed,” Daybreaker said as they followed the Locust Undead to the last group of captives.

“Daybreaker, the last group was supposed to be Changelings again, I don’t know how many or the state they’ll be in though.”

“We can presume the state from the other two,” she said.

The Locust Undead brought them to a giant wood and metal door.

“Why am I getting another bad feeling about this?” Shade responded.

“I’m also getting that,” she said. “I’m just waiting for a surprise.”

“Here’s to hoping the surprise is not too bad,” Shade admitted.

“I’m hoping the same thing. Right now, another member of my team being behind that door would be welcome,” she said, sounding kind of like she was talking about a sweetheart.

Shade looked at her in confusion before stating, “wouldn’t that mean they either betrayed you or they are being tortured as we speak?”

“That’s two out of a near infinite list of possibilities,” she stated.

“Honestly I hope it’s not either of those options, but the sooner we go in the sooner we find out.”

“True,” she said.

The two watched as the Locust Undead pushed the door open.

Once the group got inside they saw that in the room was not only a massive group of over 100 Changeling in various states of damage, but also 8 different Changeling queens chained down with heavily distended bellies all looking on the verge of giving birth along with 4 large dragonesses each looking in similar states to the Changeling Queens but were lifted 8 feet off the ground with there swollen bodies still touching the ground as they saw each of them constantly laying eggs which were travelling down a conveyor belt to seemingly other parts of the labs.

“Inhumane little….” Daybreaker growled.

“That explains why they had so many creatures to test on,” Shade responded in disgust.

Walking in, the two saw something confusing, two rooms with what appeared to be Rider Belts, as if to create evil versions of all the riders.

“Why does this not surprise me,” Shade sighed.

“Because it’s becoming cliche,” Daybreaker replied.

“Like in your world,” Shade pointed out,

“Yes,” she said. “The enemies think it’ll be our downfall.”

“But having all these don’t matter unless they have someone capable of using the belts systems,” Shade pointed out

“True, but who’s to say that they don’t have teachers?” Daybreaker said.

“Even then they need a compatible person to use it.”

“True,” she said. “Let’s take care of this before we spend the time hypothesising away.”

Shade nodded and the two headed down the hallway seeing many different Rider systems however there seemed to be even with hundreds in place a single space with the outline of a gun and some sort of case left with a dust outline around it.

“You thinking someone has taken one of them?” Daybreaker asked Shade.

“If they took anything, why only one out of hundreds, if you want a army a single rider won’t suffice?” Shade admitted.

“True, but they must have a plan,” Daybreaker said.

“Maybe,” Shade responded as they heard movement behind them as they turned to see three human shaped figures covered in Riotrooper suits, before Shade asked “Any idea who these three are?”

“No, but I can tell you that they are Riotroopers,” she said.

“What are they, some kind of cannon fodder for a villain?” Shade asked.

“In a way, yes,” Daybreaker said. “But they are the usual calling card for some evil Rider on it’s way.”

“Of course they are,” Shade sighed quickly transforming using the Julius Caesar Eyecon as three cloned version of him engaged the Riotroopers.

However, he was taken by a great amount of surprise when they not only fought back, but managed to push him back as well.

“Cannon fodder my ass,” Shade sighed before pulling on his driver before a voice shouted, “Julius Ceaser! Omega Overpower!” before a hoard of clones filled the hallway they were in before charging into the Riotroopers running them through on their spears before they disappeared into what looked like blue lights.

“Something tells me they were diversions,” Daybreaker said. “Diversions from the villains real plans.”

“And if so, just who and what are they planning?”

“I wish I knew,” Daybreaker said. “And that’s what scares me.”

“For now lets just focus on getting everyone out before anything else happens, and take as many of these belts away from them as we can.”

“Right,” Daybreaker said.

As the two started collecting up the belts he then asked “Hey, what happened with those other riders we left you to handle?”

“That I don’t know,” Daybreaker said. “After we fought them off, they vanished into thin air.”

“Then they’re still around and we’ve not even seen Blueblood since we left you.”

“That’s odd. And we now have two missing belts,” Daybreaker said.

“Well, at least we know ones with Blueblood, and we don’t know who has the other apart from it was moved recently.”

“Say, Shade, ever heard of a Royal Guard named Flash Sentry?” Daybreaker said.

“Who the hells Flash Sentry?”

“A Royal Guard in the first battalion,” she said and showed him a picture.

“...Umm, do you want the good news or the bad news about him?”

“What’s the bad news?” she asked.

“He’s not in the guard anymore, to my knowledge, he was one of a few that quit after what transpired two days ago.”

“I see. Well, this is a coincidence,” Daybreaker said. “A belt that fits the bill of a guard style rider goes missing two days after he resigns.”

Shade saw she had a point that it was too much of a coincidence. A guard quits and two days later, a belt goes missing.

“I think that happened because the guard had a reshuffling due to recent events and removing people who did not desire the be in the guard to assist and protect people,” Shade admitted.

“I see,” Daybreaker said. “But let us catalogue this.”

“Catalogue what a gun print left in dust, what is that gonna give us?” Shade stated with a sigh.

“That and catalogue the coincidences,” Daybreaker said. “I have a feeling they’ll come to fruition sooner than expected.”

“Okay, we’ll see,” Shade admitted as he saw another dust print in the shape of what looked to be a small cube shaped dragon with a large rectangular belt with what Shade assumed to be a handle on the side of it.

“Something’s starting to feel funny,” Daybreaker said, glimpsing the print.

“For now we need to gather the rest up and put the away,” Shade responded as a red portal appeared on the ground as multiple red demon like monsters ran through the hall grabbing every reaming belt in the room before one placed a small object in Shades pocket as it left through the portal and it closed.

Daybreaker noticed the item in Shade’s pocket and drew his attention to it before he reached into his pocket to find a two shards of a broken eyecon that was split down the middle.

“What do you think that is?” Daybreaker asked.

“Well it looks like an Eyecon, even if it’s broken in half, so no idea,” Shade admitted.

“Any idea of what kind of eyecon?” Daybreaker asked.

Shade picked up that she might be onto something, even if it seemed a bit daft as he looked at it as he said, “I have no idea.”

“That’s okay. We can figure this out later,” Daybreaker said.

“For now we need to focus on the captives in the other room, which will be a challenge in itself.”

She nodded and the two headed down into the hallway, ready to face whatever comes their way.

As they both returned to the first room and began to free the trapped Dragonesses along with Changeling queens and foals as Shade suddenly felt uneasy as she began to look around himself.

“Something on your mind?” Daybreaker asked.

“I feel like someones watching us, but someone who's not hostile?”

“I feel that as well,” She said. “Let’s….look on the ledge above us.”

“What you thinking this person is above us using the fact most people don’t up to hide from us?” Shade asked.

“I’m thinking it might be some kind of former guard watching us,” she said.

“What would a former guard even care? No many normal people can see me anyway and we still don’t know the reasoning for why those who can do so are able to.”

“I think this guard may have connections to you,” Daybreaker said.

“I don’t see how he could do,” Shade responded sceptically.

“Why would he be here to watch us if he didn’t?” Daybreaker asked.

“Who knows, but if he really intended to help people and prove my opinions of the Solar guard wrong he would be helping instead of hiding.”

“He isn’t hiding,” Daybreaker said, as the figure jumped down and landing gracefully in front of them.

The figure then looked up as they saw he had decided to have his entire form covered by a black full body hooded cloak but what took Shade by surprise was the mask he wore that looked exactly like the mask that appeared when he turned into his standard Shade form.

“Hello there, My Lord,” The figure said. “It is good to see one who is a member of the Shade Theocracy.”

“I have no love for this cult and what they have done to innocents and children, if you are part of this and was expecting praise you were grossly mistaken,” Shade stated his hand reaching for his pistol at his side.

“The real Shade would be proud of this,” the figure said.

“Why the hell would I be proud of seeing innocents being tortured and turned into weapons sold for profit and to be sold to the highest bidder to murder people!” Shade shouted as grabbed his pistol pointing it at the figures head.

“Because we are taking the steps to make the perfect world. The Theocracy of Shade states that we must have perfect beings,” The figure said.

“I don’t know what foolish creature put this in your head, but I am no standing for it, this Cult will be removed from existence and I’m only give you a single warning, if you or any other member try to stop me from freeing others.,” Shade then fired past the figures head once, “it will be the last thing you do.”

The figure chuckled and attempted to stop Shade, only for Shade to smack him one. The figure reeled back, and attempted a punch, only to be smacked again.

It was then Shade quickly grabbed the chains on his arms before they shot forwards wrapping around the figures legs and body cocooning in so only his head was free.

“You know,” The figure admitted. “These chains are just like those of legends from my father, which means you are the real Shade and not that imposter running around.”

Shade stared down at the figure, confused. Why wasn’t he fighting back? Something had to be going on here. “Okay, I’ll give you one chance to explain what the hell's going on and why you and the cult and committing atrocities in my name.”

“The cult is committing crimes, because there is some phony Shade running around, claiming to be the real one and that what he says goes,” The figure said. “His chains are of the cheap variety.”

“Who is the fake?” Shade asked as Daybreaker continued helping the other captives.

“It’s the creature that is Kamen Rider Glaive, under the name Junichi Shade,” the figure said.

“And why are you here?”

“To see if you are the real one,” the figure said.

“Explain,” Shade ordered.

“I’m wanting to make sure your not the fake Shade,” he said. “One reason, if you were the fake, I’d have to fight you and put you out of our misery.”

“Even when you thought I was the fake, it only got you like that, how would you even have managed to kill if I was.”

“I know that,” the figure said.

“I don’t think you do,” Shade responded as he turned away from the figure as the chain covered his face as he dragged the figure behind him.

“Well, Prince, I’ll save the best confession for later,” the figure chuckled softly.

“You can tell me while I work,” Shade ordered and the chains dragged the figure towards him before chaining him to shades back immobile.

“One, why am I not fighting back? Two, why did I call you prince?” the figure asked.

“You can answer both while I work before we take you away for trail.”

“Also, I am I calm around you?” The figure asked again. “Apply some thought.”

“I’ve not time for this,” Shade responded as the chains constricted the figure forcing air out of it lungs, “You either keep answering my questions truthfully or I constrict you till you lose consciousness.”

*I’m asking you the questions,” the figure said. “You should be able to piece it together.”

Shade stopped and thought about the questions. There was something not adding up. This figure seemed to be more calm then scared and even rational. Shade decided to ask one of his own questions. “Why did you seek me out? It would have made more sense for you to attack me while I wasn’t aware you were their.”

“Because I didn’t want to do the cowardly thing,” the figure said.

Then it clicked for Shade, but he needed to be sure, “and why would killing an enemy using the only method that could work without conflict, the best way for you to survive be cowardly, one quick strike a quick, merciful end.”

“Because it would be striking you from behind, a coward’s tactic,” the figure said. “In the guard, we never strike from behind.”

“Sure you just never did your jobs and sat on you're asses failing those you needed to protect,” Shade responded.

“I had the commanding officers to tell me to sit on my sweet backside,” the figure said.

“You're not the first to tell me that,” Shade responded as the chains were removed from the figures face.

“I know, but I am the first to state I hate my captains,” the figure said.

“Nope, Shining Armour beat you to it.”

“He, I respect,” the figure said. “Now if I can, I’d like to aide you in getting them free.”

Shade then released all bit the figures arms keeping them tied to his side as he said, “two more questions, “when and where did you find out about me now being a prince?”

“I’ve known about you for the longest time, Prince Shade, or should I call you Prince Alex,” the figure said. “After all, Princess Luna has stated you as Prince on several occasions.”

However Shade ignored the last bit as he leveled the gun with the figures face, “where, did you hear that other name?”

“I will restate that Princess Luna talked about you at great length,” the figure said.

“But she never revealed that name, she hasn’t had chance to,” Shade stated.

“Who said it had to be when you were around,” The figure said.

“Who else knows that name,” Shade asked glaring at the figure.

“I am the only one,” the figure said.

“Good, let me put it this way, you don’t reveal my real identity and you stay alive.”

“I have no plans to, trust me on that,” the figure said.

“Good, now why did you seek me out,” Shade responded putting his postol away.

“To alert you that I have gathered several rider belts,” the figure said.

“Yeah so, I know a ton were stolen already.”

“My team has them,” the figure said.

“Your team?” Shade responded curiously

“Yes, my team,” the figure said. “Junichi Shade.”

“Of course the faker has them,” Shade stated.

“Yes, I would say “He doesn’t know half of them are fake” but he probably knows,” the figure said.

“Well you can assume if he does know, you are screwed.”

“I don’t want to assume he knows,” the figure said.

“Well let’s talk hypothetically here, If he knows, what will you do now?”

“That, I don’t know,” The figure said.

“Well you better make that choice soon,” Shade stated as the chains disappeared, “but if I see anyone working for the cult again, I assume I don’t need to say what will happen.”

“I know he’s too focused on making a name for himself with this cult,” The figure said.

“Don’t assume he’s only focused on a single aim, it can lead to you're downfall,” Shade stated as he began helping Daybreaker with the captives once again.

“I don’t,” the figure said. “I’ve come to that conclusion.”

“Well, you need to work out your aims now, so I’ll leave you to that.”

“I know,” the figure said.

“You know what?” A familiar, distorted unnerving voice said from behind them as they turned to see both Build and the Rider the Changeling undead had to turned into and two other riders hidden in shadows blocking the way they had entered the room.

“You are a bunch of tricky sorts?” the figure said.

“We could say the same thing about you,” Glaive said.

“And after we allowed you to remain in the Theocracy after all these years, it’s a shame we’ll have to use you like the others, I wonder. What sort of undead you will create for us to sell,” Build added. “Maybe you’ll end up like your traitorous father, and we’ll let you stay as one of our pets just like him.”

“Or we may have to just erase you,” Glaive added.

“It would be such a waste though, besides his father is the best footrest we have, prefect for when I’m watching one of the more lively subjects scream out for mercy, or even better when he lives to give me all the pleasure I want.” Build taunted as what looked to be a mutated pony of some kind walking on its knees towards her before seeming to lick her feet like a mindless animal.

“Waste or not, betrayal is not acceptable,” Glaive said.

“Oh I don’t see why not, I mean his father did sell us out in the dragonlands, but I think my pet would love for his son to join him and my feet,” Build responded as she rubbed the mindless ponies head while smirking sadistically at the figure behind Shade.

Glaive nodded.

“You think I’m scared of you?” the figure hissed, finally removing his mask to reveal his face.

“I could always use someone like you for a free pet, instead of a foot stool,” Glaive said. “I’ve always wanted some kind of pony as a pet.”

“I’m sure he’d be perfect for you,” Build responded both riders completely ignoring the figure who had revealed his face.

Shade looked over as the figure growled.

“I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance!” Flash hissed.

“You, kill either of us,” Build responded before laughing as she added, “you could even hit us nevermind kill us, you're useless why do you think we had you in that pathetic excuse for a guard.”

Flash snarled again and grabbed at something hidden under his wing before he added taunting them “Big words for a tiny fighter.”

“Please, like you could do anything to threaten us,” Build responded.

Flash smirked and showed a Driver.

“Oh wow, you have a driver, amazing,” Build responded, “tell me do you even have what you need to use it or are you holding a useless chunk of metal and plastic?”

“I have something you want and are missing,” Flash smirked.

“And that is?” Build responded.

“Oh, you know, a fullbottle you said went missing two days ago,” Flash smirked.

“Really, and which one are you on about?”

“The Gold Fullbottle,” Flash said.

“The what now?” Build responded, “Keep that useless thing why would I care.”

“Simple. I can turn that into GoldScorpion Build, a much stronger Build rider,” Flash said.

Build just shook their head before saying, “okay then, prove it. Make, our, day.”

He did, chuckling darkly. After he morphed, he stood there, ready to face them only for the form to spark instantly as both Fullbottles were flung away to Builds feet.

“As I thought, you can’t even hold its form for a mere second,” Build responded as she picked up the two fullbottles, “you truly are pathetic, thinking you could use any rider gear, thinking you could be anything to our god.”

“Really,” Flash asked, in a taunting manner. “Who says it failed due to me being incompetent?”

Horror sunk in. He staged the failure.

“Y….You can’t stage something like that!” Glaive stammered.

“Don’t try me,” Flash said.

Glaive tried to grab at Flash, but he dodged and grabbed the driver and fullbottle, and morphed, taking his full form in and struck Glaive hard. Glaive crashed into the ground and came to a hard stop. The sounds of breaking bones filled the air.

“No one messes with my family,” Flash added.

“Family,” Glaive responded before laughing, “who cares about that.” It was then the group heard a loud cracking noise as he stood back up, “As much as I enjoy my newest pets trying to fight back you are just annoying.”

“Annoying? My good villain,” came a sweet voice. “You are but the very definition of annoying.”

“Oh I think there's something more annoying,” Build responded shooting Flash in the legs with the Hawk Gattlinger.

Flash smirked as the bullets passed through his legs, without injuring him.

“Is all you do steal things?” Glaive asked in annoyance.

“Maybe,” Flash replied, innocently.

Glive then looked to the other figures flanking him before saying, “find and bring him to me.” It was then the two figures walked out ahead of Glaive and build the first was Kamen Rider Delta while the other was Kamen Rider Femme. “Find that fool and get him now!”

It was then a chain tore through Femme’s chest as the rider disappeared into blue particles, “I’m not even going to entertain your stupidity,” Shade responded.

Kamen Rider Delta snarled and charged at Shade who quickly sidestepped the him before a loosed chain wrapped around its neck before the chains strung him up from the roof as it went link and disappeared like the other one. “You done?”

Glaive growled again and charged at Shade himself.

“I guess not,” Shade responded quickly switching his eyecon using Mushashii as he used one of the blades to block Glaives own as the other to quickly slice into Glaives chest as he spark erupted from where he was struck as he stumbled backwards away from shade.

“WHAT ARE YOU PLAYING AT?!” Glaive snarled at Shade.

“I have no idea what you mean?” Shade responded resting one of the blades over his shoulder.

Glaive snarled again as the wound started to take its toll on him as Shade saw him leaking green blood onto the ground. “Wait… you're not even human… or a pony are you,” Shade stated before Build opened fire on him causing him to back away from Glaive as the other rider stood in front of Glaive.

“What gave that away?” Glaive asked.

“I’m pretty sure both humans and ponies don’t have green blood,” Shade stated as used his swords to somehow block the bullets Build had fired on him.

“Of course they don’t,” Glaive taunted.

“Then I take it you're not a race native to Equestria,” Shade stated, unable to change forms sure to being shot at constantly.

“Or maybe I’m something more simple,” Glaive said, chuckling madly.

“You're insane!” Shade shouted.

“You figured it out,” Glaive said.

“What even are you,” Shade asked as a bullet got past him sending him flying backwards as Build kept shooting him repeatedly in the back as Shade curled up to protect his Driver and Eyecon.

“A creature of my own design,” Glaive announced.

Build snarled and began shooting at him again and again as Shade gritted his teeth ignoring the pain he had began to feel.

Meanwhile, another Rider who had yet to be seen by Shade, found Flash in a hidden room. The former guard stood up, ready to fight when the Rider approached him, calm and collected.

“Your friend needs help,” the Rider said to Flash.

“You do know of the conundrum I’m in,” Flash said. “I can’t be shown to be allies with the one Glaive is fighting.”

The Rider thought for a moment.

“Could we stage a kidnapping,” the rider asked.

“That could work, allowing for us to lead Shade away, so we can take down these two,” Flash smirked. “Good thinking.”

The Rider disappeared, leaving Flash to his own thoughts.

It was then a large white and blue striped rider with long white claws approached Flash before it grabbed ahold of Flash’s legs as it began dragged him out of his hiding place purposely towards Shade and the others.

As Flash appeared in view of Shade he saw that Shade was being constantly shot now at point blank range in his back his suit still somehow holding as Glaive ran up and kicked him into a nearby wall.

“Soft hearted fool,” Glaive said. “I always knew you were weak willed and foolish. What good are friends to you.”

“Good question what is friends to a 1000 year old dead man,” Shade responded between grunts of pain as he slowly tried to stand again.

“Why don’t you abandon those who are weak to you?”

“Why would I?” Shade questioned back, “like hell i’d ever turn my back on someone who needed help, I’m not a bunch of two-bit cowards who enslaves and tortures innocent people for his own enjoyment,” Shade stated.

Glaive snarled, only to be met with a buck and a roundhouse from Shade, feeling renewed.

“You use a weak power,” Glaive snarled, only to be beat down again.

“Not as weak as yours,” Shade responded before suddenly gasping as he looked down to see a sword stabbed through his chest.

“I knew you’d fall for that,” Glaive smirked.

“So, where is our annoying traitor,” Build asked as he forced the blade in Shades chest downwards forcing Shade to the ground as the blade as impaled into the floor somehow unable to be pulled back out.

“Which traitor do you want?” asked a voice all too sweetly. “After all, you only have twenty to choose from.”

The two wheeled around and Shade looked up to see Kamen Rider Tiger standing there, weapons drawn.

“Why not fight a “Cold Coward” you cold cowards?” he asked sweetly again.

Shade could tell Glaive and Build were seething, and watched with a stony expression, but secretly, he was rooting for Kamen Rider Tiger. As he watched the show, he felt the blade move and come up, being pulled out as he heard shouts for help.

It was then something seemed to snap before Shades suit began to glow in a bright crimson aura as all the blood in the room began to change into liquid as it began to move towards Shades form, travelling up the blade into his suit.

“Are you okay?” a voice asked from behind him.

Shade however ignored the voice as what sounded like flowing water was heard nearby coming from the hallway both Build had Glaive had appeared from.

Glaive and Build turned, responding to the sound as they looked at where they just came from to see something flowing towards them. Its shape was indistingusihable but as it got closer they could make out is was red in colour and was moving in such a way it seemed to be out for revenge and looked to fill the entire passageway.

“What is that?!” Glaive demanded to his colleague.

“How should I know?!” Build shouted back as the sound got closer as they saw it look to be a gigantic wave of blood moving in a large wave that began to fall towards both Riders forms.

Shade felt himself being lifted up off the ground as the blood flooded the room, sweeping Build and Glaive away. Shade looked back to see his rescuer.

“Getting into trouble?” Daybreaker asked.

“No I meant to get impaled by a sword and be shot hundreds of times,” Shade responded sarcastically before adding, “I’d move back if I was you,” as the blood that had entered the room began to pool around his feet in a large circle surrounding him.

Daybreaker did and watched the show from the upper catwalk. The blood circle died down and Shade stood there, his wounds tended to and looking as fit as an athlete..

It was then the blood by his feet began to glow crimson as it suddenly shot upwards spiralling around Shades form as Daybreaker saw two things in his pocket glow brightly as the two Eyecon Shards began to spiral around Shade’s form the blood seeming to move into the bottom of half of the Eyecon.

“Interesting,” Daybreaker muttered as she watched.

Soon, Glaive and Build, regathering their footing, managed to see what was going on and watched what was happening before them with great shock.

It was then Shade held his hand above his head the half of the Eyecon that had been filling with blood combining with the unfilled one as it landed in Shades open hand before a dark, distorted voice that definitely didn’t belong to Shade said, “the two of you have committed crimes beyond the judgement of normal people, and for it, I have judged you both unworthy of my mercy.”

“The Real Shade would deem us worthy of his mercy, you imposter,” Glaive hissed.

Shade then clicked the Eyecon he was holding in as a deep voice shouted out “Stand with Sin!” before black flames ignited on the ground around Shade in the shape of a eye that rose around Shades form as what looked to be blood red eyes appeared from the flames as a black figure charged towards both Build and Glaive as they felt something cut into there skin under their suits blood falling from inside of their own suits moving towards Shade.

“What is this sorcery?!” Build shrieked.

“Kaigan! Damned Shade! Honō o aruite kudasai! Satan no sanran!” it was then Shade walked out the flames the blood around his form hardening over his body before falling away as flames touched his body.

This was followed by a flames shooting ahead of Shades form before a red and black Parka ghost with silver and white flames constantly burning over it’s arms and legs which as it attached to Shade hardened into metal that still seemed to shift in the wind, while chains adorned his arms and legs wrapped around them, along with a single red demonlike wing on his back. It was then a mask appeared over his face which was completely red with white eyes and a sadistic grin showing on it along with two small horns appearing on the top of the mask itself.

“What the hell are you?!” Glaive demanded getting no response.

“I demand to know who you are!” Build barked.

“I am the god you pretend to be coward,” Shade said as he suddenly looked up as blood bolted towards Glaive turning into sharpened spears that ran him through in nine different places all of them sticking out his back, arms and legs.

“This is insanity!” Build screeched.

“Oh this isn’t but you shall know true insanity soon,” Shade responded as blood began to cover Build form going from her feet upwards slowly surrounding the Rider as Build screamed trying to escape before the blood grabbed the riders belt tearing it off of it in the process but covering the rider before they untransformed, the blood filling her lungs inside the cocoon suffocating the Rider until they passed out inside of it as the Cocoon hardened leaving the rider that was Build trapped inside, floating in blood.

“You monster!” Glaive snarled.

“Like you're one to talk,” Shade responded as more blood spears impaled Glaive’s body.

“A monster kills with no feeling!” Glaive hissed.

“Ironically, I only don’t care for you or the one in the cocoon,” Shade responded as chains wrapped around the cocoon dragging it up against a wall as they all saw what looked to be a Unicorn inside in a fetal position.

“You sick bastard,” Glaive hissed.

“Oh please explain, I’m not torturing and murdering children before turning them to monsters and selling them as as weapons of war,” Shade responded as hundreds of blood spears impaled Glaive until only his head was free.

“What we are doing is considered “Free and Practical”. You, stopping us, condemns them to a life of misery,” Glaive snarled. “They deserve freedom!”

“How is what you did to them giving them freedom!” Shade argued as large pool of blood formed below Glaive and his body was placed on the ground forced to look at Shade.

“We were freeing them from Tyranny! Queens are dictators, all of them!”

“And yet you were selling them to Tyrants anyway,” Shade added and multiple spears floated above his face.

Glaive growled, seeing he was now cornered.

“Any last words in regards to your crimes,” a distorted voice asked flames surround both Glaive and Shade..

“Go and rot in Tartarus,” Glaive snarled before he was kicked upwards as the spears were forced through where his eyes would be before being impaled onto a wall somehow still alive but now blind and in constant agony.

“You….filthy….cheap…..bastard!” Glaive snarled, before a round of pain washed over Glaive.

Shade didn’t answer as he walked away from Glaive after tearing the Riders belt off of him. After he did that, he joined Daybreaker on the catwalk and the two headed off, to find Flash and Blueblood as vines appeared taking the caccooned Build away.

“I have a feeling that we may run into Blueblood with a Rider Belt or Eyecon,” Daybreaker said. “Any bets that happens?”

Shade turned to her and chuckled, cracking a wry smile at that joke.

“Well he does have to be somewhere,” Shade responded, “where did that other Rider go with the idiot?”

“Flash isn’t an idiot, that was staged,” Daybreaker said.

Shade stopped and stared at her, a brow raised. He didn’t know that Flash had that side to him.

“C’mon, I have a sneaking suspicion I might have to do, is train your new team of Riders,” Daybreaker said.

The two headed off, spotting what looked to be claw marks in the wall, with a couple lines shaped like an arrow, pointing them in the right direction.

“I get a feeling they’re this way,” Shade responded pointing the way the signs were not pointing.

Daybreaker chuckled and the two went the opposite way, only to end up in the castle’s dining facility.

“Need a compass to direct us the right way?” Daybreaker asked sweetly.

Shade gave her such a dirty look. The two followed the arrows to where Flash and Kamen Rider Tiger were waiting.

“What kept you two?” Kamen Rider Tiger asked. “We’ve something to explain to you.*

Shade didn’t answer his hand resting against the gun at his side glaring to Kamen Rider Tiger

“Diend has made it clear that his intention is to bolster your fleet, as Glaive and Build and backstabbing bastards,” Tiger said, moving to show he was no threat to them.

“Who the hell is Diend?” Shade asked still with his hand against his gun.

“Kamen Rider Diend,” Daybreaker said. “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of him.”

“I’m afraid I have no knowledge on him,” Shade responded.

“He summons Riders to his aide for battle and when not summoned, they go into something called “Rider Cards”,” Daybreaker said. “Something I have to give him credit for. However, that does come with some kind of catch that I’m not aware of.”

“So I assume you fall into this catagory,” Shade stated.

“I do,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “But he has been thinking about taking the five he’s created, me being one, and letting us choose five to bolster your team.”

“And who are these five?” Shade asked.

“Aside from me, only Diend knows and he won’t tell in public,” Kamen Rider Tiger said.

“So… I assume neither of you have seen our missing Rider?” Shade asked.

“You mean Blueblood?” Kamen Rider Tiger asked.

“Yes I mean him,” Shade responded

“I have seen him,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “Heading towards the offices of Glaive and Build.”

“Well they both shouldn’t appear, we better find him quickly,” Shade responded as the Eyecon that had formed in the fight broke apart into two parts as he reverted into his Alicorn form again.

“Follow me then,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “And stay close. There’s a slight chance we may have a fight against a Rider that Diend has a fond hatred of.”

“Can you not give me a clue who it is?” Shade asked quickly reactivating his Shade Eyecon returning to his standard Rider form.

“I have the name-Kamen Rider TheBee,” Kamen Rider Tiger said. “And I can see why. TheBee has a habit of coming in, trashing the place and then leaving, not caring who gets hurt.”

“I see, anything I should know about him?” Shade asked.

“Other then he has a team of antiheroes on his side that are in competition with you, nothing,” Kamen Rider Tiger said.

“Okay, let's just find Blueblood before we have to deal with them then,” Shade responded.

They continued down the hall and soon, found Blueblood in the office, pulling a file out to read it.

“Blueblood what have you found?” Shade asked.

“Plans by Glaive and the others to completely turn everyone to their slaves,” Blueblood said.

“Well we can be sure that he won’t be able to see his plans come into fruition.”

“Good,” Blueblood said.

Shade turned to walk out, when he saw four cards drop down in front of them which he picked up seeing four names and images on; the names reading :

Kamen Rider Hibiki
Kamen Rider Drake
Kamen Rider Kuuga
Kamen Rider Ixa

Shade picked up the cards and eyed them up. He turned, to see Kamen Rider Tiger as a card. Scooping it up, he looked at Flash and Blueblood, then turned to Daybreaker.

“I feel like I need an explanation.”

“I will grant you one over this,” Daybreaker said. “Let’s head back home.”

Shade agreed with that and the group headed out, collecting the others and returning to the castle. The explanations would clear up everything for him.